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  1. This is where the entire series goes to hell. I can't believe that so many people are in favor of the changes. I have fallen in love with the TV series so far because it has been so faithful to the books. Afterall, it just makes good sense to go with the plot that has been proven to work. Why change what isn't broken? I guess I should deviate from other posters and say why the changes will not work... Arya - Peter Baelish is in love with Catelyn; there is no way he wouldn't have recognized Arya The second death was too quick; its not how the faceless men work Bran- No Meera and Jojen Reed; they are kindred spirits of Bran and Rickon Daenerys- Why? The notion that the dragons could be stolen takes away from Daenerys credibility as a natural ruler and is just unnecessary; it also makes the warlocks seem to be a force to be reckoned with; in the book it gives the impression that they are merely illusionists and not particularly good at what they do Jon Snow- Ygritte in the book initially despises Jon Snow; the idea that she would come on to him when he is a crow and not yet proven himself to be a Wilding is ridiculous and ruins the entire character of Ygritte; how can her character have any credibility now? the riot- completely different from the book; they are on horses in the book I believe; having Tyrion insult and slap the King again is taking things too far, it is not believeable and there is no reason that Joffrey would not just have had him killed at this point; Talissa- obviously this will become Robb's wife Jeyne Westerling; but the book insists that Robb's decision was one of impulse and haste; that the relationship developed over time has completely different implications ______________________________________________________________________ Mark my words, this is the end of everything good about the Game of Thrones TV series. Every time a hack screenwriter has the arrogance to think he can do it better it almost always turns out bad. This is truly the end!!!
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