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  1. ... Read the post again.Or get a damn dictionary and look for "interesting" and "possibility".
  2. Quoting myself: "He could very well just pretend to be nice to her just like Cersei did. It's only normal to take a minimum amount of risks by trusting almost nobody when you're in the enemy's nest." "You do that realise that ,kind or not, he's still her family's enemy ? Robb's enemy should the North's forces arrive at King's Landing gate. Is it surprising that she would wish for his death then? Tyrion' loyalty goes to the Lannisters, to Joffrey , even if he hates him." "And she knows that". about Tyrion's reasons having to do with Jaime, go check yourself. So no , I didn't say: "Sansa knew Tyrion was manipulating her and thus condemned him to death in battle, and you then said she couldn't know what he was thinking.". No self contradiction her, you just can't read correctly or don't bother trying. you admit that BlueQueen's theory is an interesting possibility, again contradicting yourself. Did I say I believed it? I said it was interesting. Maybe you need a dictionary too. I hadn't thought of it, and obviously neither had you, and I may watch the scene again and be more careful of the actors' attitude to see if it's so.
  3. Funny hearing talk about sense from someone who argues that Sansa should imagine tyrion's reasons if he wanted to manipulate her and have sympathy for him. In her situation really. And your phrasing of my opinion is definetly not what I said so unless you start reading what's written I won't argue about it. BlueQueen's comment is an interesting possibility.
  4. Seriously? She should be thinking :" If my dear family's enemy trying to manipulate me , he might have a genuinely good reason for it!I should try to think about them and have some sympathy for the poor lad!" ? That's just ridiculous. .
  5. Sansa's cha Sansa's character if you didn't understand. She was diminished when compared to the book. And that's partly why the slight change from the book is useful here imo.
  6. You might want to read my posts again if you want to make a point. What I said is that he's her family's enemy which is why she might wish him dead ,and that he might want to manipulate her so it's safer to assume so . And yes, I don't believe she knows his purpose is related to Jaime or anything else. I'm curious of where you see a contradiction in that.
  7. Except that you're not convincingly showing that either lines don't make sense so no need to bend anything so far. And no, in the show , Sansa was not the same as in the books in the previous episodes.
  8. They show slightly different evolutions of the character which are both perfectly possible why wouldn't it make sense. You might be right if the show had perfectly respected Sansa's character so far. Which isn't the case.
  9. Show : Makes sense with a Sansa that won't let herself trust or like a Lannister again. Book: Makes sense with a softer Sansa. They just portray two slightly different evolutions of the character. But I believe it was useful in the show because of how Sansa has (not) been portrayed in previous episodes. And like Mooncat said, might help explain her reaction to the forced marriage to viewers because right now, Tyrion seems like he should be her hero.
  10. That's what I meant: It's not in the book , in the books she does pray for Tyrion actually. I was just saying I wasn't going to argue about that since Martin wrote the episode too. Of course not. But for me they make sense here. For the reasons I already mentioned.
  11. I meant "fit" with the book series. Concerning what I wrote before about Sansa being different in the books.
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