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  1. Regarding the Tarlys what was Dany supposed to do? She offered them the chance to bend the knee and they refused. Tyrion offered an alternative (taking the Black) but Randyll was too proud to accept. She wasn’t even going to execute Dickon but he stepped forward and chose to die with his father. Even if she had burned the father and left the son he would have wanted revenge. It’s not a clear cut situation but I don’t see how it makes her a mad queen. She offered them an out and they didn’t take it. Her father never would have given them a choice.
  2. The Northerners coldness toward Dany is really bothering me. Davos says their loyalty must be earned but what does he think she’s doing? She went there to help them and is quite literally providing them with everything she has: the might of her armies and her dragons. Speaking of which, those dragons are priceless and she lost one of them helping Jon. She didn’t turn her back on him tho. Once she knew what was at stake she still offered to help. Did everyone forget that she would have helped even if Jon hadn’t bent the knee? He did it because he wanted to! All the northern lords are doing is sitting on their bums airing out their petty grievances while death is literally on their doorstep and they don’t stand a chance without Dany. Even with all her help it might not be enough. It’s like they don’t take the threat seriously and it makes them look like fools. I don’t blame Dany for being upset at how they treat her when she’s there to help the petty lot of them.
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