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  1. I've always thought that the island of Dragonstone and it's volcano hasn't yet had it's rocks eroded sufficiently into the fertile soil.  The description of it lends to it still being an active geographic zone, not quiet enough to have evolved into good farm land.  It seems the Spears of the Merling King in Blackwater Bay are more of a comparison to Dragonstone than the island of Driftmark, in substance anyway, if not size.   

  2. 11 hours ago, apovsic said:

    This thread is still active? NiceB)


    So I watched GoT up until S6E4, then I just couldn't watch it, because it was just so bad (mainly because of the Stannis plot from S5 and Jon resurrection plot from S6). So from then I tried to avoid spoilers (yeah, didn't worked out) and then my passion for ASOIF slowly cooled out (hmm, why is that, George? :P). So to prepare for the HoD I decided to watch all the episodes from the beginning of S6. And boy oh boy, I have some things on my mind.

    Firstly, the soundtrack is awesome. Light of the Seven is great, but The Night king :bowdown:, I actually rewatch the scene several times, just because of the music. Secondly visually the show was better every season (of course this only applies when you could see anything).

    Now let's take season to season:

    S6: very mixed bag and honestly it's the hardest to watch, because it still feels like GoT from previous (1-4) seasons, just off, it's like some kind of uncanny valley, characters are begging to transform into their zombie forms from S8, but they are still (mainly) the characters that were before. Now to the 5 "big" moments:

    1. I really liked Bealor's sept explosion (music!), the whole scene was well done (unfortunately I was spoiled what would happen, but still),
    2. Jon's heritage was well done, the transition from baby to Jon face (music!) and then "King of the north") manage to brought (for the last time) tears into my eyes (it was probably a lot of nostalgic feelings for S1, but hey, they manage to get me feel something positive).
    3. OTOH: "Hold the door" scene was very mixed, Hodor's dead and his origin story was well done, but the way they killed Summer was just slap in the face, I was really pissed at that).
    4. I was kinda hyped for BoB, everyone said that it was cool, I mean sure visually it looked impressive, but story wise (Rickon's death, Jon's plot armor, Vale's Deus Ex machina, Ramsey shooting the giant instead of Jon, ...) is just stupid, biggest disappointment of my watch.
    5. Jon's ressurections: what was the point?

    S7: the least entertaining season to watch.  It's not GoT anymore, but it isn't shit enough to be funny. Everything feels rushed, everyone is teleporting, Westeros is like 5 km^2 big. It's just bland. I don't really remember anything from the season, except Drogon's burning of Lannisters scene, the death of the Artist previously know as Littlefinger and Viserion's death and resurrection. Just bah.

    S8: Firs two episodes where actually OK (for example Brienne's knighting), I was kinda surprised, because I thought it'l shitstorm from beginning to end. Third episode starts great, I was really feeling IT, the dread before the final battle, the middle part was then hit and miss (tactics were stupid, but some visuals were nice), but then when the wights break into the Winterfell all went meh. Arrya's Cat and mouse game was boring, all the main characters were on the brink of the death for like 45 min and then almost all of theme make it out alive (except Jorah, I think it was done ok and Theon, which death was ruined by the next scene (ninja Arya) and Edd, blase his soul). Night King approach was Ok (music!!!), but then ninja Arya was just meh. OK, E4 OK, I forgot what even happened there. E5: Jeusus, what have they done to Danny? I remember some Danny's fan who was complaining to me before, how they butchered her arc and I said, yeah they done the same to Stannis. Sorry, no, I was very, very wrong. Uf. And Jaime WTF, one line annihilated his whole character in a second. S6: some really subtle nazi imagery there D&D, well done, I didn't know that Dany is now evil. Jon killing Dany: eh, I was just drained at this point. "Great" council scene:  awesome:dunce:. Jon is still alive somehow? Anyhow, ending was kinda OK, I was just pissed that it didn't end with the door on the Wall closing, because you know, it begins with door opening.:dunno:

    Overall I prefer S8>S7, because it actually made me feel something (rage and hysterical laughter), S7 was just slug-fest. Also I like Euron in the show, it wouldn't fit in the earlier season, but he was perfect the last two (I actually chuckled at "Finger in the bum" and then "Shh, we'll talk later" scene at least he was not pretending to be in the GoT like some others still did).

    Anyway I'll now go and watch all the "Why GoT got bad" YT videos that I get recommended since I watched HoD trailer.

    Ha, that was a fun read.  I cannot imagine watching those shit seasons for the first time, NOW, but damn, thanks for sharing.  It really is astounding how awfully, awful GOT really did become.  

  3. On 7/12/2022 at 1:19 PM, Le Cygne said:

    Hey Lady FD, I missed this so thanks for posting. I found it interesting the words he used to express how different it would be (a lot! quite different! further and further away! the living will die and the dead will live!)

    What I have noticed more and more of late, however, is my gardening is taking me further and further away from the television series.   Yes, some of the things you saw on HBO in GAME OF THRONES you will also see in THE WINDS OF WINTER (though maybe not in quite the same ways)… but much of the rest will be quite different...

    One thing I can say,  in general enough terms that I will not be spoiling anything:  not all of the characters who survived until the end of GAME OF THRONES will survive until the end of A SONG OF ICE & FIRE, and not all of the characters who died on GAME OF THRONES will die in A SONG OF ICE & FIRE...

    And the ending?   You will need to wait until I get there.   Some things will be the same.   A lot will not.

    I expect, like the recent HotD articles coming out, we'll hear even more interesting comments.

    Sorry it took me so long to respond.  I'm in and out of here a lot, don't post much because Real Life is a bit crazy and will be for awhile, I think.  

    I am going to watch HotD (or try), but I'm sorry, I think Daemon Targaryen should have a bit of sex appeal, and I don't expect I will change my mind on Dr. Who, LOL  

  4. 2 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Great article from Hibberd and THR. Thank God they didn’t pursue the Aegon I pitch (it says here that Aegon was written as a “drunken lout”).



    2 hours ago, Ran said:

    The God Force Seven pitch is ... incredible.


    2 hours ago, The Bard of Banefort said:

    Let’s be honest, that would have been fun to watch, if not for the right reasons :D


    When I first read the "Drunken lout" idea for Aegon I in that article, I was a bit confused as well as a bit pissed off, but reading the above posts put together has changed my mind.  I cannot think past the idea of Aegon I as a Targ version of past his prime Robert Baratheon, but now, The God Force Seven.......really does sound like Pulp Fiction's Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace talking about her failed pilot of Fox Force Five? (was it), and now, I really can't help but LMAO.  Still, I'm not sure which is more ridiculous of an idea?  Seven Save Us All, but how did such STUPID ideas get any airing with HBO??  

  5. So, no one is talking about GRRM's latest Winds post?  I found it on Twitter a little while ago.  It's a lot of talk and thought about Winds, and even GOT, that's for sure, LOLOL  I'm almost impressed with just the amount of info in it.  Of course, you couldn't pay me to expect anything, though, HA



  6. I think Jeor wanted to a.....make a difference, and b.....get away from all his women relatives on Bear Island.  I say the second part half jokingly but half seriously, too.  

  7. 20 hours ago, Cas Stark said:

    Yeah me too.  I'm fine with it.  I didn't love much of the developments that happened in Winds, didn't love most of the sample chapters either content or writing, with some exceptions, didn't love the admittedly bastardized GOT ending, and in fact, have not loved the story itself, again with some exceptions, since Storm of Swords.  It's a shame, and I  it.

    HI!!  I saw you post a couple times and was going to say HI, but I've had a crazy few weeks and thought I might not do it justice......but:  HELLO!!  

    It is a damn shame.  The funny thing is.....I can forget about the show, for the most part, remember how I do love so many characters, would like some answers, some resolution, but also:  I do wonder if I'm better off without it, HA  What limbo would be worse:  Limbo now, or limbo after Winds?  I think that's where I'm at, and ck worry about being left in limbo after Winds.....when I'm okay now, is maybe the only thing that makes me think we MIGHT get Winds, someday.  Murphy's Law and all.  

    I just think it's best to look at it this way.  I get something I do, I don't..then I don't.  I certainly can't do anything about it, right?  

    (Luckily, I backbuttoned out of your quotes, not my response.  Sorry about that)

  8. On 3/12/2022 at 7:58 PM, The Bard of Banefort said:

    We seem to have collectively left the denial stage of grief and moved on to anger. Bargaining’s next, right? “We can live without ADOS, all we need is Winds!” Oy vey. 

    LOL  I passed the bargaining one about getting Winds and living without ADOS a long time ago.  No doubt, I'd like to get Winds, I had come to acceptance I won't get Dream, basically.....but now, I think I've back tracked to just about accepting (believing and being ok with) not even getting Winds at this point.  I do, I do, I don't I don't.  


  9. I don't think Tyrek's abduction could have anything to do with Tywin and Ice and a King/Lannister sacrifice.  Tyrek disappears while Tywin is still at war in the Riverlands and Illyn Payne still has possession of ICE.  Tywin doesn't hit King's Landing until the very end of ACOK.  It seems to me it's after the Battle of Blackwater Bay, during Tyrion's infirmity, that is the first chance for Tywin to get the sword ICE from Payne.  

  10. 4 hours ago, BlackLightning said:

    In other news, I am rereading this thread from the beginning and...it's entertaining.

    Yeah Angelina Jolie saved that movie...


    Plus Kathleen Kennedy has a reputation of not being afraid to fire directors. I think she fired like three of them in a short span of time...


    LOL  You are going to tempt me to take a peek back to the good ole' beginning of the end.  

  11. On 12/28/2021 at 5:24 PM, Egged said:

    But he rejects every opportunity handed to him to be seen as a hero. He is training with Ilyn, so maybe he just doubts his capacity to fight currently, but Ami was asking him to help and he claims his place is by the king to walk away from it. I wonder if it's just a fear of losing in a fight.

    Gatehouse Ami was asking Jaime to stay and have an affair with her, and Jaime knew that.  

  12. I was wondering if anyone has seen anything on this; what I was greeted with in the 'trending' category earlier this morning on Twitter.

    I did check out this link from ScreenRant, although the quotes are from an original story/interview in NYT that Dinklage did promoting his new work in the new movie Cyrano.  I thought I saw more quotes in a People mag write up, too, but as i said, it's from a NYT article, and I haven't decided whether to burn one of my freebie articles on it yet, LOL  

    I really am a bit surprised at some of Dinklage's continuing attitude.  It's as if he refuses to accept that it could be we are dissatisfied with the crappy product that D&D gave us.  That perhaps, we even felt bad for him.....for not getting to play the real Tyrion in all his three dimensional dysfunction instead of being stuck with St. Tyrion who is so special but still too stupid to see the problems with hiding in the crypts from zombie inducing and producing bad guys.  He really just seems to want to forget that D&D robbed him of playing a terrific part and just defaults to......ha, but it has dragons, what do you expect?  I'm not sure I get it, his point, anyway, other than....he'd like to have to stop answering for the mess.  

    (I tried bold and italic for some, but the on and off functions weren't cooperating, ahhhhhhh)

    Here;s the screen rant link:  




  13. Cersei has the pyromancers burn the entire Tower of The Hand in AFFC, without it even getting to Maegor's Keep.   I'm not sure why pyromancers couldn't produce a wildfire execution in the giant throne room without burning the place down.  

    This is from the wiki here:  

    After the wedding feast of King Tommen I Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell is held in the Small Hall, Cersei leads the guests outside to watch as the pyromancers set the Tower of the Hand on fire. Fifty pots of wildfire placed inside the tower along with logs and casks of pitch are set alight. The Tower of the Hand is ruined. The greater part of Tyrion's possessions, which were still in the tower, are also destroyed.[1]


    I admit, I hadn't noticed the lack of the word 'wildfire' in certain places when discussions and thoughts of Aery's burnings came up throughout the novels, but still, I wouldn't doubt that Aerys did use wildfire, too.  I would think the executions with the green goo is what lead to the idea of burning the whole city down with it, like a serial killer upping his game.  

  14. I've always taken a sword from a falling star to be more so reminiscent of King's Tut blade of iron, believed to be from a meteorite.  I can't be the only one that thinks of that instead of other fantasy/sci-fi/comic inventions, can I?  Dawn has always reminded me of the blade found in King Tut's tomb, thinking it a nod to real history.  

  15. 4 hours ago, Sotan said:

    I get where you're coming from, I guess that just doesn't bother me. When I watch an adaptation I come into to it expecting changes, as long as the continuity of the story all the way to the main show GOT is kept, I'm good. I also think they look amazing.

    If there is one continuity to choose, and one to lose, it's GOT's that I'd have second thoughts on........I'm all for just forgetting lots of their mistakes, like Dany and the Iron Fleet.  Forgetting all of that works for me.  

  16. 1 hour ago, Daeron the Daring said:

    No. It's something the royal court knows. But this thing had a significance over the entire realm. We don't know the opinion of any vassal lords who never saw these supposed bastards, yet supported one or the other side of the family. Rhaenys didn't have valyrian features, and Aemma Arryn's are unknown. The fact that Raenyra based her defense on the Arryn descendancy, it makes it likelier that Aemma in fact had 'common' features. People knew the boys aren't Laenor's for many reasons: Laenor being gay, Rhaenyra having an affair with Ser Harwin, and the children looking nothing like their father. But this was a conceivable thing by anyone who didn't know all these things, or didn't believe it for their own reasons. The only people that ever objected about it were the ones that benefited from the 3 brothers being bastards: Alicent (the greens) and the Velaryon family. The point is that is was conceivable. Rhaenyra could've argued ahainst rumours that only included haircolor, but skincolor? Noone can sell that. In this case, Rhaenyra shouldn't even be considering making any kind of excuses, since people wouldn't need to knoe about Harwin or Laenor's sexual oeientation to guess or be convinced the children aren't his. And you and I will probably see how it won't play out well on screen (I can only hope for the opposite), wether they ignore it or make it part of the actual plot. 

    These issues is why I do find the idea very messy, the changing of the Velaryon family.  I fear I will find myself too much over thinking it.  The addition of questions on the paternity of Rhaenyra's children, along with the known traits of past, present, and future Targs specifically, and Valyrians generally, give me pause.  Granted, if we have other families of Valyrian ancestry with differing skin colors.......maybe it won't be so, so messy, story line wise, but..........  

    I'd like to be wrong, I'd like to just enjoy it, so I'm open to it, but not counting on it.

    1 hour ago, Daeron the Daring said:

    Also, some of these shots are supposed to take place around 120 AC, but we've seen neither of Alicent's children. Not that they won't be included, but kind of interesting.

    But the real question is: Will Vermithor have his unique jaw he has in some FnB portrayals. I would love that. And after all, they have to make diversities between the dragons. There's 17 of them, they can't all be identical. 

    HA!  This brings me back to my original post this morning:

    WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS??????????  (yeah, yeah, I know, they are somewhere in post production)

    I had seen some artistic conceptions, I thought that were show associated, and well, let's just say it worried me.  GOT did pretty good with the dragons, although they did lose a lot of color over the years, it seemed.  Then again, so did everything on that show, it got so dark one couldn't see much of anything.  The dragon bodies and effects, though, were spectacular.  No need to change much, just some color, and, I guess, some interesting jaw set for Vermithor.  I am looking forward to seeing some of the dragons, Caraxes especially.  

  17. 30 minutes ago, Ran said:

    @zionius suggested something I had started to think of but didn't have the time to look into -- that it's a count of how many projects George is connected with are in some stage of development at HBO right now. By his count, we know of seven currently in some stage of development, so an eighth would be news. It need not be GoT related, could be something he's attached to through Startling Inc. which will have very little involvement from him beyond having gotten it setup at HBO and earning a producer credit thereby.

    Thanks for the answer.  I was wondering on the finger count, should I include the thumb? and, of course, wondering what it could be about.  I had noticed some of the Wild Card posts that GRRM had made, but there are many more of those books, so.......I kind of ruled that out.  

    I hadn't thought of adding up all current projects, there could be something to that.  Whatever it is, hopefully he feels good about it, and we'll find out eventually.  

  18. 17 minutes ago, Sotan said:

    I'm kind of feeling Matt Smith as Daemon, he has the swagger. As for the Velaryons, I like the change and I don't think it requires mental gymnastics. The show could have different family tree, they've already made Vaemond, Corly's brother instead of nephew. Does Alyssa Velaryon have to be Velaryon? IF she were from other white Valyrian family does it really effect the story? I don't see how. Keeping track of all these silver haired characters works when reading, but it would be too much in the show imo. The audience will know, black people with silver/white hair are Velaryons, or Velaryon related, the white ones are Targaryens. 

    I did like the scenes of Matt from the trailer, it's just difficult for me to think of Dr. Who having any, shall we say, sexual attractiveness, that being a trait I associate with Daemon.  In the past, he's always just been one of the Dr. Who's to me.  I may change my mind on the sexual charisma part, we'll see.  Smith did have a good Targ vibe in general for the teaser, though.  

    Alyssa is not the only Velaryon back on the family tree, iirc correctly.......Aegon and his sisters were born of a Velaryon mother.  I can't help but wonder how many more are back there in the Targ family tree, not to mention how many will appear again in the Targ family post Dance of Dragons.  I'm just hoping whatever story the show tells about this, it's good enough to make me forget all I do know when it comes to the makeup of the families.  I hope I don't find myself watching it and thinking "Damn, it would have made more sense to just add another family."  Too much thinking about the written story in comparison to the visual story.......will just take me out of it, and THAT is my main concern with it.  

  19. 24 minutes ago, Corvinus85 said:


    I see. I didn't notice there were more Velaryons. I haven't done any freeze frames yet. It would be funny the Celtigards are ginger.

    Personally I think giving Velaryons white/silver hair is then a mistake. If lesser Valyrians don't look like dragonlords, why all the white hair? I feel a lot a lot of mental gymnastics need to be done to reason this out.

    I've mostly stayed out of commenting, discussing, even over thinking on the Velaryons or Corlys being black, half black, with or without white hair that is also done up in dreadlocks because regardless of my thoughts nothing I say will change it.  But, simply put, the mental gymnastics that ensue thanks to this change make it seem like not a great idea.  From the beginning, I'd thought that if they wanted to introduce black families or characters of Valyrian descent, perhaps they should have just plopped down a whole new family in the middle of Blackwater Bay?  It's the generational mix of Targs and Velaryons that make it so......messy, especially when it comes to the marriage of Rhaenyra and Laenor, it then all becomes extra, extra messy.  

    It's not like anything I think or say will change how it went down, but I hope that IF I do get into watching HOUSE, I'm taken out of the questions on this.  One of the best performances I ever had the pleasure of seeing on stage was Laurence Fishburne as King Henry II in The Lion in Winter with a mixed race cast (blind, not acknowledged), and the acting (and story, of course) were so good that the racial change was forgotten in moments.  Stockard Channing as Eleanor was terrific as well, but again, House of The Dragon is doing this differently, so........

    It's hard to have trust in the whole thing MAKING SENSE (that is all I want, things to make sense), and past experiences with Game of Thrones makes it hard to trust that too much rewriting without a good reason is a good idea.  I hope I'm wrong to wonder.  I hope that the story presented and the actors make it easy to forget.  It's the past generational mixing of the Targ and Velaryons that leave me with questions on if the change is going to work.........and that long ago mixing of the families over and over again is what makes me think, perhaps, just creating a new family and dropping them in the vicinity of Dragonstone and Driftmark might have been a better idea.  Then again, no one pays for my ideas, LOL, so again, I hope it does go well, for everyone.  

    Hell, I'm still trying to get over Dr. Who as Daemon, that to me is the bigger question, LOL  He just doesn't seem to have the Daemon Targ vibes that I have imagined, but that's me.  

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