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  1. Indeed, what was the point of that? Even with the Hound, how would that ever have been effective? Have to assume it will expose her to Cersei and perhaps Cersei beats her rather than Alayaya?
  2. I like the changes to the Dany story line, which was boring in the books. I think that stripping her of her extended family is moving her from words to action. I find the changes to the Jon story line a little troubling as it just seems to be leading up to his sympathy for the oppressed free folk when he remains a brother at heart throughout, but found the Ygritte scenes charming. I am operating on the theory that Talisa is a Lannister spy: her talk with Rob was at the strategy table. On the other hand, it seems like he might be winning her over. Love watching all of the scenes with Arya and Tywin, but feel they are off track. I did like Cersei's speech to Sansa, which seems to indicate to me that Cersei knows that Joffrey is a losing cause.
  3. IMO, it didn't make sense for Ygritte to escape only to be caught and presumably released again. However, wildling women seem to have esteem only for men who have taken or stolen them. So, Jon's capture and keeping of her gives a good lead in for her role in bringing him into the Rayder fold. Still question the omission of Halfhand's instruction to Jon to do what needs to be done rather than apparently instructing Jon to kill her. As one who found the whole Snow beyond the Wall to be tedious in the books, I think Ygritte adds a lot. Plus, the actress is pretty foxy. Me like.
  4. I may not have paid close enough attention, but I thought the sex scene was to get the shackles off of her ankles so that she could lead the escape.
  5. Yeah, it is fair to say that the TV series is Game of Thrones based on the GRRM books at this point. At this point, I think I'm just going to accept it and move on with enjoying the show. It's still fantastic and excellently cast! No problem with the dragon theft, but wish the horde wasn't down to about five people. I think the show change will make the hall of the undying better. Questions: Did LF recognize Arya? Is Talisa perhaps a spy for Lannisters a this point?
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