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  1. Just so powerful 10 out of 10 they struck every emotional part in my body and i knew it was coming, im at a loss for words
  2. Loved this episode! i think mostly because of the lay out. Keeping it between three locations and being only book ended by others felt right. - The Stannis and Davos stuff was great both actors gave a a great performance - I loved Darrio, in the small sample size its clear he has the swagger, hes blade hilts also where as imagined. - More strong stuff from Emlia Clarke, shes killing it this season - Drunk Tyrion was something legendary for the show, ive never laughed so hard. - Also strong stuff from Sophie Turner i like Sansa more on the show - Lastly the Killing of the White Walker was tense and fantastic
  3. alot more setting up but it was a good hour of television. Not top notch like episode 4 and 5 but i see where everything is moving and it gets me giddy.
  4. Another Piece moving episode. But i quite enjoyed it. - Jon and Ygritte are a cute couple and i enjoy there chemistry - Now there is the Tormund we know and love - Jamie and Brienne are killer as usual - I get a feeling that Gold Chain will come back around - Tywin owning Joffery - Dany oh man shes just in charge and ruthless. - The credit score of the Rains of Castamere was top Link for those who want to listen to it over and over and over. The Robb, Bran and Theon stuff was so so but i dont ask for 100% jaw dropping all the time
  5. Hurray for the foreshadowing: - Arya and the many eyes (faceless men right?) - Sam's cool artifact (Sam the Slayer WOO i only hope there are some black brothers to witness Ed or Grenn maybe) - You will make kings rise and fall (Gendrys blood will be used for the leeches) Other then that: -The wall climbing was a great and intense visual and im starting to like the Jon/Ygritte relationship even more. -Killing Ros off im sure made book readers happy -Littlefinger's evil speech on chaos was just great its clear they are showing a side of him we dont see to later on in the books. -Obviously a huge deviation from the books but i really liked the scene with Beric, Mel and Thoros.
  6. Not quite the last few episodes but the wall climbing was great. overall i think this is a transition episode turning us towards a high octane sprint too the finish.
  7. Ok WOW! - Hound Beric Duel was great! - Jon and Ygritte was good stuff, Jon happy and not so uptight was nice - Arya and the Brotherhood material was powerful - Shireen's grey-scale looked wicked, but the baby tubes weird! - The Final scene with the three Lannisters was top notch! - And my favorite scene was the Jamie and Brianne bathtub i was riveted! Lastly Shireen singing Patchface material? AWSOME I KNOW I KNOW
  8. I went with a 9 it may have been one of the best episodes to date. The action kicked up in the final act but the rest of the scenes slow as they seemed were extremely compelling and amazing.
  9. So wow that was just amazing, the show keeps uping the awesome. Just a few things i want to point out. - The Sept just looked amazing - Love the Marg playing Joff like a fiddle and her scenes with Sansa, oh man Natalie Dormer is just knocking it out of the Park - Jamie and Breinne are as good as always (love they kept the hand around the neck) - "Boy" fake out was cool but i loved that sick twisted smile he put on, shows whats to come - The mutiny was played well no complaints hear, although i wish the Old Bear killed the prick Rast before he died. - Brotherhood interaction with Sandor was good stuff all around - Tywin and his damn letters........and the chat with Cersi was good stuff - Dany oh Dany it was all amazing, the visuals, the score, just wow Some questionable moments: - Having Bran in the episode for a second felt out of place and random - Loras and Sansa? is he not Kingsgaurd? not that i care all that much no need to name another Tyrell brother no one knows and have it all dashed in an episode or two anyway.
  10. A quick view also on the White Walkers horse head death spiral. I dont think its too odd for the show, in the pilot the bodies were also arranged in a pattern, as well as the season 3 premier with the nightswatchmen with his head in his hands. so there is a precedent. I think its is an attempt to convey that the Walkers are not just mindless oafs but something mysterious, something intelligent, and something more. Also adds to there creepy factor.
  11. Well Best episode by far with just amazing moments: - I love ending the episode on the hand chop scream fade to black. - Dany large and in charge - Pod Sex God - Loved the foreshadowing of future events with the Iron Bank - "You Little Bastard" COME ON its obvious who Boy is now All in all i think its safe to say we are full steam ahead
  12. So the "Boy" who lets Theon free is suppose to be Ramsay right? just want to confirm my suspicions with you intelligent folk. Other then that great episode, the Reeds intro was great same with the Queen of Thornes. I love the exposition they are giving Marg. Natalie Dormer is killing it. I understand the Cat stuff sticks in the Craw of most people but it didnt bother me to much. her show arch has always been just Meh to me. Lastly i want to praise Thoros, he lit up the screen just seemed like he was out having fun. Fun not a word used in this world to often.
  13. So, by the Seven that was amazing, Dany i think forged her new identity hear, no longer a pushover whiny baby but the, Strong (and Volatile) Leader much like her more respectable Kin. Although the HoU trippy scenes where not the same i liked the effect they held. and Hot damn locking Double X, D in the vault for betraying her, very Targaryan. On a side note when they woke XXD up and they are all standing there, reminded me of the end of the Avengers, when Loki wants that Drink, if you know what i mean. As i expected they would bleed book 3 into this season, the Kingslanding, Robb, Brienne/Jamie stuff was meh but maybe that's because i knew what would come ahead. I did like the Jon stuff but in truth i know the inner battle he faced in that situation. The non book audience probably thinks hes a turn-cloak, but we all know the whole while hes with Mance he is plotting a stab and run. As for the ending i though it was chilling pan out, as for the comments why The Other passed on Sam, let us not forget the pilot when the Walker let the one Nights Watch guy go alive. Maybe its a running theme with them to let one live to spread the fear who knows. Worst part about this finale...... we have to wait to season 3.
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