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  1. D&D are very, very poor story tellers. They were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a terrific group of actors, some of best tradespeople, artists and professionals in the industry, for a channel that knows how to produce quality and epic shows (Rome, Deadwood, The Wire) and an incredible story in ASOIAF. However, ASOIAF would have challenged the most talented and imaginative of showrunners-given the complexity of the ASOAIF and, especially, since ASOIAF wasn't even finished. But D&D, along with all of their other atrocious personal traits, are horrible storytellers. They simply did not understand the story that they were telling, did not understand that basic storytelling involves certain conventions, one of the most basic is to understand the world you are presenting and have things be consistent in it's expression. An example, both ASOIAF and GOT go to length to explain the Faith of the Seven. They they present the High Sparrow character-the embodiment of the Faith (extremist one might say). So a viewer would expect that the High Sparrow would espouse the views of the Faith of the Seven to the extreme. But, D&D have the High Sparrow give a long dissertation on the wastefulness of a shoemaker pursuing a life a study and work to make the best shoes because that led to a life of debauchery. So he rejected shoemaking. BUT the problem is that the Smith is one of the Seven-both in ASOIAF and GOT. So, IN THE GOT WORLD, being a shoemaker and making the best shoes IS honoring the Seven. NOT something to be rejected. So D&D were completely inconsistent in their world building, ie how can a viewer understand the High Sparrow when his words and deeds contradict the rules of the world he lives in. To expand on how D&D do not understand character motivation, see their Season 1 (or maybe 2) commentary on Jon Snow. Their supplemental explanation of Jon Snow's character when he got to the Night's Watch was that he was seeking a father figure. Huh? That makes zero sense. Jon was raised, nearly exclusively, around men with numerous father figures-Lord Eddard, Maester Leuwin, Rodrik Cassel, even Benjen Stark. Jon had father figures in abundance. What is blatantly obvious in ASOIAF is Jon Snow is looking for an identity. A blind man could see that. To misunderstand something so basic, so obvious was very, very telling early on that the show would not be quality. I have said numerous times, GOT is great spectacle, but it is/was horrible storytelling.
  2. I watched Richard Madden (Robb) in Cinderella. Pretty good movie and Richard did a fine job as a charming prince. He seems to be typecast as the good prince! More power to him, he seems like a good guy, decent actor and very charismatic
  3. Vitameatavegamin says WHHHAAAAATTTTTT? Sopranos-College nuff said
  4. sorry to bug you, but who was that woman in your previous avatar?


  5. I gave it a 2 mostly cause of Edmure's speech to Jaime about how could Jaime think he was a good guy, otherwise it seems a lot of people trying to kill themselves 1. BF 2. Tommen-death by having his mother killed making him illegitimate 3. Red Shirt guy attacking Ser Big Guy 4. Arya jumping off of buildings 5. Tyrion getting drunk while his city is under attack after his only bro tips out the door 6 & 7 Miss and Grey getting drunk with Tyrion 8. Qyburn implying he found a lot of wildfire
  6. Yet the show has significantly gone back to cover stories in AFFC/ADWD Mereen-letting the dragons free, beginning of armed conflict-AFFC/ADWD Dany-in TWOW territory Dorne-ummmm not decipherable Sam-Going to the Citadel-AFFC/ADWD KL-bouncing between ADWD/AFFC and TWOW-Cersei's trial hasn't happened yet, but will happen and some resolution to Marg Riverlands/Jamie-AFFC/ADWD Brienne-Moving back to AFFC/ADWD arc Vale-unrelated to books, but COULD be something from later story WF-unrelated to books Jon-revisting Stannis' arc Sansa-unrelated to books Bran-in TWOW
  7. can you send me a link for the leaked episode?  thanks

  8. I gave it a 1 because next to nothing happened, beyond the joke of Dorne. Add in the ridiculousness of Tyrion's story, Cersei-Jaime nonsense and Arya getting beaten in the streets. It had a few mildly offensive items and you get a very poor show. Season 4 ended on a cliffhanger Jon Snow dying and what do we get? Davos etal cliffhanger. Poor writing
  9. Funny how Brienne called Renly the King of the Andals to the true King AND talking about duty, When Brienne said do you have any last words, he should have said, "You do realize he was my YOUNGER brother"
  10. Jon probably should have told someone other than Sam about the White Walkers raising 10,000 dead, could have saved his life. Didn't take Sam long to figure a way out of Castle Alamo.
  11. you could see a cart or stack of wood at the base of the very tall wall (higher than where they pushed myranda), it is like 200 feet high, no way someone lives from that jump
  13. soooo myranda pushed on one side of the wall dies, reek and sansa jump on the other side and live yup just about all I can say about this show's "Logic"
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