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  1. Lady Sansa Stark

    The missing Arya-Sansa scene?

    Exactly. Also, she didn't seem surprised when Littlefinger got called out instead, and turned smugly towards him saying that 'her sister asked him a question'. Arya knew by that point, definitely. Not that that makes it have sense though. But, I guess, creatively it made sense because the producers wanted it to happen that way.
  2. Lady Sansa Stark

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    Well, to be fair, much of the shipping thinks that way, canon be damned. Because while there's a good chunk of Jon/Sansa people who think they are somehow endgame, I daresay many of them just ship them for many other and various reasons. I don't really see a problem with it. Also. Gendry and Arya. I'd always thought they'd end up together somehow. Where did GRRM say that?
  3. Lady Sansa Stark

    Discussing Sansa XXXIII: Pack survived

    Ssssh, don't come in with your logic! Because, while I liked the scene (ST's acting was on fire there), I've been wondering many of the same things. Might be that LF is already dead at this point in the books, seeing as he actually didn't do much this season except pitting Sansa and Arya against each other for.. reasons. And yeah, when Bran served him his line, the first thing he should have done is run back to the Vale with the knights at his back (but without them if needs be). Sure, Sansa was there, and there's his whole vision of him and her on the Iron Throne or something, but mannn is he bad at calculating how to get there. He went from mastermind in the first few seasons to.. I don't even know what word to use here. While this could, of course, be a legitimate plot point, the trial was just incredibly rushed, with no backstory whatsoever. Did everyone in that room already know what was going to happen? When did Arya, Sansa and Bran actually have a conversation? I have so many questions still.
  4. Lady Sansa Stark

    Tyrion - Sansa reunion

    I could definitely see some sort of friendship developing, or at least some acknowledgement of each other as survivors. I sincerely hope, though, they won't end up married, books and/or show. It would only validate the incredibly hurtful claim that Sansa was a shallow girl who just needed to grow up, see past Tyrion's outside appearance to see him for who he really is and be grateful that he was always so kind to her. And that is something I REALLY hope both book and show will avoid.
  5. Lady Sansa Stark

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Within your interpretation, how does the line 'there must be one more' work? If, as you say, it's some sort of vision of Rhaegar and Lyanna and the birth of Jon (which I personally don't ascribe to), how does that line fit? Also, unrelated to your posts I believe, but how would Ned ever convince Catelyn that Jon is younger than Robb? That would mean that Jon would have to be conceived even before their wedding, when Ned hadn't gone south yet.. Is that really how it's in the books, I can't seem to remember? Babies grow way too fast for someone to convince others one is months older when that's actually not the case.
  6. Lady Sansa Stark

    Cersei's "plan" and fake drama about Jon

    So she could blame Jon for the initial failure instead, and appear as the Better Queen who helps the poor North without expecting anything in return, which is also what she said.
  7. Lady Sansa Stark

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    As per the books, there were quite some months between Rhaegar leaving the Tower of Joy, and Ned showing up right? There's the trip to the Trident, the battle and death of Rhaegar, the subsequent sack of King's Landing, the breaking of the siege of Storm's End, and THEN there's the Tower of Joy - with Ned arriving with Jon in Winterfell when he was just a few months old (a couple of months younger than Robb). How would people even think that theory is plausible, then?
  8. Lady Sansa Stark

    Why is Jon's name Aegon?

    Rhaegar died before Jon was born, though.. Also, come to think of it. That vision disproves the whole 'Rhaegar thought Jon was the PTWP'. Rhaegar there talks about Aegon having the Song of Ice and Fire, and the fact that 'there needs to be one more' (i.e. Jon). No PTWP, just another head of the dragon. Jon being named Aegon just involves some mind-boggling 'logic'.
  9. Lady Sansa Stark

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    You know, THAT I can remember.
  10. Lady Sansa Stark

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Haven't seen that particular one, but mannn that one's good.
  11. Lady Sansa Stark

    Sansa becoming Cersei

    I mean.. what? I'm confused. Footage literally not found.
  12. Lady Sansa Stark

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Yes, my point exactly. They'd find a way to pin everything on her. I mean, I'm all for constructive criticism as long as it's fair. I'm not going to excuse every action of Sansa, because like other characters she's made mistakes, but the constant need to pin EVERYTHING on her and paint her in as bad a light as possible is just so old that I can hardly deal with it anymore.
  13. Lady Sansa Stark

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Yes, all of this, thank you. Sansa sent Brienne away to get her away from Littlefinger and his schemes (since he, you know, kinda suggested to use Brienne against Arya), and because Brienne could pass as a good representative of the Lady of Winterfell.
  14. Lady Sansa Stark

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Obviously, Sansa's responsible for the whole War of the Five Kings, as well as every other bad thing and every dead person in the whole series. It's a fairly consistent point in some corners of the fandom. But please, do explain it one more time. Perhaps this time, someone will listen.
  15. Lady Sansa Stark

    Cersei Will Kill Brienne?

    Gosh I certainly hope not. Though, I get the feeling that IF Brienne dies (I can't make up my mind about Brienne's death), it's going to be in the war against the Others and the wights. A hero's death, if you will. Then again, that's how I think it'll go in the books, not the show necessarily.. But no, I don't think D&D would do that. I think.