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  1. I liked the idea of Lovercraft creatures in the cold Grey Waste. Like beyond the Walls, we got giants, direwolves, wights and WW. In eastern Essos, mythical creatures the ones you describe. Maybe not as grotesque as the Moon beasts, but the Shantaks is something I could envision exist there. Wights, but maybe a slower and less intelligent breed like traditional zombies and vampire bats. The Lion of The Night as Nyarlathotep is a intriguing idea. I would imagine him as a shapeshifter entity, serving the Great Other. As the Night King, he is one of the generals of the dark god.
  2. Mordor

    Faceless Men and Iron Bank

    Let's say the invading army managed to get pass Titan's of Bravoos, and starting looting the city and Iron Bank, would the FM managed to knock out the leader of this army? Or would it just be too late to do anything?
  3. So was the Five Forts build to hold off the races that inhabited Eastern Essos, and they were somewhat summoned by the The Great Other(Lion of The Night as Essos saw him)to attack?
  4. The Grey Waste is a cold region like the Gobi desert right? It would to me make sense, that whatever came from that area during the Long Night must be similar to WW and wights. But other different demons are also possible, like shadow creatures or evil dragons.
  5. So Essos wights might be zombies\stonemen types, White Walkers are fire demons, maybe with a physical form riding possessed dragons?
  6. Was The Lion Of The Night the Night King, if it were the WW that invaded Essos?
  7. If Braavos were invaded by a foreign army, could the Iron Bank use the Faceless Men to destroy that army? And would they succeed?
  8. Was Lion of The Night and his demons wights that came from the Grey Waste that attacked The Five Forts? And maybe LOTN was a second commander of the Night King, charged to take Essos?
  9. Mordor

    Yi Ti empire potential

    Okey, but could they subdue Jogos Nhai who has been a constant problem for them in years? Maybe extend further east beyond the Five Forts and conquered all the cities there and restraint the Grey Waste raiders?
  10. Mordor

    Yi Ti empire potential

    If the internal fighting had stopped, and one man had united the whole Yi Ti for a new purpose: Conquest of Essos and eventually Westeros, could they do it? IF their army was like the Qin Dynasty
  11. I think these mythical cities and creatures beyond the Five Forts may be not so supernatural. However, there are some truth to them: 1. K'Dath. I think this is true about what they say people are doing there. Like the Faith Militant, only worse. 2. Land of the Shrykes. Wildling tribes wearing lizard clothing so invaders think they are monsters. Also, expert in making shrieking sounds. 3. Cannibal sands. It's natural these people are cannibals so nothing new. 4. The Grey Waste. Another wildling tribe like the ones beyond The Wall. 5. Bonetown. A city decorates itself with bones from animals and humans. 6. City of the Bloodless men. People are maybe naturally pale there. Maybe some black and dark magic going on. 7. City of Winged men. Maybe people there are wearing paragliding capes, that makes them able to fly. 8. Lion of The Night. I'm tempted to say the Lion is somehow connected to The Great Other and White Walkers. The Lion Of The Night may be The Great Other in disguise and the Blood Emperor somehow summons him. So the demons and creatures that attacked Essos may be similar to wights. Desert zombies, shadow creatures, evil dragons and dark soldiers with a lion head as their commanders? All of them are a part of The Great Other armies.