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  1. The Bastard of Summer

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    I'm very much so a female. Last time I checked anyway. My uterus likes to remind me when I forget anyhow. I don't catfish. Hell I don't even like fish (tastes too much like the ocean).
  2. The Bastard of Summer

    Will the Night King burn down Kings Landing?

    It's now a possibility that he could fly to KL. But I don't think he will burn it. His newly aquired Dragon Walker won't be breathing flames I believe. But a horrible horrible frost that will instantly freeze and kill whatever it touches. I believe it could possibly be more devastating than fire. If the red keeps roof is burned it's flame from the other two dragons doing a mini battle above the keep. Thus the frost and snow the Night King and his dragon bring will cover the throne room.
  3. The Bastard of Summer

    Can Jon Get Burnt?

    If chooses not to wear a lambskin condom then yes. It is very possible. He may have already been burned. He did sleep with Yrigget beyond the wall unprotected several times. It's not possible to pinpoint all her pervious lovers. Now if he chooses to sleep with Dany unprotected he could risk getting a serious burn. She slept with Drogo who was a known rapist. He barebacked so many lambmen and women. Then there was Hizdar Jizzrag. Only the Seven know who he slapped bare skins with. Then last there is Daario. His name alone is proof that he doesn't believe in protection. I'm sure just like Drogo he barebacks many slavemen and slave women. So lonh story short if Jon isn't careful he could indeed get burnt.
  4. The Bastard of Summer

    Discussing Sansa XXXII: Game of Faces

    Very good assessment. I don't think she's being crazy. She's playing a game and acting. She just can't tell Sansa all the rules of the game. And she needs Sansa to be believeable. Arya studied acting. It's another skill. It seems outlandish to most but I think it's showing Aryas cleverness.
  5. The Bastard of Summer

    Did anyone notice this?

  6. The Bastard of Summer

    Beric: You don't look like your father

    Just more hints for the folks who still my not believe or understand that Jon is not Neds....or maybe just poor writing. Becuase it's been made clear that Arya has the stark look. Arya looks like Lyanna. Jon and Arya look alike. Therefore Jon looks like Lyanna. Jon has the Stark look.So Lyanna and Ned must look alike.
  7. The Bastard of Summer

    Did anyone notice this?

    I think maybe it was a trick of light. I'll go back and look again because I noticed the wolf too. But I honestly believe that it was our eyes playing tricks on us.
  8. The Bastard of Summer

    So from the promo for the next episode....

    I find it funny how neither of the 2 promos for the entire season included scenes from episode 7. I mean there was Theon falling to his knees but thats about it.......anyway Cersei thinks she's smarter than she realky is so I think yes of course shes setting some sort of trap. She's trying to make Dany feel "secure" by having the meeting in the open. But What I think will absolutely deter Cersei from carrying out any plans is she will see those two dragons that Dany will bring. That's going to change Cerseis whole game plan. But Cersei will still be a dick and do something stupid to jeopardize the game plan.
  9. The Bastard of Summer

    Best lines of 706

    ...Dick?... Cock. I like it! funny as hell
  10. The Bastard of Summer

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    I don't either which is why I don't follow those guidelines. I've seen these creatures portrayed many different ways. I think it depends on the artist. How they intend for their creature to look.
  11. The Bastard of Summer

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Tormund. Tormund. Tormund. I love him. He loves dick. And Brienne. He wants to make huge monsterous babies with her that will rule the world. Viserion dying. That. Was. Wonderful. Blood everywhere. The other dragons screaming. It looked so real. The Night King has a great arm. I'm so geekes see Dragon Walker. Cause it's not a wight. He touched it like he did the baby. I wonder what kinda elemental damage it will do. Also we now know that Dragon fire doesn't kill Others. Just wights. The Night King just made that shit part and kept on walking. So we know what the remaining dragons are good for...just killing wights and making fires. The residents of westeros is gonna need that fire when the long night comes.
  12. The Bastard of Summer

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    My point about the quote was if it was from the book the OP asked for us NOT to include book answers. She wanted to know when and where in show canon did Dany get this information.
  13. The Bastard of Summer

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    Well GRRM made the distinction that his dragons look like Danys in show. I'd be that kinda dragon. I think they look better anyway. I'd be just a legless fireworm...
  14. The Bastard of Summer

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    Fuck it I'm chugging wildfire...my parents were NOT related distantly or immediately.So I wouldn't survive such an act.... But with my luck the wildfire would actually turn me into a wyvern. Not a full blown dragon.
  15. The Bastard of Summer

    Why Can't Daenerys Have Children?

    Lmao this is Bullshit!! I want a recount! If i don't get one Imma pull a Cersei and blow up ALL of Westeros. Razing that bitch to the ground. Every damned brother fucking soul.