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  1. Wight captain? wtf, man. It IS an Other. White Walker. Whatever, you name it. But no, it is not a wight.
  2. Fuck the chain. I want explosions now. "But Lord Commander, how are we gonna get rid of them? They're so many.." said Pyp in horror while glancing from the top of the wall. "Pigshit". Jon replied.
  3. Have you guys seen the preview for ep10? SHIT, Sir Jorah's shout gave me THE chills.
  4. Sorry, not crows, RAVENS. English is not my first language so I tend to get confused with these details.
  5. Oh, Christ, please stop! He IS NOT Ramsay! Seven hells on the dude who started this :( Roose even said it again this episode "my bastard is close and blablabla" and also, there are no crows left at Winterfell, do you think this is freaking Harry Potter so that he could send, i dunno, a bloody magical buttefly to his Dagsay? Jesus.
  6. I'm ok with they adding stuff to make it more interesting, what's going to be difficult is that the "possible dragon theft" was something left open in the book, it was hardly ever considered, specially because it would raise the question and mainly because we always knew how easy it would be until Dany got her Unsullied. It was the magic of it. I always thought of it as some strange politeness or culture feature. I saw some people saying that maybe it's just to bring her to the HOTU, but then why kill all those guards and Irri ( I really liked her :/ ) It is known. [2]
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