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  1. Not a fan of Dagmer = Ramsay, but what if Ramsay sent Reek (Dagmer) to follow Robb and Theon south knowing the North would be ripe for the picking and then onto Pyke to convince Theon. Now all Reek(Dagmer) has to do is open the gates for Ramsay.
  2. They should have added in that the Millers boys could possibly have been Theon's. For me, that's the point Theon really changes in the books. Also, why do we not know Jon is a warg yet?? If they are still leading up to a fight between Jon and Halfhand, why would Halfhand let Jon kill him? How will they explain a seasoned ranger, a legend in his own time, letting a green boy,who's only claim to anything is accidently killing a white, kill him?
  3. Really missing the fact that they haven't even mentioned that Jon is a warg, or any of the other Starks children for that matter. Seems somewhat critical to Jons character development and story line.