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  1. I'm getting to the point where, whatever they do with ShowShae, the less she is seen, the better. Hopefully that means, she'll be held as a surprise, surprise at the trial. Cut to...........lying in a bed, a few lines of dialogue, and then I suspect....someone with the last name Lannister will kill her. All in all, whatever has become of Shae in and after episode 2, I have my fingers crossed that she shan't be needed until the trial. It'll be nice to see some Peter Dinklage scenes without her, for a damn change. I've noticed that whoever Tyrion does scenes with in an episode, it seems that they must counter it with a scene of him and Shae, the yawningly great love of his life. I'm not one who has totally hated ShowShae, either, but her scenes really are starting to grow stale. I'm looking forward to some Shae-free tv. ~fingers crossed~
  2. Don't feel bad for missing the Winter raven in ADWD. I'm usually so interested in what Kevan is doing that I usually forget to notice and then celebrate that Pycelle is dead.
  3. LOL, I see lots of blue reflections in there, not sure where it's coming from, though. And Damn, Grandpa Tywin covering Tommen's eyes. It's as if he knows and cares how a kid like Tommen might be effected by seeing such ugliness. That is as surprising as the humanity that Roose shows on tv from time to time. I do love the little empathetic look in Roose's eyes once in awhile. hehehehe
  4. Oh damn, with 50 some pages and not a ton of free time today, I guess I missed the discussion of the possible blue rose in the ice during Bran's vision? Son of a.........................le sigh. A girl must.......rewatch the show again soon. LOL, like I wasn't going to anyway, right?
  5. I do know they move scenes around sometimes, from one episode to the other, and I wonder how much GRRM did have to do with the writing of the Stannis scenes. I do agree with your interpretation of Stannis's feelings about the burnings as shown by his attitude and yes, his dinner complaints. I do think D&D, in some respects, have tied GRRM's hands with their Stannis writings, so far, anyway. While I do think that Stannis turning up at the Wall will, would, and should be a turning point in the show, I still have to wonder WHY...........whoever did the damn writing, couldn't have also had Florent (Axell, Alester, whoever, LOL) send some type of offer in a letter to Tywin. Irregardless of the fact that Davos is Hand and Florent wasn't at all, they could have added a bit of treasonous intent to go with the burning, it wouldn't have taken that long to explain. It could have been some extra words in the sentences about infidels, the refusing to burn the idols of The Seven, AND.........attempting to send a letter to Tywin, offering peace and offering to try and convince Stannis to marry Shireen off to Tommen. It would have been a few more sentences, I don't see the problem with them doing that little bit. Still, I am one who does expect Stannis' character to be back on track by the end of the season. I can understand the frustration some fans may have, but..........I'm hopeful it will start turning around soon. You are right about how obvious it was that Stannis was none too pleased. Now it's time to for the show to make that even more clear.....and for Stannis to start putting his foot down to burnings that are just about religion. I hope so, I do think it's coming, and....I hope the Stanfans hang in there a bit longer. The next couple episodes should tell us.
  6. ITA, I'm not sure who he is exactly (I want to reread with attention to any physical and age detail, etc., to see if the description rings a bell), but I thought it was obvious that he wasn't a Mountain Man (so to speak, LOL) and served House Lannister for many years, probably Tywin in particular if he made it to Lys with him. I've had it in my mind to check the description of Lum and that other guard the night Twyin died, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  7. I don't even think it was one of the Mountain's men that was travelling with Raff and Swift. By his remarks about Tywin and going to Lys, I think it more likely he was actually someone that served Tywin for many years. I wonder if it was one of the guards Tyrion heard on the way to killing Tywin....in the Tower of the Hand. I can't recall their names offhand, Lum I think was one of them, not sure about the other.
  8. I wasn't quite sure how to even address that idea. Pointing out that The Black Pearl is someone that Arya met and exchanged words with face to face on a previous incident is a good start. When Arya was Cat, she did meet the BP and at the same time, we were getting Sansa/Alayne POVs. We do know that GRRM has been holding onto his 'controversial' Sansa chapter since ADWD at least, and I don't suspect that the controversey is that Sansa escaped the Gates of the Moon and fled to Braavos and his impersonating someone already well known. That would make her an FM, wouldn't it? I did want to say welcome, too, though, to Brienne of Qarth (great name) and hope you have fun.
  9. Anyway, I had this thought from the foggy thread about Arya. Has anyone wondered if the below quote from the Mercy chapter might perhaps mean that, finally, the deep fog around Arya that seems to be preventing her returning to Westeros and her and her family's destiny might finally be over? Here's the quote, I just gave this extra notice as it came even after Arya describing all the fog and how she is familiar with it in Braavos, anyway. She had never seen a thicker fog than this one.
  10. I also think part of the problem with LS is that Cat died in a moment of gut wrenching insanity, raking her own face with her own long fingernails. I do think, perhaps, that the idea of Arya being the one to give LS the final 'gift' is interesting, although the way the story is going it seems like that would take too long, for all their sakes. That would be a long wait for confirmation that any of Cat's children truly live, I do think the children's fate is the key to LS being willing to let go. It would bring a new depth to Arya, I think, a strength. I can see symmetry in it, but part of me also thinks that LS may not last long enough for Arya herself to give the gift. But, if it was Arya who must do the deed, it may finally give Arya a deeper understanding about her talents, too. Anyway, I did just want to say I think many things make LS different from Beric, even with his multiple reanimations. The insanity and grief at her moment of death, the days in the water, and her erroneous belief that all her children are gone. Quite frankly, I think Cat herself would be horrified to realize the type of things she is doing if and when the thought of her live children reach her. For me, regardless of events, part of me feels that there is no way Cat or LS could look a live Ned, or UnDeadNed in the face and claim that all she is doing is a good thing.
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