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  1. Loved the episode. The credits at the end sort of ruined the Jaime scene. I would rather have preferred that they show Jaime getting his hand chopped off like they did then fade to black and then have Jaime scream. Also, I would have used a sadder tone for the bear and the maiden fair at the end credits not that rock version I felt that was a weird and out of place. The rock version would have been a better fit at perhaps the end of episode seven?

  2. I think maybe Undead Cat will be sending Jaime and Brienne up North to find and rescue Bran perhaps she has heard news of Bran and Rickon's survival? The man who crippled Bran at the beginning will be the one to save him at the end. I don't think Jaime's role is finished yet, He still has to make it back to Kings Landing to kill Cersei.