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  1. It would be beyond hilarious if Victarion was to capture Tyrion. With all the pesky monkeys that have been plaguing him,imagine what would the demon monkey do :lmao:
  2. How did Barristan learn about Balon? (Groleo,perhaps?) Can't remember right now.
  3. He is either battling or fearing Victarion will take all the glory - the muscles,not the brain :)
  4. Awesome. Thank you! God,that's sad,the thought Theon/Greyjoy could be acting in Starks' behalf.
  5. And Arianne arrives...where? Rainwood? In the vicinity?
  6. He seems a good man,remember he spoke to Davos when Stannis sent him before ACoK.
  7. it is more than just defence by men,it is in the way Storm's End is built,the spells.
  8. Melisandre does have to remind herself to eat... There is something about her,though not necessarily death.
  9. Coldhand is in the same category as Beric and Cat. Dead person functioning like a living one.
  10. We have no evidence as to what Thoros thinks about Gendry.
  11. No,she is a light to him. As long she lives (acts in order to help him restore his honour) so does he. So,she is instrumental.
  12. oh,thanks so much for sharing,great news :D :D Aww,Pod for Kingsguard!!!!
  13. Hi! I was wondering,would you reconsider Quaithe's >Glass Candles are burning< part as simple warning,and not really a prophecy? She begins her saying with this statement,and it is clear that she SAW lion,griffin,dark flame,etc coming,in the same manner Marwyn saw Sam coming : via glass candles. And she is also aware that each of them has agenda of their own - which can be burdening to Dany's path. (Quaithe calls Dany to pass under the Shadow,offering the truth,so she is aware that Dany is to act in story greater than throne gaming) I feel that true warning is about the candles - if one is able to enters somebody's dream,she warns Dany about that too. (lol,a glass candle hot-line,all people trying to hack into Dany's dreams.) Dany could be vulnerable and under influence,under glass' magic. She is by nature already impressionable and has experience in magic,so I can see the true danger in that. Regarding her visions in the House of the Undying,and little barefoot girl running towards red door and in connecting with the vision of man who tried to kill her,I think it is safe to presume that is Arya,given her association with Faceless Men,and that these 3 vision denote her mortal dangers. (third being white lion: 1)Tyrion,for white lion is unque and so is Tyrion from the rest of the Lannisters,(lion among grass taller than men and Tyrion is often described like being giant,and casting big shadow and 2)Jaime,as Lannister in the Kingsguard. Regarding the fires Dany has to light,I believe that 2 of them has already been fulfilled 1) fire for life : giving life to dragons 2)fire for death : giving death to the Undying,doing what up to that moment was impossible,for Undying to die. 3)fire to love : this is ominous,if indeed this part is connected to Jon,I see him on fire (sacrifice) In her dreams in first book,after the birthing and before the pyre,she hears Ser Jorah's words that Rhaegar was the last dragon,but when she sees Rhaegar on Trident,and lifts the visor,she sees herself(!) She is the last dragon,and I think this goes in line with her important role in the Westeros' destiny. The most interesting part is > the dragon must have three heads< Head is synonymous with having power,and being in charge,and in this case being the king/queen : having/wearing the crown,so this could mean that the future ruler will rule within three entities,let's say in Dany's case as khaleesi,Queen of Meereen and Westeros (the last by conquest). And it could very well be that three heads are not three riders,and that these notions don't overlap but stand as separate ideas that don't exclude each other. Dragons need riders,but the prophecy dragon represents a Targaryen,not literate dragon. Would love to see if you can find any of this useful or engaging,since I loved the Citadel,and theories I found there.
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