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  1. Nakraal

    Bran book vs show

    My prediction is same ending, Bran becomes King, albeit in a more persuasive manner. Difference will be that last chapter will be Bran's, last page(s) an inner monologue where he ponders on how he will slowly act to bring the realm in decay and an eventual total collapse, so the Children will rule again. A revelation that the prequel show will probably make in its own finale, when they introduce the 3ER. And it will be used as the last shock of the main series.
  2. Nakraal

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Because Bloodraven's body was transfixed to the trees.
  3. Nakraal

    Praise without Repercussion, Final Edition

    I loved the whole thing. The intro, with the whole medieval nazis-in-power was imposing Loved Dany's moment with the throne. Drogon's whole sequence after Dany was killed, the whole sequence was breathtaking. The great council was the weakest sequence, but not awful at all The small council scene was sweet The montaz in the end was powerful and appropriate. I believe most of the rant these last weeks is the result of contaminating mass hysteria, sparked by the too easy offing of the NK and fueled by scores of youtube vultures who smelled clicks and views
  4. Nakraal

    Title of the last episode

    "a Time for Wolves"
  5. Nakraal

    Is Jaqen H'ghar Rhaegar Targaryen?

    This channel is filled with clickbait clips. Just watch his theories: Danny is a Dragon. Littlefinger is alive, Bran is a Targaryen. Clickbait. Downvote to remove traction and go on´╗┐
  6. Nakraal

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Good one GRRM has several plotlines abruptly end, plot lines that served nothing to the central story. Distractions. Many stories that go nowhere, dead ends. They are wonderfully written stories, but they do not serve anything to the story. I wish I would be as dumb as D&D. I'd have millions. What makes you so sure of the Others will destroy Winterfell? The threat of the WWs will come to an end in the Godswood. Hasn't GRRM already abort several plotlines? Can't you spot plotlines that were abruptly crushed and burned? Can't you spot what current plotlines are very probable that will have the same futile end during the next book?
  7. Nakraal

    How should Jon kill Dany

    People do things out of their norm when cornered and when they are conflicted by two opposing forces within them. Jaime's speech about honor before Cat released him, says as much. ("they make you swear and swear, pledge to your king, to your father... but what about when your king demands your father's head" etc) And any realistic character will not be defined by just one value. Jaime values his honor, but it comes behind his family, and he loves his family but it comes behind his love for Cercei. Jon murdering Dany will be tragic, but after close examination within character. Because he will struggle with his love for her, with his sense of honor but both will end up wanting when compared with the ultimate good of the world he lives in.
  8. Nakraal

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    Seriously though, look at the bold. You make some points, you may be right at some, I could answer to some, ... but .. but yeah... you are a toxic person (look at the bold). There was no reason to disrespect someone for his opinion no matter how dumb you believe it to be. Probably you want to nuke the thread. Yeah. You seem toxic (look at the bold)
  9. Nakraal

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I think it will be very close. The endings of each major character will be identical, their paths towards the endings very similar. Yes Dany's snapping and burning KL will have more build up. But it will be subtle build up. Hidden changes in her behavior before the event. I think the chapter of her burning the city will be as "unexpected" and out of the blue as the Red Wedding was. If there was no series to warn us, readers would feel as empty as they did when they read the Red Wedding chapter. Also it's obvious to me it will be from a non Dany pov chapter. Probably a combination of Jon and Arya. The Night King, or the Great Other, will play more or less the same. But it will feel more deserved and gained because the Battle of Winterfell will be the peak chapter of Winds of Winter, probably one of the last ones, maybe even the epilogue? Maybe an epilogue from the POV of the Great Other? So we can sympathise with him before his demise and see his reasoning? Since s08ep03, I firmly believe the only true problem with the season is that the first 3 episodes of this season ought to be attached to s07. The last 3 episodes of season 7. This season should be entirely dedicated to the war against Cercei with subtle hints of Dany losing her sanity in the background. Edit: Also no prophecies will turn up true in the books either. Think of it: The Song of Ice and Fire. The title. A prophecy that drove a prince to seduce and steal the betrothed of a powerful lord so they can hatch the "Song of Ice and Fire", driving the realm into chaos. A man obsessed with a lie enough to start a domino of destruction and death.
  10. Nakraal

    So what happens to Drogon?

    From what actors said the finale will tie up all loose ends. I think Drogon will be killed. If a blade can kill a dragon, then maybe Jon lures him close enough to deal a mortal blow Maybe Bran wargs him and have Drogon dive from sky heights to his death Maybe we have the repeat of Red Wedding, with Jon "breaking character" for the good of humanity and pose as the loving groom. The Dothraki, the Unsullied and Danny are slaughtered. Drogon might end like Graywind (instead of crossbows, scorpions)
  11. Nakraal

    Prediction - Arya Stark will kill Daenerys Targaryen

    I'm sure it will be Jon. Arya will ponder on it and then choose to abandon her dark path. She will probably end up with accepting Gendry's proposal. And I am pretty sure that Jon will kill her in a way that more than half the fandom will rant and rave that it destroyed his character and what he is. (My bet is, he will be sword in hand in front of Dany unsure if he can kill her. She will plead with him by revealing that she pregnant with his child. And then he will choose to kill both her and his bastard in her belly).
  12. Nakraal

    Unpopular opinion

    There was/is so much anticipation and hype and theories... So many years since the last book and we all had to use our heads to fill in whats missing. Most of the fans have each their own theory of this or that, and how this ends. And when it comes its almost certain it isn't how each one of us envisioned it. And we hate it for that, because many of us believe that anything that doesn't match our own ideal ending is condemned to be awful. And we shouldn't. Not our story to tell. Also: How many book readers raved when they read the Red Wedding? How many of them cried out "is this fockin Robb's arc? Really? This is his arc?" But after it sank in they worshipped GRRM for it? I think it will be the same thing with this. I for one am very satisfied with the story. There are parts I hate, like plot armor or the constant feeling that certain things needed more episodes to be developed in. But the story, the story is fitting and great.
  13. Nakraal

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    My initial rating was a 7. If I were to rate it now I'd give it a 9 or a 10 1. Danny didn't flip mad from seeing the Red Keep. She was an already a lunatic that was triggered. Her descent to madness started with Jon's revelation in the crypts, followed by his rejection, the loss of Jorah. the North's indifference, the loss of her baby Dragon and soon after Missandei's. It concluded with the betrayal of Varys, her loss of faith in Tyrion's friendship and in the end the realization that there is no love for her in this land. What they needed to add was scattered minor outbursts of hysteria in her day to day life. Outburst against servants looking her in the eye, or the gods because it didn't rain today. But I guess air time is limited. 2. As much as I thought that Jaime ought to end his arc with him killing Cercei, I now understand that he always was a gray character, that he never stopped loving his twin, and that was a very fitting end. Them together. My nitpick would be this: I'd prefer to see Dragonfire melt stone rather than shutter it. And I hated Cleganeball... its purely a result of hype and fanservice. I never saw hatred in the Hound for his brother. At least not enough to drive him to death.
  14. 8 I took put 1 point for the Bron scene. Even the actors couldn't believe this thing was feasible.