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  1. Villain? The man who just a few episodes ago saved Arya and the rest of the prisoners from torture? Only times we have seen Tywin shout have been when those serving him have done something stupid (kill prisoners who should be put to work or accidentally send letters to the enemy). Being a demanding leader doesn't make him a villain, it makes it possible for him to have risen to power and raise his wealth. And if "ruining" Tywin means having him make Arya his cupbearer in the show, I really wish they'll start "ruining" more characters. The new dynamic and banter between Tywin and Arya has been one of the best parts of the whole series, and it's not even from the books. And the way Tywin talked about Jamie and his father to Arya gave us wonderful insight to him and his relationship to Jamie.
  2. I thought this was a great added scene. It builds on the scene between the two from the first season, and keeps non-readers guessing where her loyalties lie for a little longer. Also, that whole scene after she wakes up next to Theon, goes outside, seduces and kills the guard and then whistles to and escapes with Bran, Rickon, Hodor and the direwolves was perfectly executed.
  3. Hey all, a long time lurker and a first time poster here. This episode was my favourite of the series so far. The scenes with Brienne and Catelyn, Arya and Jaqen, Dannis and Stavos and even the surprising new scene with Tywin and Arya just blew my mind. Renly's death may have not been as unforgettable as it was in the novel, and Loras's rage afterwards wasn't shown, but the following exchange between Littlefinger and the Tyrells more than made up for that in my opinion. I love seeing interactions between non-POV characters, and having Loras blame Stannis for Renly's murder makes the Tyrell/Lannister allience make so much more sense. Nothing stops him from blaming Brienne for the murder later, even if he sees sense now. The show has also made Margaery Tyrell such a compelling character way earlier than the books did and Natalie Dormer plays her so well, I can't wait to see her in scenes with Lena Headey later in the series. Hopefully she'll stop wearing those silly dresses though. But what really made this episode for me were changes that significantly improved some of the worst parts of the book. 1) Dany's storyline in Qarth. In the novel, House of the Undying was pretty much the only interesting or memorable part in all of her chapters in aCoK (and the Qarthian gown, of course). The whole invented backstory to the city with the Garden of Bones and combining all the various guilds and warlocks to the simpler Thirteen has made what was essentially just another boring city in Essos into an actually interesting location in the series. Xaro Xhaon Daxos and Pyat Pree are both way better and more interesting than their novel counterparts. I would've wanted to see Quaithe interact with Dany instead of Jorah, but at least she looked really memorable, and will hopefully later speak with Dany. Even Dany's handmaidens and the actions of her remaining khalasar have become interesting in the show. I really hope they can pull of the same with the storyline in Meereen, even the mention of the place in this episode made me cringe. 2) Bran's storyline. In the novel, Bran's interactions with Little and Big Walder were cliché and really repetitive. It's like GRRM was trying too hard with these child antagonists to Bran, while the ongoing war and his growing responsibility of Winterfell and even Rickon (who manages to be really eerie and memorable in the series just by smashing nuts in the background) make for a much more interesting story. And while Jojen and Meera are interesting characters, most of Bran's chapters in aCoK are just him either getting bullied by the Freys or talking to the Reeds about Jojen's visions etc. Now with all of them gone or pushed to appear later on, we get brilliant scenes like the one where Bran sends Ser Rodrik to Torrhen's Square. I just loved that approving look Rodrik gave to Bran, and the way Bran seems to be slowly growing and learning his responsibilities. Giving Jojen's greendream to Bran also makes things so much more simpler at this point, and that talk Bran had with Osha about it was really amazing to watch. And that foreshadowing about the two orphan boys..
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