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  1. Pepe and Auba are not proper wingers sure, but that is where they have played all season and that is why they are on that list. Of course, if Arteta wants to change the system, which I think he will, and move us to a 4 at the back with whatever variation up top then maybe there will be space for Willian. It *is* a long season, so fair enough, but I would rather have let Nelson do whatever we think Willian is going to give us and use those wages and signing on fee elsewhere.
  2. There's going to be a fat signing on fee for sure though. Dunno - I thought maybe with Saka, Martinelli, Nelson, Pepe and Auba we were mostly covered. But that is a fairly young forward line and Martinelli is injured till 2021, so I can see the thinking. Him possibly getting a 3 year contract, with a possibility of it being 4 years just doesn't sit right with me.
  3. Hmm - I think Saka's best position is on the left, tbh. He was *okay* on the right for us, but better on the left. I think Willian will likely play on the right, which is where he played for chelsea if I'm not wrong? Imagine Pepe/ Willian will be on the right. This means lesser game time for Nelson, that is for sure, which is a pity.
  4. Something on Modi and the current precarious situation India finds itself in by Arundhati Roy -. The pandemic has been a disaster in India, and a lot of it is the product of the central govt making decisions without thinking through the consequences. Plus, we now have a standoff with China in the north-east. We lack a proper opposition to the BJP, which makes me think they will comfortably win the next election too - I mean, I can barely convince my mother to not vote for them in the next election because the alternative is Congress.
  5. Sounds like similar issues to RDR2 when it came out on PC, it didn't help that Rockstar has one of the worst PC launchers around. Will defo pick up HZD, but might wait a month just so the initial issues are ironed out.
  6. Everyone in england thinks I sound American. It amuses me because no one in the US thought that! I'm Indian but I've grown up in a bunch of different countries and think I have a fairly neutral accent that is hard to place!
  7. It's early days yet, but I'd put Villeneuve up there too.
  8. Yeah, I totally agree. ( Though of course, the Ozil situation has basically been a disaster)
  9. He also brokered our deal with Everton when we sold Iwobi. I trust no one in our set up at the moment - except Arteta. And he will walk away from the club if he is surrounded by incompetence. Would love to hear from the executive team and the board about how firing our scouts and signing Kia's players helps in 'outsmarting the market' ( those are Sanllehi's words)
  10. I agree in principal but the Ozil thing is a distraction, imo. It's the owners and the executive team we should demand more of
  11. Presenting this as a step to ensure that the club can invest in the team and stay competitive is shameful. Not a fan at all.
  12. Ugh, we seem to be interested in Willian. We *really* don't need him. It would be madness to sign him for 3 years right now.
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