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  1. Wylla Manderly

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    I found something, but it is not sure they are in contact. It is in the chapter when Jaime is in Darry and they are talking about what happened to Merrett Frey. The wife of Merrett Frey tells Jaime that Black Walder tracked the Brotherhood. I quote the part I meant: "How far did Black Walder trackthis hooded woman and her men?" "His hounds picked up their scent again north of Hag's Mire," the older woman told him. "He swears that he was no more than half a day behind them when they vanished into the Neck." "Let them rot there," declared Ser Kennos cheerfully. "If the gods are good, they'll be swallowed up in quicksand or gobbled down by lizards-lions." "Or taken in by frogeaters", said Ser Danwell Frey. "I would not put it past the crannogmen to shelter outlaws." "Would that it were only them", said Lady Mariya. "Some of the river lords are hand in glove with Lord Beric's men as well." "The smallfolk too", sniffed her daughter .. So it is only rumors and assumptions, but I think it could be actually true.
  2. Wylla Manderly

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    Oh, I agree with you on the first part. It is just a hunch on my part that they are at Greywaters Watch and have the will. But it's not certain. And thanks regarding the hint, I think I have to check it out.
  3. Wylla Manderly

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    Yeah, it was only said, that they should bring orders and plans regarding the attack on Moat Cailin to Greywater Watch. Though I think it probable that they have the will. And regarding the topic I think it very likely that Maege and Glover are at Greywater Watch and plotting something with Howland. But wasn't there in some Jaime chapter in Feast a hint that the Brotherhood without Banners are in contact with Greywater Watch?
  4. Wylla Manderly

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    I often get confused too. It is really good to read the boards. And Wylla Manderly is great. I was really happy that the username was still available when I registered.
  5. Wylla Manderly

    Maege Mormont and Galbart Glover

    The other prisoners are at the Twins. There was a order that they should be brought to Kings Landing. Edmure and Jeyne were at Riverrun. They are on the way to Casterly Rock. So it is very unlikely they are in the same caravan.
  6. Wylla Manderly

    Bowen Marsh was right to remove Jon from office.

    BS. Ramsay directly threatens the Nights Watch or what do you think "and I will not trouble you or your black crows" means? Suing them. Writing more letters? From the context of the lettter it is clear, that this can only mean "attacking the Nights Watch". And when you see what happened to the people in Winterfell, when Ramsay took it, or the Ironborn at Moat Cailin, the most likely outcom is the destruction of the Watch and the killing of its members. And there is nothing to prevent the attack, because Jon can't commit to Ramsay's demands, because he doesn't have Ramsay's bride or Reek and the other person are under guest right. And even if he could it would be the morally wrong thing to do. So the only prudent thing to do for Jon is to choose the battleground. And this is what he tried to do. And he also tried to desengage the Watch and only try to take the Wildlings with him, so the Watch members could try to claim deniability and have more time for preparation.
  7. Wylla Manderly

    German politics xth attempt

    The AFD can't go to the Supreme Court (thankfully). They have no right to sue in this matter, because they are not affected by this law directly. The only options would be 1/3 of the members of the Bundestag or one of the Federal States. And I'm not sure the CDU gets 1/3 of the members of the Bundestag together. And the only Federal State I could see would be Bavaria.
  8. Wylla Manderly

    Cat is definitely the heir named in Robb's will

    Of course it is a trap. Jon was probably the last person Catelyn wanted to be named heir. So when she and Robb talked about in private she made other propositions (cousins in the Vale,..) and made arguments against it. But Robb was not convinced by her and even became angry. And Cat herself felt defeated. And when it came to the signing of the will, she couldn't do anything about it and had to play along. So this was a trap for her. Robb made sure she wouldn't argue against him in front of his bannermen even though she didn't support his decision.
  9. Wylla Manderly

    Cat is definitely the heir named in Robb's will

    Yes we witnessed how Robb set the trap. We witnessed in this chapter how he told Catelyn that he wanted to name Jon his heir. And all her arguments couldn't convice him otherwise. He contered them all. And even Cat thinks that he was set on this.,And when he actually presented the will to his bannermen Cat couldn't protest anymore. So this was a trap. He named the person as his heir whom she never wanted as his successsor. And she couldn't do anything about it, because she then would appear disloyal to her son and king. An argumet about it in front of the bannermen would undermine Robb's authority. So she had to remain silent and accept Robb's decision. I actually think that Robb had decided about his will and his heir way before the conversation with Catelyn - maybe even in Riverrun. And the conversation with Cat was solely to inform her about his decision. This because out of courtey and also that she couldn't argue against it in front of his bannermen. In regard why Catelyn would make a bad heir I can only agree with Ygrain's post.
  10. Wylla Manderly

    ASOIAF in everyday life... Gooble Gobble...

    In the small town I used to work I came across a van which belonged to a craftsman. It said Familie Stark - Kamin- und Heizungsbau ( family Stark - construction/installation of fireplaces and radiators/heaters). And of course my first thought was: yeah, winter is coming.
  11. Wylla Manderly

    just how Targaryen is Jon?

    You are wrong. In the Jon chapter, where he is elected Lord Commander he thinks about Cat and how she looked at him: "She was looking at him the way she used to look at him at Winterfell, whenever he had bested Robb at sword or sums or most anything ...". This clearly says that he bested Robb more often than the other way round. If he is as accomplished as Rhaegar is another question, but he is clearly shown to be very capable.