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  1. Slurktan

    Westworld VIII: Forging On

    Considering that the hosts are essentially computer programs... I assume Hale is still Delores and the new Delores body has a copy in it. I'd also presume some of the ball things she had to be people in her gang like Clementine and Talulah Riley's character whose name I can't remember. As for the ending I think it may be fitting. I took it to be down the road (and am glad the character confirmed it) why? Because it makes sense after seeing the episode that we have seen the James Delos lost their minds cause he lost his son even 30 years down the road; so when William does die and they copy him the keystone for him continually breaking will be killing his daughter.
  2. Slurktan

    Board games!

    I love Food Chain Magnate. The only problem I have with it is basically if you don't take the recruiter person first turn, you are way behind already.
  3. Slurktan

    Tolkien 2.0

    Yes but honestly I feel more fond about the Bakshi version (nostalgia is great) then Jackson's.... films. FOTR is good mostly (if you can ignore the Peter Jacksonisms that he puts in all his stuff) but the other two aren't good and drag down the first as a result.
  4. Slurktan

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Not that I can recall. I know specifically in the Thrawn series C'Boath says that droids are simply holes in the force. I want to say there is a part in the TOR MMO where they might have discovered force wielding droids but nothing comes out of it. However I'd say R2 has it in the same way Han does.
  5. No one mentioning the Summer Sale that kicked off today?
  6. Slurktan

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    My problem with Rogue One is that it is two different movies jammed together after act 2. That's likely due to Edwards essentially being replaced as director but I'm curious as to what was going on with Edwards's act 3. It may not be good or anything, just curious. I'm also curious to see what the Miller and Lord version of Solo was (which was apparently 95% done) just to see what it was. Similarly I'd like to see Zack Snyder's Justice League just to see what was there. (I'm more curious on that one how it could possibly be worse than the monstrosity we got)
  7. Slurktan

    Trailer Thread V

    Is it weird that the supposed hero in this seems to be training more like Drago did in Rocky 4? I hope Drago's training scenes involve him climbing mountains and pushing cars in snow.
  8. Slurktan

    Professional Wrestling: Smark I

    I actually prefer Smackdown usually... maybe just because it doesn't feel 5 hours long like Raw does. And Nakimura the heel has been great. Tons of stuff with Renee that has been awesome. There was one, I can't remember the exact exchange but it was something like, Renee: Why are you so against AJ Styles? Nakamura: He is simply my opponent, nothing more Renee: Why did you do the low blow then? Nakamura: Me no speak english
  9. Slurktan

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    That wasn't new except the Maz part. My guess is they'll combine Solo 2 with the Obi Wan movie. Get Obi Wan tangentially involved with the Jabba job where Obi Wan doesn't meet Han (and yet does meet Chewie as one could argue they clearly know each other in A New Hope) and then at the end-ish they recreate the scene from Rebels with Obi Wan and Maul.
  10. Slurktan

    NBA Free agency 2018: Where's the King landing?

    He's an Eagles fan so he'd be mad for 2 reasons: 1) Cousins was a Redskin 2) Cousins regularly loses his team's games and plays adequately the rest of the time. Lowry is much, much better than that.
  11. He had a talk show coming this past weekend that was cancelled as well as a few other talk shows on the AMC network that were also cancelled due to this.
  12. Slurktan

    All things Star Wars

    Hamill has spoken a lot of what Lucas's plans were, they were put in a much more flattering light then that lol.
  13. Slurktan

    All things Star Wars

    Thanks Wert. All I was asking for was numbers. Edit: And Red Snow, thanks.