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  1. I think your right. Dany will never get to Westeros in time to do anything relevant in the two remaining books unless she has a very good reason. The majority of her dragons being stolen would be the perfect reason to leave Meereen behind and head for Westeros.
  2. I've watched it thrice since Sunday, I just can't get over how perfect it was. I thought Lost was the best TV show I'd ever see, but this was better, no question. At least 4-5 actors should receive awards or at least nominations: Cersei, The Hound(Sandor) & Bronn, Tyrion, Sansa was also great. And Shae was really good. Don't even get me started on how perfect the actors playing Stannis was. And Pod saving Tyrions life. Also Varys' promise to divulge the story of how he was "cut" Simply put, the best TV I've ever seen, and I watch A LOT of TV!
  3. I honestly cannot describe how great this episode was. I really wasn't expecting so much of the actual battle, but I loved every second. I mean it was dead on the book the majority of the time. And I can't believe how big that wildfire explosion was, and so GREEN! I can't wait for the season finale, but I don't know how it can top this. Also, I loved Cersei's preformance, it was so much like the book, the way she lost it after hearing Lancel came in and said the battle was lost. And when Tywin stormed in, that was awesome. And Stannis was also great, He's starting to grow on me in the book, mainly because of the character on the show
  4. The girl playing Arya seriously deserves an award. She has been the up there with Tyrion this season
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