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  1. Raja

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Caught Little Women yesterday and I adored it. Some scenes/ characters didn't work for me & Gerwig has a tendency not to cast people of colour in movies she has written or directed, but I still really enjoyed Little Women and I'm glad I caught it on the big screen. I've finally got time off so I'm catching 1917, Parasite & Birds of Prey this week so I'm excited.
  2. Raja

    Football: winter break over

    Yeah, totally. I want to see him higher up the field. Pepe looked very good too. This nutmeg though. oof.
  3. Raja

    Football: winter break over

    Man, Villa could have been out of sight in this game but are losing. To be fair, Spurs had *plenty* of chances too. Entertaining game, this
  4. Raja

    Football: Better Call Raul

    Nvm ings, all is forgiven. What a finish
  5. Raja

    Football: Better Call Raul

    Danny Ings what are you doing
  6. Raja

    Football: Better Call Raul

    Yeah, I think it's totally possible for them to appoint one of the various promising managers atm if pep leaves. It's also possible that the new manager ( and it's a big if that a new manager even happens) will be given more time. As an aside, I hope Soton trash Burnley today.
  7. Raja

    Trailer Thread VI

    Gonna have to make time for this - I adore the book & Zoe Kravitz is also another big plus
  8. Raja

    Football: Better Call Raul

    Serious lack of quality in this wolves Leicester game
  9. Raja

    US Politics - Primary Numbers

    I skew fairly left so for me Warren, Bernie and to a lesser extent Amy are miles ahead of people like Pete & Bloomberg who are both hot garbage. To me, Bloomberg's stop and frisk policy and the stuff he's come out with recently to try to defend that goes way beyond 'oh shucks people do bad things get over it' - it's nauseating reading that, if I'm being honest.
  10. Raja

    Bottled In Bond Going On #26

    That's a pretty good track! Though I also enjoyed this
  11. Raja

    Trailer Thread VI

    Ahh, you should give it another shot! I noticed the track at the start but it sorta faded away from me after a bit.
  12. Raja

    Trailer Thread VI

    I hope they roll it out properly, I feel like The Last Black Man in San Francisco got almost *no* roll out by a24 As an aside, I feel like Wes Anderson just isn't for me.