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  1. Mel said herself in her pov that she only eats so that people do not get curious on the topic if she is alive or not. She says rhillor gives her all the sustenance she needs.
  2. did anyone else take tha color of paper that the Westerling/Volantis girl has and the one Tywin has as a hint as to why the red wedding happens? there are pictures of what the letter says on reddit that make it seem as they are setting it up as she is the one, or Bolton for that matter, giving away their positions and movements.
  3. i heard this on the radio the other day and it reminded me of the chapter in the book about Pate because the last name of the child who went missing Patz is pronnounced like "pates". the main part of the report was the child was presumed missing about 2 blocks from his house but the police feel that there is no way the child left his house that day and are reopening the case and starting to look in his basement. i drew a strong conclusion between this case and the book "Death of the Dragons" are connected. your thoughts? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etan_Patz
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