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  1. Shireen singing Patchface's songs <3 :') Beautiful during the credits. Impressed with the greyscale make-up too. Loved Barristan and Jorah's exchange. Robb signing his own death warrant :'( Bath scene was perfect. Loved Grey Worm. "You know nothing Jon Sno-oooh" :bowdown: Also DAYUM Rose Leslie : - O Tormund is disappointing me :( Absolutely adored the Stannis stuff... the fetuses though :x Loved this episode overall, my favorite this season, even moreso than DRACARYS. EDIT: How could I forget Beric vs Sandor. It was awesome.
  2. I just loved the look on Jaime's face as it happened, the way he didn't realize what had happened at first and then the realization, the emotions playing on his face. So much good acting occurring in an instant. It was heartbreaking to watch but brilliant. At this point I honestly do not believe that anybody else could have played Jaime.
  3. A couple minutes of Daenerys and no HoTU. At first I raged a little when the credits rolled, then a thought occurred to me: They requested an extra 15% of the budget for Blackwater... perhaps it wasn't just the battle they needed cash for? Gods be good, I hope this means we're getting the proper visions.
  4. I liked the changes to the Bran/Rickon "death" more dramatic and horrifying. Love Ygritte, she nailed the famous line. Hope she's as attractive under all the fur. I do not approve of the changes in Quarth Qarth. I seriously hope we get to see the visions in the HoTU next week. But. I've heard no word on casting for Rhaegar/Aerys/Elia, so I'm guessing next week is where I cry "fuck this shit" as they botch (arguably) the most pivotal scene in Daenerys' journey.
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