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  1. It has been awesome. I really liked the Raps just locking down Davis and the Lakers.
  2. And rightfully so. Canadian Government looks better for denying the Jays request.
  3. I'm not sure how the 15 years in between siths release and now is really a problem. They could just set it 15 years after Revenge of the Sith which would make it a few years before New Hope. For dream sequences they could always do nightmarish ones as suggested but also could be dreams of Obi Wan imagining how Anakin should have been sort of thing. Interesting that he is going to be a regular though.
  4. NEar the end. According to Patton Oswalt its the first 3 minutes of the season. It's actually pretty awesome.
  5. They retconned that in a videogame and novels and such to mean something. Truth is Green shows up better contrasting against sand and blue sky so they changed it late in the game. There is at least one trailer with it being blue and the cover of the novelization is a blue lightsaber
  6. Hollywood Reporter is saying Boba is coming back https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/mandalorian-finds-boba-fett-temuera-morrison-1293675
  7. This is just.... bizarre. Why are you discarding the Pistons?
  8. I like Russian Doll quite quite a bit so I'll give it a shot. I'm also curious if/when they are going to make official that George Lucas is in with Disney now as has been heavily rumoured for months.
  9. The Soviets. Sabonis was awesome before injuries took his legs away and he came to the NBA.
  10. It doesn't turn you invisible. It makes you a wraith. Other wraiths and things that have seen the Trees can still see you. So like Glorfindel or Galadriel wouldn't have any problem seeing you. Possibly not Gandalf or Saruman either although since their power is hidden they might not be able to.
  11. But given that you said it was a little much for this story, wouldn't the idiotic fanbois be correct in this instance?
  12. I found the tank to be there not anywhere near that often when I wasn't going for 100%. If im just playing the story it doesn't feature that much at all. But hey your mile may vary; Arkham Knight is afterall a worse version of City and Asylum (and Origins).
  13. The Zombie RDR 1 is fun. I love that the end mount is a unicorn that trails rainbows. I may be in the minority and I also probably didn't time it right but I really didn't like Spiderman when playing it right after Arkham Knight. Not only is the fighting Arkham esque there's just a ton in there that clearly is apeing the Arkham stuff (Most notably the Scarecrow/Scorpion). Maybe I'll give it another shot to beat it later but it really turned me off. Well that and I think the voice acting for Parker is atrocious lol.
  14. Once you figure out Sekiro is actually just a rhythm game disguised as a Soulsborne it gets really easy.
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