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  1. Frey was a bannerman of House Tully so even before Robb enters the scene Frey had an obligation to lend aid to House Tully as the Riverlands were being invaded. Once Robb is proclaimed King in the North, Frey owes that allegiance to him as his liege lord had "bent the knee" so to speak. As for the Starks not respecting the Freys, well two things...1) no one respects the Freys and thats largely due to Walder himself. 2) The violation of something as sacred as guest right likely caused their standing to fall even further among the other houses of Westeros. While the RW may have been "brilliant" tactically for the Lannisters & even the Boltons (as they could at least claim to have simply escaped) it basically ruined the Frey's already suspect reputation.
  2. I would say the Tyrell's would name theirs Thorn or Rose Thorn & the Arryn would maybe go with Talon
  3. NIghtfall was a Greyjoy blade, but even then they acquired it via the Iron Price as opposed to buying it or having it gifted to them.
  4. Visenya wasn't the one who died over Dorne, that was Rhaenys. Also, I've never heard any mention of the Targaryens having a third sword and in all honesty it wouldnt make sense for them to. Visenya carried one because she was a warrior, Rhaenys was not and as such likely would not have worn one. Even if she did, someone in Dorne wouldve claimed said sword so there would be a Dornish house with a VS blade.
  5. Thats the thing, most of Westeros' great houses dont have a VS sword. The Tully's dont have one, neither do the Greyjoys or Tyrells (which is odd because their bannermen do. The Baratheon's also dont have a VS weapon, nor the Martells. There are reasons for that though, the Tully's weren't exactly prominent lords at any point. They were never kings of the Rivers and Hills like the Mudd's or Justman's. The Greyjoys werent the ruler of the Iron Islands and the weapons owned by their bannermen were likely stolen in raids. The Tyrells were stewards so thats why they dont have one though its possible that House Gardener had one that was destroyed during the Field of Fire. The Baratheon's dont have one and Im not sure why. I would imagine that if house Durrandon had one Orys would've claimed it like he did everything else but there is no mention of that. The Martell's only became the dominant family in Dorne after the Rhoynar came over so they werent prominent enough to have one and I dont see Nymeria going looking for one given her history with Valyria. House Arryn also doesnt have one though House Royce did but it was lost during the Dance of Dragons. What I dont understand is how a house as notoriously poor as House Mormont has one, but other more prominent houses with long histories do not (Florent, Lefford, Rowan, etc.)
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