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  1. My initial rating was a 7. If I were to rate it now I'd give it a 9 or a 10 1. Danny didn't flip mad from seeing the Red Keep. She was an already a lunatic that was triggered. Her descent to madness started with Jon's revelation in the crypts, followed by his rejection, the loss of Jorah. the North's indifference, the loss of her baby Dragon and soon after Missandei's. It concluded with the betrayal of Varys, her loss of faith in Tyrion's friendship and in the end the realization that there is no love for her in this land. What they needed to add was scattered minor outbursts of hysteria in her day to day life. Outburst against servants looking her in the eye, or the gods because it didn't rain today. But I guess air time is limited. 2. As much as I thought that Jaime ought to end his arc with him killing Cercei, I now understand that he always was a gray character, that he never stopped loving his twin, and that was a very fitting end. Them together. My nitpick would be this: I'd prefer to see Dragonfire melt stone rather than shutter it. And I hated Cleganeball... its purely a result of hype and fanservice. I never saw hatred in the Hound for his brother. At least not enough to drive him to death.
  2. 8 I took put 1 point for the Bron scene. Even the actors couldn't believe this thing was feasible.
  3. Why does there have to be a prophecy that must be true and be fulfilled? GRRM is an atheist. Its is far more probable he would write about self fulfilling prophecies that drive flawed characters to obsessions and affect their actions, rather than true, divine ones.
  4. I am positive that the moment Bran and the Night King shared, meant that there is something deeper, something very deep between them there. But I am afraid that they chose not to reveal what that was, because HBO intents it to be the plot twist for their prequel. Maybe GRRM also didn't want for it to be revealed.
  5. The incentive for the show to get better is relevant to the number of the viewers not the criticism of the viewers. As long as someone watches it it doesn't matter much if he criticizes the show, from the producer's viewpoint that is/
  6. Its an easy 10. Best season finale, one of the top 6 or 7 episodes of the whole series. It was more than an hour long and the only scene I could siit back and relax for a bit was the Dornish one. Powerfull scenes from start to finish. Reconsider complaining for teleporting. The only issue with this is that both scenes with Varys being too close to each other. What do you want? To have 2 or 3 scenes with Varys sailing across the sea so we don't feel its teleporting? The events of each scene are not meant to be time binded. I can easily accept that for example Arya killing Walder is a month before the battle of the bastards as long as there are no continuity or errors connecting the 2 events. I would never imagine myself being moved by Jon being proclaimed KitN and I was. The scene from baby Jon in ToJ going to Jon in WF was amazing. It was a weak season but episodes 5, 9 & 10 made up for it.
  7. Can one amazing scene raise an episode from an 8 to a 10? If so,the Oberyn scene does that. Maybe top 5 scenes from all seasons for me.
  8. How come sir Barristan just follows the orders of the Queen when he has just read that King Robert gave Ned the regency? Is her word ("we have a new king now") more valid than the kings will??? Why did he just sat watching the gold cloaks perform something that in his eyes should seem like a coup?
  9. For me it was amazing episode with most scenes being small masterpieces. I was torn between 8 and 9 and finally I rate it with an 8 as I reserve 9s and my 10 for some astonishing episodes I am sure to follow. I agree with the majority regarding the cons (like LF being out of char with awkward straightforwardness, sir Gregor badly casted) but the excellent pieces by far surpass the flaws. Honestly, during the whole whore scene I was hoping that Joffry would kill Ros and have us freed from her pointless scenes. When I saw him examining the scepter and considering to use it for something, I was relieved he used it to beat the whore..
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