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  1. I say "You have to be realistic." fairly often in normal conversation. I think other that and the now-ubiquitous "You know nothing, <person's name>." it is my most-used quip from any fiction. So I think that's a compliment to Joe.
  2. Argonath Diver

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Maybe there's a little speaker inside like those children's books, so when you open to read it, you hear Rothfuss' voice reading his foreword - heck, he could have one for every chapter!!
  3. Gonna be a lot of suspended games. Rondo clearly spit in CP3's face, several punches connected from those two and Ingram. It was crap timing for me, I was closing the bar I work, trying to get everyone out at 1am, but despite having closed out everyone's checks and pulling most of the drinks, lights on etc, no one left because everyone was watching the drama. Hah. I highly dislike just about everyone on that court, wish I hadn't even put it on at all, and just stuck to those damn Doyers celebration interviews.
  4. Argonath Diver

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    I want to watch The Night Manager again. That was so fun, even in the more over-the-top bits. Definitely a Bondian feel to his character in that one. I've not seen Madden other than Robb, so I can't really have an opinion on him as Bond.
  5. Argonath Diver

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    What if he just wore a black tee shirt that said "My answer to every DoS question: I have no updates at this time." It could have a cute meme under it like a smiling labrador, as well!
  6. Argonath Diver

    Rothfuss XIV: The Slow Regard of Luna Lovegood

    Jeremy Piven was born to play Droz.
  7. Argonath Diver

    Raymond E. Feist’s The Riftwar Saga

    I owned the first, oh, twelve? or so books as a late teenager. Even back then I could pretty clearly see the drop-off in quality. I re-read and definitely enjoyed the original series, the awesome Empire series, and sputtered out as everyone else here did about the third book of the serpentwar series. Most of us on this forum loved dragons in one way or another at some point in our reading lives, I assume. They're everywhere and perhaps a bit tiresome these days, but I still think the dragons presented in this world were pretty awesome.
  8. Bulls fan here, was my all-time favorite non-starter for us when he was the all-hustle kid. I was always glad he broke through to stardom, but it has let his arrogance run wild. He has a rare self-assuredness that ranks up there with Jordan - except that he just seems more interested in proving himself over other guys, trophies be damned. Wanting to go to one of those teams just shows it. He's going to leave a flawed playoff team to join one of those franchises? Just so he can be the Top Gun in a big market? Fuck outta here, Jimmy, that aint the way to win rings, but enjoy your celebrity dates!
  9. Argonath Diver

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    I'd like to see something a bit more upbeat and lighthearted the next go-around. The last ones have been solid, but so damn somber. Not as quite as free and loose as the Man From UNCLE reboot, but closer to that than a Jason Bourne potboiler. Wright would probably steer it that direction.
  10. Argonath Diver

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    I'm not a pescaphobe. I have several fish friends, and I know all the lyrics on Story of the Ghost.
  11. I think they're all funny enough actors, and their characters are bonkers enough in multiple ways, that his repressed sexuality changing to confident sexuality won't suddenly ruin his character.
  12. Argonath Diver

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Bill Mauer has gotten increasingly more of an irritant than a provocateur, in my opinion, in the last decade. I have a hard time watching a full episode of his show these days. More importantly, hey Infinity Wars, everybody!! Now having the opportunity to watch it on my home screen, I still find the constant hammering home of the "One life is equal to all the lives" thing over, and over, and over the most jarring part of the movie. All the first-introduction scenes were perfect, we finally get a menacing villian for the first time in the entire movie collective, a decent amount of the one-liners hit well, but man oh man, did we really need a good six or so major moments where a good guy had to choose to save their friend vs saving the world? Jee whiz, guys. Long time to wait til March and Captain Marvel. I wonder if we'll see a teaser before the big winter releases come out.
  13. Argonath Diver

    Amazon and WB discussing new LORD OF THE RINGS TV series

    Their press release directly mentions Frodo. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the clearest direct info we have confirming that the series will be adaptations of the LotR novels, and not going to necessarily focus on Aragorn or other stories from Middle Earth. I should re-read the novels this summer, maybe imagine which parts I feel they could improve on the movies, which still are just fantastic entertainment to me.
  14. Argonath Diver

    Robert Stanek strikes again!

    Does Amazon have any reason and/or ability to shut down this type of thing? It doesn't necessarily seem illegal, but it's definitely scummy. Since they don't condone sock puppet reviews (although I'm sure they still abound), wouldn't they also want to dissuade others from creating these obviously fake authors solely for the purpose of fake author reviews? Plenty of writers use pseudonyms, but certainly not often for this kind of weird, surely-unprofitable, duplicitous skullduggery.
  15. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Saw Mission Impossible: Fallout tonight. It was excellent fun, about the same level of thrills and banter as Ghost Protocol was. Cruise is bonkers with his stunts, Cavill did a fine if a bit wooden job, and the mild comic relief of Rhames, Baldwin, and Pegg worked well enough. It's been a bit of a running joke with a friend of mine that after having seen The Greatest Showman a few weeks ago with him, that Rebecca Ferguson's (lip synced) song Never Enough has been in my head non-stop ever since. So every time she was on screen, I was nearly popping with the urge to belt out "NEVER ENOUUGGGH! NEVER! NEVER!", and I had a hard time taking her otherwise badass and lovely character seriously at all. I wonder if the random guy next to me was wondering why I kept forcing back loud snickers every single time she was on screen.