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  1. @Joyful Union Well, I don't know for sure, I remembered it as a process : she tried, and tried, and tried, while he was fighting himself; finally (and naturally :) , he broke. That cave -scene was a peak of their...well, relationship, lets' put it that way. And here, it doesn't have that weight.It was just, boom. And I'm not sure that they have enough time do add additional weight to that part of the story, because, I don't expect Ygritte to live longer than a few episodes. Sadly.
  2. Good episode. Not the excellent one, but good enough. Most of it was very good : I actually liked the portray of Baratheon family. Tara Fitzgerald portrayed Selyse (as a dark, half mad woman) very well, although that fetuses thing was maybe a little too much for my taste. But OK, no big deal. A little Kerry Ingram (Sheeren) was very cute, and Stephen Dillane (Stannis) is a genius! He caught an essence of Stannis's character perfectly, I would say. All in all, wonderful cast at Dragonstone. The other scenes were also very good : bath tub, Tyrion and Lady Olena, Tywin and "parental issues" at the end...I liked the Bolton guy as well ( I don't know his name). I had some doubts about him, but he managed to be creepy on that strange, very calm way. I always thought that Bolton's character has enough material to become a legendary villain - calm, calculated, cruel and utterly dreadful - if played well.So, I'm cheering for this guy. But, few things bothered me. First, the Loras scene. People already said that it was "character assassination" and I agree. Second, Jon Snow story. In the last season, it was butchered, but now, it becomes a massacre. I'm thrilled with naked Rose Leslie, off course , and normally, I would not care for a connotation just to see her naked - but not now. For crying at loud, that should be a whole story, step - by - step progressing to sex and love , with some character changing for Jon Snow. And now...It looks like a totally random sex. Like "Why not?" They did that with Qhorin ( at least I didn't get that Qhorin ordered him to "do whatever they ask you to do "- and that is significant part of whole "joining the wildllngs" story ) and they did it again. I get the idea of simplification, but this is too much.
  3. Don't worry, I'v read the books, so you are not spoiling anything :cheers:I have a slightly different opinion on Daenerys, though. I think she was a frightened little girl at the first book, but after that, she did become a leader. I think there are two main reasons why she appears like a "whiny mess" from time to time, especially later in the books : 1)She is new in that queen/leader business - she doesn't know what to do, where to go, how to make all those people (liberated slaves) safe, etc. So, she is a bit lost in all of that. 2)We can see her thoughts.That's the main reason, if you ask me. We can see how insecure she is, how tired, and so on. We don't get to see that when un - POV characters are concerned , like Tywin, for example. He looks firm as a rock, in any moment. But, if we got to see his thoughts, who the hell knows how would that look like. Maybe he feels overwhelmed with the situation from time to time as well. Maybe he lusts for Shae :drool: :laugh: . We will never find out, all we know is that he looks like a boss in any situation. Good example for this is Melissandre. Seen through eyes of others, she looks like a confidence itself; But her POV chapter shows us that she is also insecure. So, in short : Without POV status, Daenerys would seem as a proper Dragon queen, not as a whiner. That's my impression. Anyway, my remark to Emilia Clarke was that she failed to show us how charismatic and confident Daenerys could be, when she isn't whining. :lol: . Like she doesn't know how to be relaxed, but authoritative at the same time . Charles Dance knows :smug: But she is improving, I think. And, yes it would be better that an Astapor scene was a proper Blood - bath, but I think budget reasons prevent that ( a massive fight and so on). I want to apologize for a long post, especially to "LastDragonLives" who, most probably will try to read it to the end.Sorry :) And of course, for any mistakes.
  4. One of the best episodes so far. Excellent. Let's start with the obvious - the Astapor scene was perfect. After a while, I really liked Emilia Clarke's acting. She is a beautiful women, no doubt, but somehow - after season one - she didn't really persuade me that she IS Daenerys, the mother of dragons, the queen, the person who is natural born leader. Up to now. But now, she really sounded right - i hope she will continue to act so. Whole scene was near to perfection, I think, with that music...Phenomenal. Next, Tywin & Cercei scene. Also brilliant. I need to say that Lena Headey played part in (for me) some of the best scenes in the series - a dialog with Robert at season one, for example, and now, this. Kudos to her, really. And of course, to Charles Dance. After a "caring parent" role that he had at season two (scenes with Arya) I'm really satisfied with this return to good old basics. This is Tywin. And Charles Dance is a perfect fellow to be Tywin. Pleeeeaseee, give us a proper Tywin & Joffrey duel scene. That is a perfect opportunity to show us Tywin at his best. Varys & Tyrion scene : Very good, I liked it. Why? Because, I think it shows - to a non- book audience - who really Varys is. Not a soft- voice eunuch who is - nobody knows why - just a master of spies - but a patient, intelligent and above all dangerous man. Even book readers don't know,at this point, what is Varys's goal in the "Game of thrones" - but, whatever it is, we know that he is working on that for years. This scene shows that side of Varys. Long term planner. I apologize for eventual mistakes, I'm not a native speaker.
  5. Sword fighting scene was good. Not excellent , but good. On one hand, Jaime and Brienne are among the best sword fighters in the series and because of that, my expectations from that scene were very high; I'm sure that they (D & D) could done it better, and show us how really J and B are skilled. Especially Jaime. On the other hand, I really don't want to see them as a couple of ninjas - fighting and bouncing around in the perfect harmony of moves - and I presume D & D didn't want that either; that's why they choose to have sword fight that doesn't look as awesome as it could . And OK. But, I do think that they didn't represent Jaime as they should. Brienne just won too easily. For example , if Jaime had hit her just once,let's say in the chest - but armor saved her - and after that she won - that would be much better, if you ask me. Because, both messages would be delivered : 1) That Jaime is very, very good at this, and 2) that she is equally good or better. This way, they delivered just message number 2) , and Jaime looks like "all talking" men. And that's not fine with me.
  6. @DarkAndFullOfTurnips ( great nick, by the way :D ) Well, that's true.. Still...something is missing, I don't know how to explain that...some detail that makes one scene (any scene) really memorable. To be fair, maybe I am expecting too much,
  7. Telling the truth, I am a bit disappointed. It isn't a bad episode - not at all - but, it isn't excellent either. Simply, beside introducing new characters, it really hasn't much to offer; some very good moments, yes, but in this story and this show , "good" is not enough. I'm asking for at least one "WOW!" moment per episode, especially in this season to be fully satisfied. New characters : QoT was excellent. Thoros - very good, really, but different from the books. I liked Thoros from the books, because he was a drunken priest who - ironically - found religion and some kind of "inner peace" (calmness) in war, like that some part of him died in battles; But here we have different Thoros, drunk, and more alive. It's not bad at all , it's simply different. I really need to get rid of an image of "Books Marg" ; This isn't it. As simple as that. Natalie Dormer is very good, I think,but maybe too good : She is older and, more important , "stronger" (as a person) than "Books Marg". That alone changes the character totally. And, I am disappointed with Jaime - Brienne fight. It was good, but it didn't show Jaime's skill. At this point, after more than two seasons , you need to read the books to find out that Jaime is a great swordsman - you would never guess that from the show. And it isn't right. It is significant trait of his character. I apologize for any errors, I'm not a native speaker. I just hope that you could understand :drunk:
  8. A strong 9. It was really, really good. I was surprised with Stannis in the first lines, but again, I do think there are a reasons for that. So far, Stannis had -what? - 4,5 scenes ? He wasn't build properly as a hard warrior, a men with an iron determination, and a great threat to Lannisters. That was my impression, and one of the greatest objections that I had to the season 2. But this Stannis, Stannis who leads his men, surely looks like a great threat, although he suffered defeat. They need to achieve that impression,because Stannis story isn't finished, and TV audience need to have that impression of a danger. It will make show as interesting as books or closely there. That's my explanation of Stannis in a "Conan" style. Cercei was great and beyond that. Really, really nice acting.
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