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  1. Nah, Bullet Train is fun. Shannon is not great in it though.
  2. Could really only hear the Arsenal away support throughout that Though I cannot really completely enjoy this with Partey in our team.
  3. I'm not sure why anyone is worried, once the economic benefits of brexit kick in, we'll be good.
  4. Also, this 10 pound fines for people missing appointments that is Sunak's grand healty policy idea is a fucking joke and does nothing. Like, you're running to be the next PM and this is your grand idea?
  5. Big round of applause from the conservative members when truss talks about pulling out of the ECHR so she can stop asylum seekers Racist xenophoic morons
  6. Bullet Train was fun. Now, there are lots of flaws & the central theme goes a little far, but I enjoyed it. Not a big fan of the Michael Shannon performance though, which is not something I say often.
  7. Mark Ruffalo's soulful eyes would make any man's head turn.
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