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  1. 7/10 The most disappointing is Dorne. I know we'll probably get the fire and blood speech next week but that episode is going to packed enough. With the extra time available in this episode it should have been here. Arya's arc should have climaxed as well. Next week has way too much to do.
  2. winksiemop

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    I'll go with a 9 I guess. I had really hyped myself up for a Homeland "Q&A" style breakdown of Cersei and Theon, but that's my fault for harboring such expectations.
  3. winksiemop

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    I thought this would be "Bear and the Maiden Fair" quality, but turned out more like "Mockingjay." Great job balancing numerous plotlines in a bridge episode for the end of the season. Sandsnake scene continues in its tradition of lameness. Didn't like the lingering shots of the flayed Winterfell woman. Otherwise I thought this director did an excellent job framing shots; even the Sandsnake scene had some great camera work. 8.75/10
  4. winksiemop

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Perfect, no question. "Kissed by Fire" had some more of my favorite scenes, but this one was note perfect all the way through.
  5. winksiemop

    How would you rate episode 305?

    First ten of the season. Didn't have a huge "Dracarys" like moment, but it flowed great and scenes just feel so much stronger when they are verbatim from the book. The Jon/Ygritte scene was good, although I feel it would have been much stronger if they'd spent more time on them in the first four episodes. And to be honest, I wasn't totally absorbed by the Kingslayer's acting nor the directing in the bath scene.
  6. I gave it a nine. The Bran scene really didn't need to be here... or, at least, it should have had more meat to it. Not much to complain about, other than the Varys/Ros scene being a little dull, but serviceable for progression of that particular storyline. Starting with the Vayrs/Olenna scene, the episode sustained a brilliance unmatched by any of the other three episodes this season.
  7. winksiemop

    How would you rate episode 301?

    7.5/10 But I always enjoy the episodes more on re-watch. Some of the dialogue made me cringe. Some of it made me smile wide. Something about balls brushing ankles, and everything spoken in the Tywin/Tyrion scene. From what I recall, there wasn't a single scene I disliked. While I thought the first two episodes of season two were strong, neither escaped cleanly without a WTF scene (cum in episode 202 and Littlefinger's idiocy in 201 come to mind). Here, nothing I felt dragged down the episode because of its presence. With that said, slow, but understandably slow.
  8. winksiemop

    How would you rate episode 209?

    That Bronn/Sandor scene did nothing for me. 9/10. Best this season.
  9. winksiemop

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Yeah, I thought it did until I realized the actor that plays Ramsay is older than the actor that plays Roose. Never really care about changes. In fact, a lot I've liked. But why change Catelyn's reason for freeing Jamie? Finding out Bran and Rickon have died and releasing him in a fit of misery makes so much more sense. Really, there's no excuse for this change.
  10. Ramsay killing Luwin would be awesome, IMO.
  11. Because one should realize that before the show was even produced there would be changes. And half the people that complain basically just spam the question "WHYWHYWHY" like a million other people haven't already asked. I'm just answering your question how it is presented: Why are people annoyed by complainers? With that said, it's 100% fair to be critical of anything about any work of art/entertainment as long as you construct thoughtful criticism (which people on this site tend to do; go look at IMDB/Facebook for contrast).
  12. Gave it a 9 on first watch, but now I'm thinking 8. Reasons stated here and there by other folk, so I won't throw more carbon paper on the trash heap, but I want to say something: I think it's funny I've been finding more thoughtful analysis of this show on forums where people haven't read the books (looking at you, TWoP). I can only ever take their opinions seriously when it comes to inconsistencies pertaining to what happens IN THE SHOW. Half the time people who've read the books and don't like a change will think up some damn creative (gotta give it to them) reasons the scene is utterly worthless. A wee bit funny how an episode goes over well with non-readers, yet a lot of readers can't stomach.