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  1. hello i finally finished reading ADWD and can finally join the discussion of this awesome book/tv show series spoiler-free so so happy about that , and could use the exchanging of opinions on here as i'm a bit depressed after certain events in the book 5 ! i watched all 3 first episodes last night thought they were great some things i like , some things i'm unsure of but i'm thinking it has to do with certain actors still being new to their role, old characters were great they seemed to fall right back into the swing of things in westeros and i found myself thinking anew they really casted these guy well like jorah (sexy bear :wub: ) my fav to hate joffrey , cannot stand theon but credit to the actor for making me feel the same way i do about book theon, arya happy to see her, tyrion he may be small but he's the def the man about town....the direwolves just awesome and drogon was just showing off his flawless dragon skin pff :) ok i'm off to personalize my account a bit,later.
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