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  1. I wonder if we will get a ''Snydercut'' of Season 8 from these deleted footages.
  2. The Last Watch is 100% fresh on RT https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/game_of_thrones_the_last_watch
  3. Can the Iron Islands consider being in between The North and Riverlands?
  4. Mordor

    Jogos Nhai

    If they were to be adapted for live-action, could it be done?
  5. It seems everytime Drogon hits something solid like bricks, it explodes. Is dragonfire in the show equivalent to missiles or napalm bombs?
  6. Mordor

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Based from the interview, HBO won't do the same mistakes next time. There is no way D&D has power over their bosses. Maybe three years ago, HBO thought D&D were right? I enjoyed S8 for what it is, but one extra season should have been made.
  7. Mordor

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    A bit off-topic, but could the prequel series of The Long Night retcon some of the White Walkers stuff from GOT?
  8. Mordor

    A Game of Thrones movie?

    Is that possible? Breaking Bad and Deadwood are doing it.
  9. You can read the whole interview here: HBO President interview Not sure if this post is meant for the news section or is it okay that I post it here?
  10. Not years, but months. And Season 8 already started production in 2017. They were far in production before they got known they were wanted for Star Wars. Remember when Ben Affleck was cast as Batman? From Variety, he was already cast 5 months prior to the announcement and he's a big actor. So saying D&D got a request almost three years ago doesn't hold any valid grounds.
  11. To be honest, it doesn't make sense why they would just wanna get out of GOT to do Star Wars, when they were just announced this month. Of course, they may have been negotiate the deal 3-4 months prior the announcenement, but that was AFTER Season 8 production was wrapped.
  12. Mordor

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    I feel HBO had much fault how divisive the last season as D&D. HBO could have replaced them.
  13. Mordor

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Every shows gets dislikes and make people unhappy, but the thing is this season is very divisive. If 7 out of 10 people like it, then it's not divisive, But I feel this season it's 5 who likes it and 5 who doesn't. I do think if this whole season was about fighting the WW all over Westeros and a extra season with 4 long episodes about King's Landing and the Iron Throne, it would have gotten less hate imo. The main complaints I've seen is it felt rushed. That's a mistake I hope HBO will not do again with the prequels.
  14. Mordor

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    Even fans that love this season complains about everything feeling rushed. Like it was crammed too much in so little time.
  15. Mordor

    The aftermatch of the decision made by D&D

    You're right for the most part, but this season has divided the general audience and the critics. I know book purists will never love the show, but the reviews from critics are showing this season is very divisive. But I think it has to do with the decision that was made two years ago by D&D to shorten the season. I believe they had good intention for that, but it was sadly a grave mistake. We see this now.