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  1. RIP Sir Alan Parker. I don't even know which of his films was the best. The Wall, Mississipi Burning, the Commitments, ...
  2. I know how to differiantiate between a "Werkvertrag" and a "Dienstvertrag". That is exctly the reason why I think it problematic. All the examples you mentioned are typical of the "Werkvertrag" according to the BGB. What I mentioned are examples where I think the employer wants to circumvent the labor law rules. The employees work all the time for the same firm over a long time and are involved in the regular working process of the employer. Where I agree with you is, that the regulation shouldn't necesserily be in the contract law but in the more specialised law (the AÜG, etc).
  3. Sorry for the belated response. I totally agree with you on this. Maybe the current siutation at least sheds some light on the labor standards in these jobs and how the workers from Eastern Europe are treated. But I fear a lot of people won't care as long the meat is cheap. In general I think a lot of the "Werkverträge" are a circumvention of the normal labour restrictions. They are even worse than a regular "Leiharbeitsvertrag". This doesn't only apply to meat processing but also to mail delivery or construction. And the people working in these jobs are seldom organized and often don't know about their basic rights. Heck, even in other jobs "Werksverträge" are used. A friend of mine works as a receptionist for a big multinational firm. Her contract is with another firm who has a "Werkvertrag" with the firm where she works at. She has been there for at least 10 years. When some years ago all the regular "Leiharbeitsverhältnisse" had to be turned into regular jobs the "Werksverträge" were not included. For a short while she thought about suing. But there you have the financial risks and she didn't have an insurance. Her employer also "provides" technicians who only work for the main employer. In my opinion these are not "Werksverträge" and this really should be regulated not only for the meat processong industy but generally.
  4. I partly agreee to your post. I also think that Merz as a canidate for the CDU would benefit the left of center parties. I never understood how anyone could be in favor of him. But I actually think Söder is more likely than Laschet. Söder gets benefits by some of his stricter measures in Bavaria against Covid. And Laschet is not handling the recent outbreaks in the meat factories in NRW well. So I think it will be Söder - shudders. Regarding Amthor, I never really understood his appeal to some. He always seemed way "older" than a lot of other politicians and more like someone who sees politics as a career move but without substance. The current "high" of the CDU is mainly about the handling of the Covid situation imo. I really know how this will develope the next future, especially if the unemployment figures go up. I really hope the AFD won't profit by a declining economy - luckily the are currently preoccupied with themselves. Regarding the SPD there was an article yesterday in the Zeit (behinde a paywall now, so I won't link) that it is very likely to be Scholz. Even the leftists in the party think he would be the best candidate. Especially because he is now willing to actually spend money during the crisis. Regarding the Greens I hope they would rather nominate Baerbock than Habeck, but think it is unlikely. Regarding the F.D.P. the newest poll shows them under 5 %. I hope it stays this way. And I really wish the AFD would go the same way or atleast stays under 10 %. Not really care for the Left.
  5. I also heard in the radio that they want to prevent stockpiling by non Germans in the area which border to these countries. According to my local newspaper there were shortages in these areas. I live near the border to Switzerland and even in "normal" times there are a lot of Swiss which go grocery shopping in Germany because of the lower prizes. And this was now intensified.
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