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  1. So, don't know whether someone has said it already (though someone probably already did): What about the huge foreshadowing of the conversation between Olly and Sam? All talking about how Jon is friends with the ones who slaughtered his family, Sam saying sometimes you need to take a hard decision which doesn't seem to be the right thing? I mean, it was almost as if they were screaming "I AM GOING TO KILL JON SNOW." As if that weren't clear already.
  2. A 10, definitely. Ohgosh, the wildfire, that was straight perfect! Just as I imagined, like a great firework. The look on their faces; priceless. Loved the Rains of Castamere during the credits, just after Lord Tywin saves the city and looks like he's the ruler of the world. I felt actually kinda sorry for Cersei this episode, sitting there with Tommen, preparing to kill themselves. She truly loves her children, it's only that she's an arrogant bitch. And, finally, the Sandor/Sansa scene. I liked the doll she had, a reference to her father, whom she needs desperately at that moment. I died when Sandor said 'No, I won't hurt you little bird,', while Sansa's face softened. Too bad she didn't cup his cheek as in the books, but that's alright. The whole episode was epic awesomeness.
  3. I sure am! There will be storylines kept out, as they did with the whole Tullyfamily in Season 2. But that's not a problem if you ask me; they will find a solution. I mean; the world of Westeros is really big, with so many characters and stories and POV's, they can't tell every storyline. Oh well, as long as they stick somewhat to the books..
  4. Indeed. I think they just let go of the Westerling-story. It wouldn't make any sense as they could've spent that time to other storylines. Neh, Talisa's has to be the girl Robb forsakes his honor for. I don't care at all though, the Westerlingstory would have been hard to believe by nonbookreaders as it was already hard to believe by the bookreaders. In my opinion at least, I really couldn't believe that the son of Ned Stark would do this. On the other hand, just becáuse he is the son of Ned Stark, it's possible to explain his action as well.
  5. Oh well, he's known for cutting of feets and hands and the like, I know I would do everything it took to keep a straight face.
  6. Indeed. Actually, it was kind of realistic to me. If I bleed for an hour, it surely looks like that. A whole week, I can't even imagine.
  7. No, of course it's not really helping. But he was there, that's all. From what I hear; not many nonreaders guessed the Bran/Ricking ruse. GRRM killed Ned Stark, that was a HUGE surprise to every nonreaders so I guess they will think 'Okay, he has done it before, he's doing it again.' Especially because of Maester Luwin, that scene was beautifully done.
  8. I give it an 8. Thought the Sansa-scenes were quite important so I'm glad they put the scenes in (although I'm biased; Sansa's my favourite character and I'm secretly hoping she'll kill Littlefinger). She is a major POVcharacter after all, and she becomes even more important in ASOS. Liked Jon an Ygritte of course, the casting for Ygritte is imho perfect. Tyrion and Cersei.. I liked the scene, but I don't like the fact that they're humanizing Cersei that much. You start to feel sorry for her, while she's supposed to be an arrogant bitch who genuinely hates Tyrion. Jaime/Alton scene.. Too long in my opinion. All the talk about squires and things, not that interesting. And why did he kill Alton? There were other ways to get Karstark there. Guess it will be Brienne and Jaime all by themselves then. Doesn't matter actually, he wasn't that important if I remember it well. Wondering how they are going to fix Jon/the Halfhand though. Jon needs an explicit command from Qhorin in order to become a 'Turncloak'. We'll see next episode I guess. Can't wait for Blackwater. Last Sandor/Sansa scene besides Cersei and Sansa. Two more weeks, two more weeks.
  9. He actually was in the throne room, but he didn't do anything and didn't put a.. watermelonthing (?) over her head. If you look closely, you will see him.
  10. There wasn't too much blood, far from it. If she had been bleeding for an hour, it should look like that. It's superficial, really. Never had an 'accident' like that before, assuming you're a girl?
  11. Best episode of season 2 so far, I simply loved it. For Sandor and Sansa, for Tyrion who slaps Joffrey again, the look Jaqen H'gar gives Arya.. This is going to be a long wait until next week.
  12. I loved this episode. I think they've done a good job, although I thought they should've extended Sansa's scene and somehow cut the scene with the whores slightly shorter. Can't wait for the rest of the season.
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