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  1. Raja

    U.S. Politics: Gar Nicht Trump's Traumschiff!

    They're going to say that 1. Burisma had questionable doings 2. Trump called him to investigate burisma & not biden 3. Hence it's not for personal gain & therefore nothing wrong in what trump did.
  2. Raja

    U.S. Politics: Gar Nicht Trump's Traumschiff!

    Nunes thinking democrats are going to smear Sondland is strange - clearly didn't get a copy of that opening statement Edit: To be fair, nunes is dumber than my shoe.
  3. Raja

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Mourinho is an ass & the antithesis of everything that our club is, sure, mourinho is probably a better manager than emery but 1. he's not long term 2. he plays shit football 3. he's a terrible human being.
  4. Raja

    Football: foreVAR confused

    This is excellent news. And it keeps him away from Arsenal.
  5. Raja

    Football: foreVAR confused

    Mourinho to Spurs would be lovely. I wish the PL could somehow be back this weekend without Arsenal playing.
  6. I have a feeling next week's episode is going to be akin to International Assassin from the Leftovers.
  7. Ahh, that episode was excellent. I haven't seen Nelson in a lot of stuff, but he does was so good in this episode. It takes you back to the best episodes of both The Leftovers & Lost that focus on a specific character ( people hate on both those shows a lot, but they've given us some excellent stand alone episodes, especially Lost ( the constant being one of them) & the leftovers - incidentally, the other writer on this week's episode was also a writer on the leftovers. For me, that was probably the strongest episode of the series so far - also, I quite liked the different covers of careless whisper.
  8. Yeah, I agree. It also does not mean that much that it only came after outlets like The Washington Post, Slate, Guardian & Jezebel started reporting on the incident. The authors were happy to double down before that.
  9. I think this is spot on - what I don't agree with is somehow equating what the student in question said to the reaction by the author as well as her friends - this included doubling down and the author explicitly endorsing a fellow author saying 'fuck that fucking bitch' to the student. It is a completely disproportionate response by Dessen and I'm glad to see her acknowledge that she was out of line, but I don't think you can equate the two things *at all* - the grad student has subsequently had to deactivate & take herself off social media. I'd be a little more understanding if the student in question was directly tweeting at or going out of her way to trash her work, but it was a comment in a local newspaper that who knows how Dessen found. Egging on your friends to pile on a grad student for something so benign boggles my mind, even if I acknowledge and understand why YA authors might be a little defensive ( and this defensiveness is obviously not exclusive to YA authors, it's something SF & Fantasy authors share too).
  10. Raja

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    I was reading the state department aide David Holmes' statement to the house committee and I one hundred percent did not expect Jay Leno's name to pop up in the statement. And also the Kardashians. ( Holmes is the dude who heard Sondland's call to Trump. The statement also includes Sondland, Perry & Volker calling themselves 'the three amigos') This stuff is so strange & quite damning.
  11. People who bang on about brown people taking over and/ or immigrants eventually being the majority have zero idea how demography works. Nothing to see here except for the resident trolls going on about things they haven't bothered to actually study or look up.
  12. Raja

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    The republicans interrupting each other to get points of order/ parliamentary inquires across was amusing.
  13. I already know all of that Lol - I don't live in the US. Neither can I vote in the US. And even if I could, Gabbard wouldn't be my choice. Then again, Gabbard is basically no one's choice given that she's polling at less than 3% and will likely not even make the later debates in the spring.
  14. In addition to all of the above, I don't know in what kind of mental gymnastics you have to do to consider Johnson is seen as the 'least bad' of the lot. I suppose the answer to that is easy, let's ignore the plethora of stuff Johnson & his allies have said, but more importantly, let's ignore the policies they have enacted. Let's vote in a party & a PM that has pummeled the most vulnerable over the last 4-5 years, if not longer. What a strange take.
  15. Raja

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    There was an article a while ago that said these sci-fi worlds, blade runner & star wars, had an evolution in energy thus allowing for lasers, robots, flights etc as opposed to the information evolution that we've had, thus accounting for the lack of information distribution in both SW & Bladerunner. It was a pretty interesting article, but I have zero idea where I read it.