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  1. "true relavence" is relative. i guess to some people having dany's dragons stolen, Robb's love storyline completely different from what Martin originally wrote, Littlefinger popping up everywhere you look, leaving out Meera and Jojen, and possibly even skipping the important stuff with the Halfhand is acceptable to cut from the show. to me, it feels like the writers of the show are simply saying "my version of a song of ice and fire is better than Martin's". I can pretty much gurantee you're wrong if you say otherwise- why else would they make so many (lame) changes?
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    How would you rate episode 204?

    that thought crossed my mind as well. at first i thought i wasn't remembering it correctly. i'll have to check the book soon. Overall, i have to say this episode was one of my least favorites. The scene with Joffrey and the whores was completely unnessessary. and,,,, ummm,,, NO PEACH ?! my heart sunk when the scene ended without that fruit! he pulled out a freakin apple when he was talking to littlefinger and that was it! very miffed. all that, and no jon :( Every minute of Tyrion was extremely good as always, especially the scene with Lancel- whose expressions were priceless XD Arya was pretty good. As someone else pointed out, there was A LOT of gore. But i feel that that kind of made it truer to the books, so i dont particularly mind. Looks like next episode should be good- we'll get to spend some time north of the Wall :))))))