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  1. Seems a bit early for this, no? Granted I have watched very little Spurs this season, but the man got manager of the month last month! Or is it that obviously bad already?
  2. Something something 'Any man who must say 'I am king' Anyway, date tomorrow which I'm excited about! Getting drinks and then playing table tennis, what could go wrong.
  3. Tomiyasu is a fucking baller. Should have been out of sight by half time, really but bad decisions/ poor finishing made that pretty nervy. Also, Ramsdale did well.
  4. Fear for Newcastle today even though they're at home
  5. "Bigger, stronger, smarter" We were so close to a Kanye lyric being a reality. ( And yes, all those notions are shite!)
  6. Lmao how is origi still at liverpool
  7. You are correct. My bad. However, I still do not think you've read it fully. You say this The SAGE paper states this on schools In addition, regarding why we might see more hospitalizations, they cite the following, which you haven't mentioned at all. I'm not sure if they will go up to 7,000, and neither are SAGE and that's why there are a *range* of options given, but we're at 990 admissions per day with the 7 day average, so I don't think getting to 2000+ a day for a sustained period of time is outside the realm of possibility, and this could be more if you read the factors that the SAGE paper has highlighted ( I could post that but it's a lot and all found within the link) - admissions at that level would be alarming given that we are already at a point where operations are being cancelled in hospitals ( Link 1, Link 2) No, but I think the SAGE paper, the primary document the article is based on, has plenty in it to give you insights as to why the 7000 figure was there. I also think it's important to recognize the uncertainty within that document where they highlight that various factors could have significant impacts on where we go from here, but to me, the more important thing is the 'light' measures they suggest, which I think are sensible. We should be doing all of those things right now, but we're not because it's this government. You've DMed me to say that this paragraph is not about me, then why are you saying it to me? The reason I commented on this particular story is because I work in A&E and see the pressures we deal with every day - all the links I have provided are from government documents or news articles about hospitals facing pressures. In addition, my previous post in the summer stated that we shouldn't go back into the kind of lockdown we had over xmas, but that we should still be taking a cautious approach with clear messaging ( which we haven't) but apparently that's all 'doom & gloom' and 'pro lockdown' - for what it is worth, I think it is a lot more complicated that pro lock-down or anti lock-down right now and for the past few months.
  8. You could read the SAGE papers and you would then have a better idea, as they specifically outline in what situation it might be 7000. It's always a good idea to read the primary sources of information as opposed to an article that summarizes. 'Difficult to see' and 'I don't understand' when you haven't spent any time actually reading the information in question is a bit odd ( spoiler alert, they say 7000 is highly unlikely and also lay out the specific scenarios where it might occur) Edit: Sorry, my above comment is a bit harsh but the paper is linked in the article provided!
  9. I should have stuck to my original thought.
  10. I wanna say Bayern are gonna spank Barcelona because it's Koeman but Barcelona are at home so probably not.
  11. Lennon & Bardsley still playing football. what is this 2010
  12. Rafa's stuck that @polishgenius post in the dressing room, hasn't he?
  13. What on earth was that challenge from Tarkowski. It's at least a yellow, and pretty sure they've sent Xhaka off for similar
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