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  1. Man, at least your club is capable of taking the lead.
  2. For those who have a hard time imagining what the illness is like/ haven't been close to it
  3. Unfortunately you won't see numbers go down that early into a lockdown due to the lag in cases/ hospitalizations. Hope your dad feels better.
  4. These events need to happen 1. Lowe gets fired 2. Klopp takes over Germany job 3. Hasenhuttl takes over Liverpool 4. Eddie Howe takes over at Soton
  5. With Scotland qualifying at least I have someone to support. I need Tierney to have all the nice things.
  6. This is an aside, but I find it odd that I can't travel to the Republic of Ireland when I have a work visa in the UK. You can apparently travel to ROI if you're in the UK on a visitor visa. It's just odd that you can't on a work visa.
  7. Really curious to see what kind of health bill we'll see come out - there's obviously COVID to deal with so I imagine the bulk of the next 6 months if not longer will go into dealing with that but I'm curious what the finer details of Biden's public option will look like. *Hopefully* it allows undocumented immigrants and immigrants to buy into the public option too ( The ACA did a lot but didn't do much at all for that population) On the plus side, I see Biden's health plan has something about ending Surprise Medical Billing which is much needed. The mind boggles as to how there isn't already federal legislation on that.
  8. Yeah. Some of these posts re: AOC are a little out there especially as the interview was a *response*. Also, this is perfectly the *right* time for her to talk about the direction of what Biden's transition period would be like, this 'wrong timing criticism seems odd to me. Before the election would be the wrong timing, not now, imo.
  9. I thought the DNC not being helpful to her was interesting though, from the NYT interview. Found that to be the more interesting bits from it - the stuff about Conor Lamb was quite amusing.
  10. It was an interview in the NYT though..
  11. Legit thought he was going to say clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose
  12. Anyone have any decent suggestions on books specifically regarding unions and their history in the US? From what I can tell they are *fairly* weak and I'd love a decent book about how it's gotten to this point.
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