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  1. I dont understand that line of thinking I suppose then. The Grail is inextricably linked with Jesus, it got its powers from Jesus. In this universe it isn't the Grail is just a symbol or somesuch. They specifically note it is the cup of a carpenter. So if the Grail exists and has power in this universe that means Jesus is real. Which then in turn makes the christian God real. It doesn't matter if they appear or not. And given that I wouldn't want to be in another religion or atheist if the old testament God is real.
  2. Well I mean there is a proven God and Jesus. If you arent Judeo-christian that means the universe has a gigantic all powerful monster in it
  3. Plotwise? Probably, 30 years later but no it was changed to better contrast the desert. You can see the blue lightsaber in the trailers.
  4. He can walk next year. He can also do what many others have done and tell Pelinka to trade him. I think it likely he will take next year off and come back healthy the year after to wherever Bronny goes.
  5. Nirvana 1993 in Detroit. My first and probably the best concert I've been to.
  6. Why do you think they are innocent?
  7. how funny would it be if it ended with the new president starting a nuclear war?
  8. Didn't Cleveland and the Warriors play like 4 years in a row in the finals? Was Kyrie off the 3rd one? He was the 4th for sure.
  9. Bards in BG2 definitely do not suck. Blade is top 3 (if not 1) class in the game.
  10. Brighton apparently according to their fake news account.
  11. Got to watch the newest one last night and Shiv is predictably Shiv. She thinks she's smarter than everyone else and gets played because of it. Mattsen isn't even going to give her a spot of power lol. The conversation with Tom was harsh but also great, Tom is a brownnosing snake as Shiv says but everything Tom said about Shiv is true too. fantastic. Kendall is on top of the world but that's because he's turning into his dad.
  12. Shiv won't. Their conversation in the last episode is 100% indication that Tom is going to sell her out. To me seeing as how Ken has effectively let Roman shoot himself in the foot, all the while seeming to back him up and be loyal. Roman will cop to listening to Shiv and so abandoning Ken in the presentation. Then Ken will promise Tom everything at ATN bla bla to get dirt on Shiv and then Tom will tell Ken about Shiv and Mattsen. To answer the earlier question I think it will appear that Ken is going to come out on top but then he will get brought down by insider trading stuff. Who do I think will win? Frank, Karl, and Gerri.
  13. Hate to break it to you champ but Ted Lasso has never been about football. That's just the sit in the sitcom. I dont like the show but similarily big bang theory isn't about the university.
  14. I agree with the latter. I just don't see the point in a tertiary character's subplot that has nothing to do with anything else on the show in the final season.
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