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  1. Y'all need to accept Soylent It's just football, innit
  2. Mexal and I managing Arsenal together would be better than Moyes. Also, Yilmaz is on one this season.
  3. She sounds lovely. I'm sorry for your loss, friend. I hope the next few days are easier for you.
  4. I'd give Arteta next season, if we start poorly in the first 15 or so games, he will be gone. We didn't deserve to go through, tbh. Clutching at straws a bit, but a season out of Europe might do us a little bit of good. Imo, we need to sort out what the fuck we're trying to do with our midfield.
  5. Kante should teach Werner how to pass the ball in the box
  6. Oh no, glad you're okay! It sounds like it was likely an anaphylaxis reaction and they probably injected you with adrenaline, which is usually through an intramuscular injection. Hopefully they let you know about your second shot soon.
  7. Would be interesting to follow up the cohort, as I am sure they will be, but things to consider are as follows: 1. 2/3 of the cases were amongst people that were not vaccinated or had had 1 dose of the vaccine - Unvaccinated clearly having a higher chance of catching the disease. 2. Amongst the 1/3 of the people that got COVID even whilst being vaccinated, the WHO effectiveness data has Sinopharm's effectiveness against hospitalization at 80% - so hopefully in this cohort, we will see 80 percent of them not requiring hospitalization which is good news if the cohort that got infected are followed up, which hopefully they will be. Hard to make conclusions regarding restrictions etc without knowing a little bit more than what we do know so far, especially as that WHO document states that >60 data is still needed, which we should be getting with ongoing trials. Good to see a responsive government going fast as opposed to twiddling their thumbs, us folk in the UK have no idea what that feels like.
  8. The twitter account in question has repeatedly said Ole is the best manager y'all have had since Ferguson - don't think he's an 'anyone but ole' type at all. At least Jim Beglin apologized, but how do people think these are acceptable things to say
  9. Not to me But I'll remember that McTominay & Fred is a touchy subject for you.
  10. I'd take McTominay every day over Fred. But as I said before, it's a very mild joke, and the inability to take something so mild is a little odd.
  11. I mean, it's a *very* mild joke.
  12. Interesting. I go nowhere close to reviews or trailers for most movies.
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