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  1. Raja

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    Ugh. No. Don't want Terry.
  2. Raja

    Cricket 34: Bring Your Own Sandpaper

    Have people been keeping up with this whole Archer & the way he's talked about by the pundits? I'm only just catching up to it all right now England have always had foreign-born cricketers – so why would Jofra Archer have any effect on the team’s ‘culture’ Then there's the whole thing about Agnew & his tirade against that article. Edit: I didn't realize Agnew was such a muppet
  3. Raja

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    It wouldn't surprise me at all if he's gone in 1.5 seasons. Could even be next season.
  4. Raja

    Football: pool in to the Final Spur of the season

    I don't know who was talking about Spurs not letting Poch go, or more specifically Levy not letting Poch go, as much as people might be fans of Levy, you can't really stop someone that wants to leave. I don't think Poch has got to that stage primarily because the interest in him hasn't been concrete by the big clubs, the timing just wasn't right for them to make a concerted effort to get him, if they had he would have walked, imo. Also, West Ham need to sign Mustafi & Welbeck from us. That seems like something west ham would do.
  5. I think if United or Madrid would have made a serious attempt at getting him, he probably would have gone. I just don't think the interest was concrete enough for him to consider leaving. Timing is everything, if United hadn't given OGS the contract and gone for him in the summer, I think he would have left.
  6. I don't know how we convinced Auba & Lacazette to join our club, but I'm glad they're here. ( Also, Poch is phenomenal, I don't know how United/ Barca aren't making more of an effort to get him)
  7. Edit: Nevermind
  8. fans are fickle, that's every set of fans from every club and not limited to liverpool fans.
  9. That tweet up there, and he's a defender, and he's been with them since the won their first PL title. It's also a stellar goal.
  10. He would cost us a lot, but I think Zaha would be ace at Arsenal. Also, it looks like Edu will be our technical director after the Copa America
  11. Hate to see that
  12. Don't make me dream I know I shouldn't, but I'm holding out hope chelsea lose one of their next two. No way we win our next two PL fixtures though.
  13. Will take that after the horror week we've had
  14. Hello! I'm going to be in London for a couple of months this summer; I'll be working close to the Bow Road station and am ideally looking for a place that is close-ish ( either by commuting by train or walking) to said place. Does anyone have insights into finding a place to stay? I previously found a place through spare room, and will likely start there. In addition, what other areas should I look at? I don't mind commuting, but I'll get off work at 7-8ish, maybe later so I have to keep that in mind. I've previously stayed at a friend's in islington, but I don't really know the city too well besides the tourist-y stuff and football, so any tips will be appreciated!