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  1. I don't think they tried to make Stannis a bad guy. On the contrary,in his interactions with Davos, he seemed to be a stern but just person. All the non-book followers I have met, they were rooting for Stannis in the battle of Blackwater. XD
  2. Robb's said a "We aren't executing prisoners, Lord Bolton" in episode 4. Actually, I like they are keeping a low profile to Roose, until now.
  3. I was thinking about the possibility of Talissa being Jeyne Westerling but a different one than the sweet and innocent girl in the books. Maybe she is indeed a spy for Tywin and will be loyal to the Lannisters until the end. She may end up being to the group of Robb's betrayers, replacing her mother? That would add some tragedy to Robb's story, as if the Red Wedding itself weren't tragic enough. Also, I'm praying to not see the Sack of Winterfell this season. I wanna see it happening with the actual Ramsey-actor, not the extra one, helmet-ed or not. Maybe that will be the reason why Robb will forgive her eventually. They saved the news of Bran and Rikon's supposed deaths as a way for Robb and her mother to come close again.
  4. This episode was good; definitely not as bad as some people think it is. Harrenhal: I don't get the whole ruckus with a peasant being able to read. It isn't that unbeliavable, I'm pretty sure that in medieval ages many servants learn reading (which is easier to learn than writing) from their lords, merchant bosses etc. How would Tywin suddenly realise the girl is a highborn and actually Arya? She is supposed to be VIP prisoner heavily guarded at King's Landing. Her escape would have been a major incident, one that he would have been informed for. Cercei is the reason Tywin does not realize the girl is Arya, not D&D. King's Landing: Loved the whole riot scene. Peter Drinklage nailed it again but no one mentioned how great Jack Gleeson portrayed a mad Joffrey's emotion full of rage and humiliation with that psychotic face. The Hound rules. Beyond the Wall: I really liked Ygritte. She is even better than how I have pictured her on my mind when I was still reading ACoK. The "hunt" scene, where Jon catches her, and they have to spend a night together foreshadows the bond they are going to have later in a very good manner. In the next episode, I assume that Jon will see Qhuorin closing by and he will let her leave. Finally, Jon's story is getting interesting. Winterfell: I don't know if the directors wanted to surprise the viewers but I think that the whole capture of the castle was a bit sudden. I liked Alfi's acting, he portrayed Theon perfectly, especially in sir Rodric's execution. Good to see Summer and Shaggy dog and Asha is hot as hell. :P Rest: Capturing the dragons save the producers from having Drogon in Dany's side while she is walking inside THotU. Yeah, I'm on the optimistic side and I still believe we will see her having the visions in there. Finally, I hope that Jeyne's name is indeed Jayne and not Talissa. And there are dragons too. There weren't dragons in the Medieval age :P
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