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  1. Yeah, you are reminding me of how much I wanted to scream at the original episode. The Dudebro's St. Tyrion show, it really was so annoying. The script makes it worse, cause to me, no, Tyrion wasn't done with wanting power, he got the whole shebang in the end, well...........all except a she to bang, that is. It felt so.......manipulative and cheap and I wanted to scream then, and I, too, like Book Tyrion. I have to remind myself not to blame Dinklage. I actually feel bad for him, not getting to play the 3 dimensional character that GRRM created. Yes, their Bran asides are cheap, too. They have that down to just everyone noting to themselves......that kid, what a weirdo, huh? I'm not sure they were clueless about GRRM's ideas for the ending, they just didn't know how to write it themselves.....they had a few seasons for setup and actual story, but blew it off.
  2. Exactly, he doesn't even reframe it to: Hmmm, I wonder what it'd be like to play Kissin' Cousins with the girls, be it one or the other.
  3. LOL See, there's that silver lining. Granted, it might take Robert's Hammer to really make the point to some, but......
  4. I think I'm going to have to read it just to satisfy some curiosities on my part. Still, I am thoroughly happy that, for the most part, this version has receded for me. It's like a bad 2 dimensional fanfic version. Granted, the version had promise, at first. It has terrific visuals and great actors, but the story itself became less and less believable as the years went on, and that has nothing to do with dragons and ice demons. It is shocking that the dudebros have No Shame in submitting such a juvenile mess for public viewing, much less Emmy consideration.
  5. I guess I'm going to have to read some of this, aren't I? Drogon just.............burned indiscriminately? Anything but Jon? I didn't have a problem with him not burning Jon, I had a problem with the ways in which we got to those scenes, but I could understand the not burning Jon on many levels. But, I get the feeling I'll go look at that section of the script and just change my mind? I shouldn't let them change my mind on Drogon with their stupid scribblings.
  6. It's not just the theology that's all wrong, they have the familial relationship all messed up as well. And......I probably don't want to overthink that, heaven knows the Ds didn't overthink anything. I'm going with, she must have been Evil or Demonic, if not they would have had to actually write something to explain What The Fuck actually happened there at the end. I wasn't going to really read much of the script but now I'm considering combing through it, sporadically. We talk a lot about what the show did or didn't do to and with Dany, but I may read it just to find out if Jon had a PASSING FUCKING THOUGHT about his newly discovered parentage. Just out of curiosity, ya know, LOL Excuse my language, it's a clue that I'm a bit pissed off again at the 'writers.'
  7. I was just coming to drop off the script and the news of it's existence out on the internets, I see you beat me to it. I wasn't even really looking for such, just looking to ignore the real world for a bit when I found it. I can't say I'm looking forward to reading it, I took a peek at the beginning, some of the stuff you've mentioned. I'm not looking forward to plumbing the middle of it.......watching it was weird enough, LOL Here's a link to the total script. https://m.emmys.com/sites/default/files/collateral/Game of Thrones - Ep 806 - The Iron Throne .pdf?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app
  8. Your selection of quotes about Raff the Sweetling falling and splashing in the water with a woman/girl riding on his back reminds me of only one thing: In the Mercy chapter of TWOW Hopefully, I've hidden the TWOW text and mention in the spoiler tags. It's been so long, I'm not sure I have done so correctly.
  9. This video is a thing of beauty, especially if anyone has spent time with Bob Ross on PBS after a weekend all nighter, LOL
  10. A Girl wonders how this will go: https://winteriscoming.net/2019/06/27/showrunners-david-benioff-and-dan-weiss-added-to-sdcc-2019-panel/ I can't wait to see how this goes down.
  11. Not only was Drogon the hero of the story, he was the only character with a real personality this past season. Long may he fly......................far away from the hot mess that is the Westeros of D&D.
  12. I'm all out of words, just about. That is even worse. I was so angry at the words Buy and DVD that I never did notice that it was BUY ALL SEASONS, LOL MY GAWD!!
  13. I'm bringing my last post from the Episodic side. I'd rewrite a new one, but I'm TOO PISSED: My Rant went like this: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I CANNOT believe the nerve of HBO. I've paid for their damn channel for more than 8 years now (I did re-subscribe HBO for GOT by the way, way back when) and now they THINK that I, and those like me that have paid the price for this farce for years, should have to pay more to see this Conan special with the cast? Ya know, the only people left that I have respect as well as affection for are most of the cast and general crew members. I would NOT buy ONE MORE FUCKING EPISODE from D&D, but I would like to see this Conan thing, and HBO thinks I should BUY THE DAMN DVDs in December to see it? FUCK OFF, FUCK RIGHT THE FUCK OFF WITH THE DOUBLE DOUCHEBERRIES. Once I can control the urge to curse up a storm, I say it's time to raise holy hell at HBO for this. They must be crazy. They release 2 minutes of video, to try and drum up........what? HYPE? Are they crazy? Go right ahead, remind the world how PISSED OFF and DISAPPOINTED most were with the last season and finale. Hell, I bet most people have just about forgotten about the show's existence, ANGER INDUCEMENT IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MEMORY!! PS: They can GET BENT!!
  14. Hahahahahahaha, I haven't even made it passed 1:32 and Benioff the Arrogant's self own of: sometimes, clever people overestimate their own cleverness. Hahahahaha, yeah, that's one way to put it, Jerkioff
  15. I had stopped in to drop this video off of lots of BTS stuff and bloopers (or stumbles, LOL) over the years from the cast. The music isn't my thang, but it's not bad. The video just reminds me how much affection I do have for this cast, and how PISSED OFF I can still be at the mess D&D gave them and us.
  16. I'm not even sure how many of the 'raw' results from the show I should try and equate with possible book endings. Every time I start thinking on it, I remember the NK story outcome (a character that doesn't exist in the books anyway) and D&Denser having it all come down to Arya because they basically hate giving Jon and Kit anything heroic, and I throw my hands in the air and give up, LOL These are good points to consider as well. I do suspect that Dany may wind up being thought of by many characters and the public at large as one way..........but we and a few other characters may know differently. The more I watch the show and season 8 recede in the rear view mirror, the more I look forward to seeing what may be in TWOW. I do think, knock on wood, we will get that book, I'll worry about anything more after that, LOL
  17. So, it IS still Rant and Rave and all the rules that go with it, right? I'm catching up and feeling as if.............I'm LOST? Then again, LOST winds up looking damn perfect compared to what this show has been serving up for the past few years, and then in the final season times 10. Anyhoo.......... Has anyone posted these pics? It almost seems as if Emilia is trying to keep Kit as ease while he has to act out, and then carry, this atrocity with him. Note the knife in her chest, and the looks on his face as she seems to try to laugh and cheer him through that mess.
  18. I vote for an eternal showing of Volgon Poetry. But, they have to be gagged through it as well. It seems to me the perfect punishment just for all those Inside Their Circle Jerk episodes.
  19. That one definitely deserves a bow, hey.......that rhymes, too, LOL I now return everyone to the correct iteration of the thread; Q from @Faera . Just what was the point in changing Jeyne Westerling into Talisa Maegyr given that the former is the daughter of a low-ranking bannerman of the Lannisters (whose patriarch is famed for killing disobedient vassals in brutal manners) political nobody while the latter's death arguably would have had more far-´╗┐reaching political implications given she's a Volantine noble?
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