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  1. Slurktan

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    So I decided to play Wood Elves in WH2. Really enjoying their minimal micromanaging style. Blow shit up, plant a seed and forget about it. The Beastman invasions keep you on your toes too, well at least the first part, Now I've confederated the rest of the Elves in that area I can just plant an army near the Oak and have no worries. Got all of Spain and Italy and Greece equivilents under my control and allied with the Empire which got me a whopping 43 amber currently. Haven't decided yet if I want to make friends for the 75 or what not for Oak level 5 or just conquer everything. I wanted to go get the WE settlement in the EMpire but they had conquered it already. I suppose I'll go check out the one in the Desert.
  2. Slurktan

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    I enjoyed it but wouldn't say its great or anything, it's about the level of Deadpool 2. Some things that stood out: - Obi Wan is great as Black Mask. Just nutty. Similarly Zsasz was also great in a creepy way. Loved how he was jealous of anyone or anything taking Black Mask's attention that wasn't him. - Every scene with Huntress had absolute incredible comic timing. Very well done. - Montoya was...... not good. Admittedly I'm not a Rosie Perez fan but she's terrible and mostly pointless in the movie. - Very odd that in none of the movie do they even remotely worry that Batman is going to show up. I guess he doesn't cover the East Side. - Probably would have enjoyed it more but the cartoon that's running now is far superior.
  3. Slurktan

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    So I'm not a Warhammer person tabletop or book wise and it took me a long time to try it out but I'm really liking Total War Warhammer 2. Caught it on steam sale in November with the first one and all the important DLC and I'm quite enjoying it. I wasn't at first, Tyrion is boring as shit, I somehow get wrecked as Mazdamundi early and never tried again, the Empire is way too easy (and I'm garbage at the game) same with the Norsca. Then I found my beloved Kroq Gar. Yes his campaign is easy but my God the Lizardmen are fun once they get rolling. I loved having 5-6 of the big dinos with laser guns on their backs with a whole bunch of Saurus infantry to guard them and then 3 of the dread saurians and Kroq Gar rampaging amok. Still I'm not very good and almost lost the final battle to fix the macguffin thing but it was fun. Tried Khatep next and the tomb kings are fun, certainly a different style but I got swamped by the Dark Elves. So not sure what to do next. I like the Vortex map a lot more than the Mortal Empires one, as North and South America and Africa are too squished on the latter but I don't like the rushed campaign. I wish I could do mortal empires style on that map but alas. Again having no idea on the lore I assume Warhammer 3 will add Russia/China/Japan/Australia to the ME? Are there any other funky races to be added or just variations on ones therein already? I know why I've never gotten into warhammer tabletop though, my God the names are fucking stupid. I won't ever touch the Greenskin faction because everything they have is stupidly named. I won't play broody edgelord Malus Darkblade or the worst of the lot TiqTaqTo. (Whomever thought that was a good idea should have their hands broken). How people read books and such with these idiotic names is beyond me.
  4. Obi Wan isn't casually chatting in that scene though. Anakin is, Obi Wan isn't. That's the point of that scene, Anakin is extremely confident to the point of arrogance while Obi Wan is panicking and then just trusts Anakin because Anakin gets shit done. I guess I just disagree with your take on the scene.
  5. Slurktan

    1917 film (spoilers)

    Those were Canadian Troops hence the little maple leafs on their arms.
  6. Slurktan

    Star wars...which befouls the OT legacy more...PT

    I'd accept your analogy more if Saurons fall at the end of the second Age had come out 30 years prior to the Lord of the Rings and was one of if not the biggest blockbuster book of all time. Instead it was just backstory whereas the Lord of the Rings was actually a sequel to the sil
  7. Slurktan

    DCEU: Killer Clowns from Gotham City

    So a fantastic movie then? Oh wait you probably want it to be faithful to a shittily written comic. Seems smart.
  8. Slurktan

    Star wars...which befouls the OT legacy more...PT

    When it comes down to it isn't this a simple topic? I mean the actual quality (good or bad) of the prequels or sequels is irrelevant. Do the prequels change anything in the OT or how you look at it? Little bits here and there but nothing important. Dos RoS completely and utterly nullify the entire back half of Return of the Jedi as being pointless? Yes. Seems pretty simple.
  9. Interesting comment. I haven't seen RoS more than once so I can't comment on it but the fights in in tfa were pretty solid. The big fight in TLJ is a terribly choreographed disgusting mess which hopefully got the stunt coordinator fired. I do love the two clashes in ESB and Jedi though as they are choreographed to not really be fights at all. In ESB Vader clearly is toying with Luke to test him, then once Luke gets a hit ends the fight immediately. In Jedi Luke is toying with Vader never even attempting once to strike Vader but only parrying until Vader says he's going after Leia after which Luke ends it immediately,
  10. Slurktan

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    Ilum is confirmed in I belive visual dictionary. However t is shown in the game Jedi Fallen Order. You go to Ilum in the main game and there is nothing there, You go there after "beating" the game and and it is recognizably turning into Starkiller base (ie the giant trench, and basically looks exactly like it). You can see it on youtube if you like. The game takes place 5-6 years after Revenge of the Sith.
  11. Slurktan

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    Would it surprise you to know that the moon the Death Star wreckage is on isn't the Forest Moon? Despite the Death Star being shown and spoke of as being in close orbit to that Forest Moon in RotJ? Your points would be interesting but you are forgetting the key fact that the director and story creator of this movie is literally a COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON when it comes to space, time, and distance. EDIT: As a side note I find it incredibly hilarious (and obviously beyond stupid) that it is now canon that Starkiller base was created while the first Death Star was being made.
  12. Slurktan

    [SPOILERS] Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

    I liked it better than I thought I would which very much surprises given that the spoilers were 100% correct that came out months ago. But my god JJ Abrams really does think no one uses their brain. So much stupid. One actual big thing that really annoyed me.... why isn't it Luke's lightsaber they use and then bury at the end? Like what the fuck. The blue one was never his, it was Anakin's. (And somehow got put back together) The block at the end with both sabers would have been much better with blue and green as well. PS... Thought Chewie getting the medal was terrible fan service although I liked JJ's mea culpa with showing him grieve unlike the scene in Force Awakens.
  13. Valda would be at Falme and then run away (and blame Perrin). He'd actually take the place of the Bornhalds *and* Byar. Actually not that much of a change given that the younger Bornhald is..... essentially nothing as with his father and Byar. EDIT: I'm actually like that more now. Gives Perrin a consistent enemy. Save Galad finding out about Morgase till the trial of PeErrin and poof. Nicely wrapped with a bow.
  14. Slurktan

    LOTR prequel TV series 2.0

    I love that Galadriel is considered "young" when shes like 5000 years old