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  1. It doesn't appear like it will happen but who knows. I wish to god they had remade Red Dead 1 in the RDR2 engine so you could just play the whole fucking story, But hey they got to get that online drip.
  2. Or Disney changes gears and copies WarnerBros and releases it on Disney + and theatres at the same time.
  3. There is a story to the Souls games you just learn about it obliquely through item descriptions and such. Bloodborne has a bit of that but also has more actual straight forward storytelling as well. IMO it is easily the best of Fromsofts games but that also comes with the caveat that I love gothic horror and Lovecraft horror. You are on a PS4 right... so doesn't make much difference but unfortunately it has not aged well on the PS5 because of the locked ceiling of 30FPS. I hope to god they do a remake like Demon's Souls for it. I also absolutely love RDR2, only briefly wet my toes recently in Ghosts (I'm a little played out on open world games), AC Valhalla is fun but don't try and beat it all at once as it is simply too long, the story becomes a slog but its repetitiveness lessens if you like go to take a month break to beat/play something else and then come back to it. Same thing for Odyssey. Maybe try Fallen Order, its a souls style game with more direct plot plus lightsabers, also has one of my favourite endings in a while. If you like Bethesda games then Skyrim is likely the best of them, even now almost 9 years after release. Plus it has some really fun mods if you get it on PC, I can't recommend enough the one that turns all the dragons into Macho Man Randy Savage. Hearing the "Ooooooooh yeah" softly when one starts coming near is delightful.
  4. Are you seriously asking this? Maybe it's because they are two big men who rely on athleticism to play the game and yet had early injury issues. Blake Griffin also scored efficiently and effortlessly in his second year in the league. Blake Griffin is now a broken shell of his former self but still had a really good career before that. Let's hope Zion can match that. The comparison is simple Zion is like early Blake Griffin minus the passable defense at this point. Doesnt seem that hard to figure out.
  5. Well should you go back to Dark Souls 2/Demon's Souls there is also the blocking option. No need to parry anything and can just ank stuff. If you have a PS5 I'd just pick up Demon's Souls just to see an actual next gen game. Wert says that there isn't a significant gap between say the PS4 - 5 but you can really tell on Demon's Souls that it objectively is not at all a last gen game(screenshots do not do it justice, you need to see and hear it in motion). I don't know if there is a game like that on the XBox yet but I hope it gets one sooner rather than later.
  6. That's awesome and all...... and? Does he play defense? Nope. Is he already visibly less athletic moving that he was 2 years ago? Yep. I'm sure he'll have more amazingly stat stuffed offensive games. So what?
  7. I'm waiting to see if Zion can be anything besides a lesser early Blake griffin (Blake occasionally played d competently). I doubt it.
  8. You never had to go to the gym in SA. You can get in shape by just running around. Or you can just be fat cj.
  9. I find it amusing the lengths people go to. Also amusing if that bit about Luke's first student being Ben is real and so then Disney is already retconning that. Well unless it comes from the Wendig books. Those should be erased.
  10. I'd guess that's because most people aren't stupid enough to repeatedly make stupid comments. New theory from the internet crazies going around that I'm not going to explain well.... So apparently Ahsoka is saved by Ezra in Rebels who travels in to the past in season 3-4 to save her from Vader at the end of season two using the world between worlds or whatever that place is. However Rise of Skywalker has Ahsoka among the voices of the dead Jedi and the Emperor making new clones of Snoke. Apparently one of the Disney canon novels specifically states that Luke's first student is Ben Skywalker at age ten. Now as we saw at the end of Mandalorian S2 Luke has a student 5 years prior to that. So the theory goes that the sequel trilogy timeline is one where Ezra didn't save Ahsoka so she got killed by Vader. Thus later on she isn't able to help get Baby Yoda to Luke which means the empire captures him again and is still able to make clones of Snoke 25+ years later. Because she is alive Luke then gets baby Yoda which in turn stops Snoke from interfering with Ben thus.... you guessed it the sequel trilogy is being retconned.
  11. I could see that or honestly a dwarf lord for Kraka Drak. However I could also see them saying that area is already too crowded with the 2 vamp factions, kislev, the bone rattlaz or whatever stupid name those green skins have, drucha (sp?), The red bearded avengey dwarf, And throgg. EDIT: Of course I was just thinking of ME there. With the new map which likely has Kislev on the west end I doubt Ostermark or the likes will get one. Maybe something in the area where Eshin/Dragon Elf/Super Emo Dark Elf are in ME.
  12. Given that there is only 9 LL's to start with I'm guessing its more of the latter, 3 actual factions with some daemon specific units for the specific chaos faction. 2 LLs for Kislev and Cathay each and then 4 LL for Daemons leaves one, which I would guess to be another Kislev or Cathay. Technically more than Warhammers 1 or 2 started with so hurray but really...... not. Whomever is the early adapter DLC race will likely get a sort of crappy pack like the Norsca for WH2 or the marginally better Bretonnia one for WH1. So pray it isn't the Ogres as I'd hope that would be more interesting. Probably Chaos Dwarves.
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