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  1. I actually thought this episode was the best this season so far. I really liked bran and Theon's scene. It reignited the feelings I had towards Theon in the book. I hate that scumbag. By the time I got to the end of dragons I almost actually felt bad for him. But not quite. He is the total piece of trash I thought he was and deserved everything he gets. I loved the hound and Sansa interaction. Brilliantly done. I do not like that they made shae her handmaid. I also have a huge problem with how they r portraying Sansa. In the book she was naive but not so much that she would ever divulge her true feelings to any of her servants. She was slick enough to know that there were spies everywhere. I also think they are making tywin seem too like able and I do not think this is a good thing. I believe they are straying too far from the story in some cases. Fornmei think it is imoportant to stick to story because it is important for the development of the charecters. I understand they need to fit a lot in to just 10 episodes which in itself is ludicrous. Dany's story has been boring so far as it was in the book. But theybr changing that the most. If they are making changes to her story I wish they would make it less boring. I didn't like the Khalisar diminishing so much. I think they should have got another actor to play rhakaro instead of killing him. I wish no more Ros and les killing of of actual charecters no matter how small. I felt the blood of her blood was important, but what the hell do I know. All in all I enjoyed this weeks episode but just have problems with some stuff
  2. I thought book joffery is the same age if not older then Robb. In the Show he seems about 14. Am I wrong?
  3. Was the girl from Volantis supposed to be Jeyne Westerling? She did say her name was something else. Joffery is a piece of garbage and i felt sick watching that scene. I wish they would have just had him crossbowing some cats. I have a hard time watching women being abused. It did make me hate him even more which I didnt think was possible.
  4. Best episode of the season. Loved it!! Shadow Baby rules!
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