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  1. lrresistable

    Stand beside her dragon

    Big mistake, bucko.
  2. here to defend my boys honor Stan is pretty much irreligious and may be on the verge of an Old God conversion if they show him some power. He's not particularly fixated on worship, just what they can do for him. He is willing to compromise, as we have seen in ADwD & sample TWoW chapters, he has evolved much as a character in order to survive, to the point of being machiavellian inflexible justice from the position as the King's brother at the time, yeah. though burning men alive for cannibalism isn't exactly my take either
  3. lrresistable

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    you're definitely hitting the mark here. I doubt what she eventually came across in Valyria was ubiquitous, or she would've left that hellhole asap. The Firewyrm that attacked Balerion suggests she went off exploring underneath the mere surface of the place, assuming those things would be underground Also consider she may have been being watched as soon as she passed into the Valyrian borders / boundaries by whatever rules over this domain now. Fire magic would be pretty crazy there if it's at all analogous to whatever ice magic is going on in The Lands of Always Winter. anyway..i'm thinking that the horrors inflicted upon Aerea weren't just "she ate something, or touched something" , am also curious to know what would've happened to those parasites if Barth hadn't thrown her in ice water to kill her & them. she may have been infected with the purpose of spreading it back to the outside world.
  4. lrresistable

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    I'm going out on a limb here, and will straight out assert that the only way you can get to Valyria unharmed is by air (e.g, on a dragon) though it's not known as canon, the Smoking Sea probably boils hot enough to incinerate wooden ships. Be highly skeptical of Euron's claims, like the one to supposedly have gone where no man has gone before (in roughly 400+ years) We also get a lot of out & out clues of him lying to and beguiling the Ironborn in order to bolster his reputation & authority among / over them. From Pyat Pree and the other Qartheen warlocks he captured, of course. From them he also got his stores of shade of the evening. By far the most likely scenario. And it may not just be sheer luck that led him to capturing Pyat & the Qartheen Undying Warlocks. What's weird is he may have been keeping tabs on them at Qarth for a while under an alias "Urrathon Night-Walker" who allegedly is in possession of a glass candle. I would find it highly plausible, since we know Euron was operating in the area at the time, that he considered snatching Dany's infant dragons while she was vulnerable in Qarth before coming under the protection of Barristan & Belwas. Knowing he can't control dragons by conventional means, he stalks / ambushes the Warlocks once they leave Qarth to chase after Daenerys (ostensibly for revenge, but really for her dragons). If Euron did somehow manage to take Dany & her pets as his first play, the Warlocks would be gearing after him subsequently. meaningless rant below in spoiler/
  5. lrresistable

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Might need an actual dragon- female or whatever to care for the egg before it hatches if no-one (human) is looking over it. I'm a big proponent of Preston Jacobs "Genetics of the Dragons" & find it highly probable that you need a female dragon hatcher with double X genetics to bring them into being.
  6. lrresistable

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    I think she was alive & had been tortured. They still had her alive and were looking after her, with the implication being if no peace treaty is reached then they commence torturing her again & prolong her suffering. I'm not sure what else would evoke such a re-action as the one he had when given the letter
  7. lrresistable

    Secrets best left buried (Fire & Blood)

    All this has me thinking Aerea, who is really actually Rhaella, definitely formed a dragon-rider bond with Balerion. The tell is by how much control she was able to exert over the dragon, for the length of time (over a year iirc) & the care he has bringing her back all the way to safety despite her beyond-death condition, alongside his wounds. It can be considered weird we hear no sightings of them, but when you go to distant lands who speak different languages you can't expect sheep-herders tales to reach back to Westerosi elites on a different continent. We live in an age of communication / information ourselves, so this is a reason we find it suspect hearing no news of them. lol if you think Euron actually went there. Rodrik the Reader points this to very likely being a crock of shit, while the horrors Aerea & Balerion stumbled upon kind of cements this. Whatever monstrosities lay hidden in Valyria, they're at the least passively active and could be why The Others are back in our current story making moves, exerting their power & influence. Who says Ice Demons practicing necromancy have to be "the bad guys"?
  8. I wasn't aware it was known that Daemon fathered any bastards. He definitely could have, but do we hear of it in the books?
  9. Oh lawd, The Rogue Prince is my favorite of the historical Targaryens haha I'd just like to point out that i feel that The Blacks faction won the civil war since it culminated in Aegon III's ascension to the Iron Throne. And technically you can't say he was on the losing side of the Dance against the Greens either, since The Lads + Cregans Northern Army were imminently coming in to obliterate Kings Landing, which is why Aegon II was assassinated by Larys Clubfoot & his "shadow government" operatives. All this + the fact that pretty much all the Greens Targaryens were killed off / died and their lineage extinguished. (Jaehaera Targaryen was supposed to marry Rhaenyra's Aegon & thereby reconcile the fragmented Kingdoms & consolidate a peace by binding the royal lines together). As you'll know, that never came to fruition. Jaehaera died under suspect circumstances in an alleged "suicide" ..While it's still fresh on my mind, could anyone let me know if any "Green" Targs actually survived the Dance & managed to live long enough to procreate? is Aemond's supposed son by Alys Rivers the only possible one?
  10. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Why else write Jaime saving his life before trying to take it from him?
  11. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    it's quite obvious that justifications have been made. remember that Jaime saved Bran from falling from the tower before pushing him.
  12. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Of course he confronted Lancel for fucking sex w/ Cersei. be glad he didn't beat the shit out of him. When did he try kill Brynden after taking Riverrun? "he thinks about killing Tyrion" Are you going to accuse him of thought crimes? really dude? Theon is broken. Jaime doesn't regret most of the things he's done, because he's had to make hard, necessary choices in circumstances (admittedly some created by himself) where it's difficult to ascertain a right answer. when he's saving as many lives as possible, stopping as much suffering as he can for the most people, he is working towards the common good. Theon on the other hand had lots of choices and continually wove down the beaten path. lots of times he could have chosen to change his course of action, to needlessly save a life or otherwise. his regret is well earned. don't expect Jaime to agonize over making hard choices in bad situations, he does what needs to be done
  13. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    he went back & saved Brienne at Harrenhal what more do you want him to do besides betraying his family?
  14. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    forgot to mention Tyrion has done some work, making the cisterns of Lannisport / Casterly Rock run, his stint as Master of Coin & Hand of The King respectively
  15. lrresistable

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I just want to point out that virtually all sons of nobles are living it up off their fathers dime, not out there working a 9 to 5 job especially not a son of Tywin Lannister Cersei is already a villain at this point I don't see Tyrion or Jaime going down that path, Jaime is striving towards the light Tyrion needs something to live for