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  1. Did the ASOIAF novels leave a little mark on your way of thinking, personality and so forth? I first read the five novels when I was about 13: that age when you get the first taste of the dilemmas of adult life, even if in a very silly and immature way: who are the most popular guys in school and why, who are the most desired girls, the bullies who prey on the weak, the conflicts between the rich kids who are favored by the school staff and the poorer kids who have to have to learn how to survive (yeah, my school had that) among others. In a way, many of these juvenile problems are, deep down, dilemmas that permeate every human life, including those of the ASOIAF characters: how the human mind works, our desire for love and glory, envy and admirations, cowardice and honor; how values are fragile when in face of gold, glory and desire, but how they are what makes us more than animals; the pitiful and even comical nature of human existence. ASOIAF talks about all of that, and some of those lessons can be applied from a fantasy world to our everyday lives. Being an extremely entertaining fantasy book series, those lessons had an everlasting effect in my 13 year old self. Basically, they made me more a bit more self conscious about false friendships and wrong choices, how you gotta learn to be pragmatic and grounded, make true friends, value the gold that does not glitter ( hanging out with the "uncool" kids who always were nice to you instead of trying to befriend the "cool kids" who were just cunts ready to laugh at you ), that simple stuff. So, has anyone been influenced by some of ASOIAF? Care to share your experiences?
  2. Roose Trollton.

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    I just read Tyrion's awow chapter. The way he feels confused and at the same time eager to live , the anger he feels when Penny reminds him of Shae, the regret, the melancholy...damn man That's pure ASOIAF
  3. Just an interesting thought I had the other day. Westeros - to us, book readers, and to the most of the characters, like from Maester Yandels point of view - seems kinda "normal" and "boring", just an average Western European medical country, while the far East seems full of mysteries, magic and unexplained wonders. Have you ever thought that to the Asshai or to the people of Yi Ti, Westeros might sound equally alien and mythical? "Seven kingdoms ruled by one king, where kings ride dragons, with wolves as large as horses and trees that cry blood, with walls of ice as large as mountains and men that can control animals." It's all a matter of perspective and how you put it I guess
  4. Roose Trollton.

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

  5. Roose Trollton.

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    Cersei chapters where basically a super heavy, super condensed version of all Theon chapters.heavy stuff
  6. Roose Trollton.

    Most melancholic and "Human" moments in ASOIAF?

    There's a good deal of difference between good and bad "weepy" literature though I'm not sure weepy is even the right word here
  7. When people think about ASOIAF, they normally remember the loud, epic moments with a lot of carnage and action. But for me, the most memorable moments in the series are those heavy with melancholy and "humanity", with a "Shakespearean" vibe: the tension between love and honor, the human desire for love, respect and glory, those lonely moments where we think about things that were and things that could have been, unsatisfied dreams and desires. Those are what make the series so memorable for me. Some of those that strike me those feelings are: Septon Meribalds speech Ser Barristan reflecting on his life: Ashara Dayne, the kings he served, wether his life was worth it or not, his joys and his failures Jaime and Tyrion's chapters in AFFC/ADWD: Jaime looking at the White book and thinking at all that has been and all that still could be written, talking to his aunt about his father and Tyrion; Tyrion thinking about his life , Tysha and Jaime.
  8. Roose Trollton.

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I think the fact that on the poll 64% percent of the people rated it 8 or higher yet the majority of people in this thread gave it 5,6,4,3, shows that indeed the minority of haters are always the most vocal part of any community. I am a huge book purist and I loved the episode. I'm not really a fan of the producers but I must recognize they did an amazing job wrapping this finale up. Probably the best episode of the season or on pair with The Lion and the Rose or Mockingbird. 9/10
  9. Roose Trollton.

    [Book Spoilers] EP408 Discussion

    Just watched the ep, with a huge delay. I liked it, season 4th has been the best thus far IMO. The gore at the end was incredible even coming from HBO. Also, damn ,GRRM! http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/21535110441055101524651645095887756931885136212275n.jpg