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  1. AvengerofWinterfell

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    Robb Stark :Margaery Tyrell makes the most sense as it 1) joins two great houses & 2) gives Ned and the North political capital from its southern border down through the Riverlands, & Vale into the Reach. That said, as Renly and Loras were already plotting to get her hitched to Robert in the first book Im not sure its possible. Arrianne Martell- similar situation as Margaery (dornish master plan) further complicated by the fact that due to Dornish Law she's the heir to Dorne and likely wouldnt be married off to another house Alys Karstark- the most likely choice as it strengthens relations with the Northern Houses both by marrying one of them into a great house, and by decreasing the influence of the Seven at Winterfell which arrived with Catelyn. Wynafryd Manderly- The marriage I likely wouldve chosen. While it would continue the presence of the Seven at WF initiated by Cat, I still get the benefit of strengthening ties to Norther Houses with the bonus of a larger dowry seeing as the Manderlys are the North's wealthiest house. Jon Snow: Mya Stone, insignificant in that it marries bastard to bastard, but its gives Robert the tie to Ned as family he's always desired (or so he would think). Possible Ned could find a keep or lands somewhere in the vast north to give them. Personally I wouldve given him a parcel of land that included Moat Cailin and charged him with its upkeep, improvement, and defense. Sand Snakes- I thought about it but Nymeria is a fair bit older than Jon and while Ellia is a possible choice I doubt Oberyn would sign off on it. If any of the Mountain clans have a daughter of the proper age Im sure they would jump at the chance to marry one of The Ned's sons*, even a bastard one. To be fair Im not sure if Ned would consider marrying Jon at all assuming R+L=J which I subscribe to. That of course begs the question of what to do with him. Have to assume Ned intended to tell Jon at some point even if it was on his deathbead (had he not ridden to KL). Sansa Stark: Wilas Tyrell- Age aside this is likely the best match for her. She goes south which she wants, the Reach as a region suits her character early in the story, and as an added though unknown bonus she gets to learn from Olenna. I dont see anyone from one of the Great Houses that matches up with her as Edmure is and Uncle and Lancel isnt the son of the head of House Lannister. Arya Stark: Edric Dayne- She's a second daughter and he's the Lord of one of Dorne's most respected houses. Cley Cerwyn is another strong possibility Bran Stark: Either Gwyneth Yronwood (likely a hefty dowry) or Eddara Tallhart (appeases northern lords). Also Wylla Manderly if Ned didnt already marry that house to Robb
  2. AvengerofWinterfell

    You're Ned: find some marriage betrothals for your kids

    on paper yes, but while he may not have known the full extent, Robert knew Joffrey was off so matching him with the eldest daughter of your best friend is just wrong
  3. AvengerofWinterfell

    Jon Snow, King of the north and Vale

    Maester Aemon sent a raven to the houses about the threat of the Walkers when Jon, Sam, & co returned fromg the great ranging if memory serves me right. None of the Lords responded obviously because they dont believe such things but seeing the Giant Wun Wun (giants being something else they thought were mere fables) should help with belief. I recall Mormont sending correspondence to KL about it too. During the scene Tyrion says something like "Mormont doesnt lie"