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  1. well this is quite disappointing
  2. Caicedo has barely had a pre-season. He'll be fine.
  3. I wish someone would fire Helmut Marko for his remarks regarding Perez, but of course something like that will never happen
  4. Finding it....not that easy to get excited about the World cup I think the only thing I want is someone like South Africa, West Indies, Pakistan or New Zealand to win the WC
  5. Yeah, great game ( even though it was a lot of godfather, really)
  6. Of course. But this is a discussion forum with people offering their critique of a game, and their execution on this fundemental aspect of the game didn't work for me Totally cool if it worked for other people though.
  7. I kinda like the vibe of some of the emptier planets though I do think sacrificing some scale could have been an interesting idea
  8. The ability to travel from A to B. Or even into the orbit of a planet within the same system. There are lots of options
  9. See below I would have been totally cool with not having that feature, if there was plenty of other stuff to do than fly around the orbit of a planet, but there isn't
  10. I think this is a bit of a cop out, really. Especially when devs say "We're putting you in a space ship & you can do pretty much anything" or "There are plenty of sights to see & stops to make on the way to your next adventure" when they were talking specifically about space flight. So much of Starfield was sold on exploration - and that includes planetary ( which I think it does well) and space exploration both ( which I think it doesn't do well) - some people don't find the space flight & space exploration satisfying, and that's totally valid. I don't think they've left anything out, I just don't think they've executed well. It's not just about the ability to fly into a planet, it's the lack of things to do other than fly around in orbit of a planet.
  11. This is only true when you have a quest icon though - If you don't and want to explore a random planet in the system, then you can't really do that and it involves going into the map. I don't only got to planets where I have quests, as that is quite limiting. It doesn't have to be No Man's Sky, but not allowing you to do more than fly around orbits of planets in a game all about space exploration with lots of ship building & ship modification elements is a disappointment to lots of people. You might not agree with that and the game might work really well for you, and that's fine because we all respond to these things differently, but it doesn't make the criticism any less valid.
  12. IGN put it pretty well here Emphasis is mine and I think it captures the frustration quite well.
  13. @Ser Not Appearing I think the closest the game gets to exploration for me is when I just go to random planets and walk around random settlements. Those aspects are cool and do feel like space exploration and I like that stuff. I think the planetary exploration is decent enough. But a big thing for me, and one of the reasons I enjoy games like Red Dead, Skyrim and even AC Black flag is that I can get on my horse and go whererever without feeling like I'm clicking through a menus. Even AC Black Flag had more of a sense of exploration once you got on a ship. I think when you're on a planet it feels enough like exploration that it satisfies my itch. less so when I'm on my ship, which is where the disappointment comes from. @Werthead To jump from one system to another, you need to grav jump and you're doing that by bringing up the star map, thereby bringing up a menu. And most of the quests require you to do this. Space flight is restricted to orbits of planets we arrive at, and all of those are behind transition screens. Sometimes things are happening when you arrive to places, but that's been quite rare in my playthrough ( and I don't fast travel straight to the city) There are clearly a reasonable number of people that wanted to fly around in space and not be restricted to orbits, and it's not unreasonable that they find the inability to do that disappointing.
  14. The space exploration quick travel isn't a meme at all, but a perfectly valid criticism and it seems a bit weird to dismiss it as a 'meme'. People are disappointed about this aspect because it was potentially one of the most exciting things about the game. Agree with everything Poobah has said about the space exploration bit, especially when compared to Skyrim. Look, I'm enjoying Starfield and I think some of the cities are quite cool and the side quest I'm on is pretty neat and I like the gun play. But you're not really exploring with your space ship, you can't really fly to anything at all except for some stations here and there and there just aren't enough events going on in space where you feel *something* is happening. You're just in your cockpit, clicking through menus till you get to where you need to go. I'm about 12 hours in and I just can't be arsed upgrading my ship because there's very little point in doing it. They've missed the mark *for me* when it comes to this stuff and to be honest, I would have been fine with sacrificing some scale for a better sense of space exploration on the ship. There's no sense of wonder when you're in your ship, no sense of what you could potentially find. Like poobah mentions, in Skyrim I rarely even used the fast travel because traveling to the other side of the world on your horse or just walking around was the fun part of that game, at least for me. Even though they haven't executed this bit of the game properly, there's still enough good in the game that I'm enjoying my playthrough with the gun play being fun & some of the cities being pretty cool. Weirdly, Atlantis is the least impressive city for me compared to the others that I have found. I find it completely sanitary and it doesn't feel 'lived in' at all ( Neon, Akila are fun)
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