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  1. Venturing a guess that the forest refers to westeros in general, burning and destroyed while the dwarfs represent all the lords and ladies playing the game of thrones. Euron sits upon his throne and is amused by their small actions. Similar scene in the second vision, though this time Euron's visage is more terrible and he has a mysterious companion (possibly symbolizing a dragon).
  2. I voted a 10 only because 11 wasn't available.
  3. We can speculate for days on what we think will happen, but one thing seems pretty certain: The Mad Mouse is hot on Sansa's trail and most likely knows who she is. His little quote about being a hedge knight when Alayne mentions the melee is pretty telling: “A good melee is all a hedge knight can hope for, unless he stumbles on a bag of dragons. And that’s not likely, is it?” A not so subtle clue that he knows who is in front of him. How he tries to remove Sansa from the Vale and the chances of his success are up for debate...until the book comes out of course. Perhaps he will gain the favor of Lyn Corbray, who also has need of some coin. It's not inconceivable that LF has been double crossed by someone he has paid off.
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