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  1. Arsenal women absolutely doing the business against Bayern Munich
  2. It's not uncommon for this to happen given that it's been sluggish for a while. If the people think it's a motherboard issue and not worth it, then you're probably out of luck. I'd take it/ send it to them, if you haven't done so already.
  3. If it's sluggish for months leading up to this, imo you're likely dealing with a RAM issue or your SSD. Have you tried safe mode or can you not get to that screen?
  4. 'whatever that was' was an interesting take on how a character got there that clearly worked for a lot of people
  5. ETH not the genius we think given that he should have been playing Scott T ahead of Wout
  6. Trust me, no one wants to read this essay. Though I'm totally okay with people not liking Luke's arc even though it worked really well for me. Disagreemenets regarding what the character is supposed to be are common in films, Hammil himself said so and had similar disagreements with Lucas.
  7. Nah, glad he came out and made the best SW movie since Empire
  8. I'm not entirely sure why you've linked this given that I've seen the documentary twice!
  9. I love a mess, to be fair. TLJ's special features had a 'Director and Jedi' behind the scenes documentary that I thought was excellent and well worth checking out even if you're not a fan of the film ( personally think TLJ is brilliant, especially the stuff with Luke, except for casino stuff)
  10. Correct. Kasdan didn't write a good movie, unfortunately. And he's not solely to blame as movies are a collective endevour with producers & directors, and I doubt issues with Lord & Miller and changing directors helped at all. I don't think the concept of Solo, i.e. seeing a previous version of Han Solo is bad per se, but it needs someone to *really* know what they are doing, and that wasn't the case. Rogue One worked because they got Tony Gilroy on, as opposed to someone like Ron Howard - that being said I do not lay the blame of this on Howard at all. It's amazing Rogue One is even half decent/ good/ pick whatever you think of the film when you read about the development of that movie. The problem with Solo was that it was badly written and the direction was uninspiring, not 'marketing' or 'TLJ backlash', statements like those feel like clutching at straws a little. Though one regret I will always have with Solo is that Paul Bettany's character was actually played by Michael K. Williams ( Omar from the wire), but was then changed to Bettany during re-shoots and I wish we could have seen that instead.
  11. Wait wait wait Vel from Andor is the waif from GOT? I knew she looked familiar
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