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  1. You son of a bitch..... I'm in.
  2. Not necessarily a singular reference or anything but the ep gave me a very Edgar Wright vibe. But that could just be me.
  3. Interesting, considering that for me Loki was very clearly trying to rip off Rick and Morty and not doing a particularly good job of it.
  4. The Rangers were hidden, Boromir certainly had no idea about Aragorn. They knew of them when Earnur was there but who is to say if they knew about them subsequently. Why would they keep track of homeless vagabonds from a backwater? Why would they not leave? Their home was destroyed, so was their enemy. Why not go serve in a kingdom far more powerful and glorious than theirs where at the very least they will be cousins to the throne? The army Earnur brought was a trifling thing to Gondor but was the greatest thing the men of Arthedain had seen in over a thousand years. If Aranarth hung out with Earnur he might even find out the dude wasn't big on making kiddos thus making Aranarth essentially an heir to Gondor if he wanted. So why not? There is no real answer except to guess like you. Maybe they seemingly felt they had a duty to the land, honestly that's pretty pathetic of a reason but hey whatever. The real reason is because Tolkien needed them to stay away and hidden so Aragorn can become King 1044 years later. I prefer to think of a guess where say Earnur was jealous and wouldn't take them. Then went home and said the royal family of Arthedain all died, so that they could never again present a claim to his family's throne.
  5. I'm of the opinion that Gondor (post loss of the palantir in the North and so zero communication) had no idea that any heirs of Elendil survived. From a logical perspective why would any survivors not come to Gondor with Earnur after the destruction of Arthedain?
  6. They both gave you good advice, less good perhaps but also valuable I think at this stage since you haven't completed a run yet.... is don't worry so much about boons and such, that comes more into play once you've completed a run. Focus on learning what enemies do, how they attack, how they move, once you get that you can then see how boons can enhance or detract from what you want to do. If you want to just steamroll a run sure focus on that and go for a strong build you found on the net and you will; without any challenge difficulties on the game is incredibly easy with the powerful builds. But that also means you may be missing out on other fun things you can do because you are forcing a certain comp. My favourite run ever was one I just did on a lark as I had never taken the defensive (attacker takes damage when hitting you) boons seriously then just took every one I could and for the last boss fight I literally just didn't move or attack and he killed himself by attacking me.
  7. I was serious at it for the PvP grind prior to tBC. Getting near... Grand Warlord or whatever the top Horde spot was taking 12-16 hours a day of constant Warsong Gulch. Never really recovered from that and occasionally pop in for a month to see the story when I skip a couple expansions. I found it hilarious that Game of Thrones essentially ripped off shot for shot Ysera getting turned evil in Legion. Legion had decent storylines, the stuff since has been dogshit. (To be honest the stuff prior was dogshit after Northrend anyways.) Doubt I'll go back.
  8. Not defending him as I don't know him but weirdly people are allowed to change, Maybe he had a kid.
  9. Tampa had been prepping for a QB that wasn't on the team at that point? Fascinating gameplan. No wonder Heinecke looked like the best qb vs the Tampa D in the playoffs. If you meant prepping for the corpse of Alex Smith well that would just be on Tampa coaches being idiots as he clearly was not going to play in the week leading up to it. So which was it?
  10. That's because it's not even the best game in it's own series much less Star Wars games as a whole. It is a flickering candle next to the Sun of Tie Fighter for example.
  11. The Dad did to get them together. I liked most of it till it was taken over by the usual marvel garbage at the end. Although the Ten Rings people when invading a mystical village using net crossbows to "burn it down" was incredibly stupid. I mean the Ten Rings doesn't have access to guns and explosives?
  12. No gameplay footage of course but it's Insomniac
  13. Interesting that is only PS5 and of course it isn't really said but does Remake mean an actual remake like Demon's Souls or is it just a remaster and they are banking on Sony doing it once successfully already?
  14. An issue for me if they show the prologue early is that would be showing Ishamael who would presumably be the same actor playing Ba'alzamon later on giving that away. I'd hope they are still doing the dreams from book 1 where he is sending them to all three instead of just Rand. For TV's sake you could also have all 3 be in the dreams together.
  15. Black Widow. Captain America has "powers". The implication is that these "Chitauri" would have conquered Earth if not for the Avengers. This falls apart when you realize unpowered Black Widow punches these things out. How the fuck are they going to conquer anything in such a situation? What are they going to do vs missiles? It is extremely stupid but that is Marvel.
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