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  1. Kay had a good chuckle when I mentioned that someone had compared him to Tarantino.

    With the heaving nerd-rage over Robert Jordan's widow deciding to delay the ebook of Memory of Light for a few months, this is an interesting quote.

    This is referring to the fact that the American eBook will be released alongside the hardcover in the spring. Pirated copies of the eBook will also appear at this time, easily accessed by UK readers who might buy the book otherwise, but don't want to wait until July. It's different from the aMoL eBook since that was a worldwide release.

  2. I thought that Ysabel one was the weakest; but haven't read the latest (don't particularly care about China)

    What does this even mean? I hope you mean, "I'm not motivated or moved by the idea of a fantastical setting influenced and shaped by Chinese history and myth." But, even so, it's a shame you're missing out on a wonderful novel.

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