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  1. Why else write Jaime saving his life before trying to take it from him?
  2. it's quite obvious that justifications have been made. remember that Jaime saved Bran from falling from the tower before pushing him.
  3. Of course he confronted Lancel for fucking sex w/ Cersei. be glad he didn't beat the shit out of him. When did he try kill Brynden after taking Riverrun? "he thinks about killing Tyrion" Are you going to accuse him of thought crimes? really dude? Theon is broken. Jaime doesn't regret most of the things he's done, because he's had to make hard, necessary choices in circumstances (admittedly some created by himself) where it's difficult to ascertain a right answer. when he's saving as many lives as possible, stopping as much suffering as he can for the most people, he is working towards the common good. Theon on the other hand had lots of choices and continually wove down the beaten path. lots of times he could have chosen to change his course of action, to needlessly save a life or otherwise. his regret is well earned. don't expect Jaime to agonize over making hard choices in bad situations, he does what needs to be done
  4. he went back & saved Brienne at Harrenhal what more do you want him to do besides betraying his family?
  5. forgot to mention Tyrion has done some work, making the cisterns of Lannisport / Casterly Rock run, his stint as Master of Coin & Hand of The King respectively
  6. I just want to point out that virtually all sons of nobles are living it up off their fathers dime, not out there working a 9 to 5 job especially not a son of Tywin Lannister Cersei is already a villain at this point I don't see Tyrion or Jaime going down that path, Jaime is striving towards the light Tyrion needs something to live for
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