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  1. Finished up Arcane last night. Man what a terrific show. The last two episodes were really satisfying but did a great job setting up something that could open up into multiple seasons or spin offs. I know little about League of Legends but I assume multiple characters from the show are heroes in that game, as several characters seemed to settle into video game style classes. That was the only part of the series that felt "video gamey" to me; I really liked a lot of the character depth they managed for something that I assumed would stay formulaic but gorgeous. And boy was that show great looking. Although the action scenes were of course great, I thought they did a terrific job with the animation as well as the sumptuous backdrops and landscape shots. Give me more digital animation like this and the Spiderverse films every night of the week. Now there's the Spidey sequel I really want! (I still haven't seen No Way Home)
  2. A streamer on my Twitch list was playing this tonight. I was about to click off it after I saw this pixel art graphics, but remembered your mention of the title. It definitely looks like it'd give a couple sessions worth of entertainment, and for three bucks that ain't bad. I'll pick it up next time I'm gaming.
  3. Mourning a friend lost far too early tonight, so after cooking myself a nice meal, I settled on Young Frankenstein as a distraction / pick me up. While I'm not laughing-to-breathlessness (aside: I love that word) as I normally would, it's just such a flawless comedy that I've managed to have a great evening all told. Teri Garr was a foundational crush for me back when our VHS player had those colossal colored buttons and no remote, and she is every bit as hilarious as the other comic heavyweights in every scene. Some scenes are so absurd that I can't imagine anyone but Wilder pulling them off. Oh to be a fly on the wall while they filmed such a classic. There are some fantastic outtake and deleted scene reels out there on Youtube, if anyone needs some laughs on a gloomy Tuesday.
  4. It's a testament to that film's utter mediocrity that I don't remember if I watched five, fifteen or fifty minutes before I abandoned it. And heist movies are my jam, man!
  5. Regular folk in the MCU would have seen some absolutely wild headlines over the years with New York repeatedly being ravaged by aliens and doomsday robot AIs, a colossal floating city (even bigger than the colossal floating aircraft carriers and colossal floating worms over Manhattan), half of all life disappearing, then reappearing. A big hand in the water is just another Tuesday. Logistics in comic book movies don't have to make sense. I think in every Marvel writers room or think tank, a common phrase is "Guys it really doesn't matter. Next scene!"
  6. I've been absutely loving the feel good story of the Bulls overperforming expectations with a totally new roster. Been great. We even have the best record in the East! Wow! But I would've very confidently bet on the Nets and tonight's absolute beatdown is a notice to this team. Durant is a generational talent and the three guys we want to defend him all went down with injuries. He absolutely dominated this game more than his stat line will show. And as usual Patty freaking Mills feasts on the Bulls, as he has since his Spurs days.
  7. Looking for a different show to begin, I went in blind to Manifest. Figured a fun show with lots of Weird Stuff Happening would be a good binge. I am about halfway through the first season and will probably push to the season finale. I have been having a bit of fun with the mystery aspect, but the show is far more of a sentimental soap opera than I expected. I want to connect with nuanced characters as much as the next viewer, but I find all these tearjerker scenes ringing hollow. I did have one delightful moment, though. Early in the fifth episode, a main character is having a conversation on a plane. Every time the camera cuts back to her from the second passenger, her hair is down at a different length. One line it's fully let down, the next a full eight inches or so higher up her neckline. Almost every cut back to her line from the other camera angle shows it a bit different. It was hilariously visible and I am surprised the scene made it through editing. This stuff happens often but I'm pretty sure it's the first time I ever noticed on my own.
  8. Yep, I have heard lots of praise over the years for Wooding, namely the Ketty Jay series that does sound interesting. I indeed tried The Ember Blade because it was a well respected author and I do have a soft spot for that 90s epic fantasy vibe. Im trying to talk myself back into reading more chapters, perhaps this weekend. I don't like to dump on books especially when the author clearly does something right for lots of people. This one was spoiled milk for me alas. If I do finish and the finale has me eager for book two, I will have Jim and Micah to thank for reeling me back in. The hook is almost loose though
  9. No, I'm not surprised either. I knew the business model was impossible - I only spent the full subscription price for one of the four years I've had it, and the other three I found deals for less than $15 for the whole year. Having such a wealth of excellent journalists pumping out great content daily, with no ads, has been such a joy, albeit one I knew couldn't last. The Times is probably a good place for it to end up over somewhere that would jettison their top journalists, or loads of their beat columnists, or both. It's regrettable that there is an enormous backlash over politics (hence why I posted this here and not in an Entertainment thread). The Athletic already was not afraid to tackle social and political issues as they came into contact with the sports world, and I don't expect a scary Times executive to threaten some hockey reporter to be more woke in her articles. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that there were more than a thousand angry responses in a few hours, and so many focused on the Times being progressive rather than the inevitable restructuring of the website.
  10. That's fair. I suppose that reading tastes are so very subjective; I got nearly 450 pages in and still felt like everything was formulaic to a fault, and was eye-rolling nearly every scene by the time I stopped. I think I'll let it marinade until the next book is eventually released and go for a re-read. I'm not sure I've been so far from the general positive consensus on a novel in a long time, and it feels awkward being that guy. Thank you for the response; I realized 2021 saw likely the least amount of books I've read since, well, I was able to. Still looking for an author who really catches me from the get-go; he or she is out there!
  11. I rarely quit on a book once I'm halfway through or more, but I threw in the towel on The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding, whom many here have complimented from his other works. Felt like a complete retread of a patchwork of fantasy tropes, with paint-by-numbers characters who often seemed like video game NPCs. A flimsy plot relentlessly clung to expectations page after page. Unless there is a complete about face in the last act, I didn't find a single compelling reason to carry on. Wooding's prose was acceptably epic fantasy-ish with some bouts of anachronistic dialogue, certainly less wince-inducing than Sanderson, but never really worth a slow word-by-word re-read after a particularly splendid paragraph. A good friend adores Retribution Falls, which I seem to recall is well-regarded here. I figured I'd enjoy a respected current author's dive into traditional epic fantasy, but this one just couldn't keep me turning the pages. I'll have to try out his steampunk stuff as a second effort, though it's not a subgenre I have much reading experience in.
  12. So the New York Times bought The Athletic for $550 million buckaroos. If any of you are unfamiliar, The Athletic is a pretty new website with a subscription based, no ads sports journalism site, and happens to be one of my absolute favorite corners of the internet. Talented beat writers for most every American pro franchise, some heavy hitters in the national sports journalism world, etc. Four years ago the founders of The Athletic bragged that their goal was to bankrupt all traditional newspapers, and I've been a very happy subscriber for years. They're great. Alas their subscription only service (I let mine expire and they begged me back for a whopping $12.99 for this year) lost $55 million in revenue last year, so everyone is assuming the NYT is going to gut or assimilate them into whatever their plan is and basically ruin everything. I expected a mild rumbling of discontent regarding the sale. Boy oh boy. Check out the Comments on The Athletic's brief press release post. There have to be a couple thousand really angry men furiously informing the world of their upcoming cancellation. I am sure the site was braced for a negative response, but that has to be the largest amount of responses to an internet article I've ever seen in so little time. The NYT will very likely ruin my cherished Athletic because of money, not their lib'ral agenda.
  13. A Raptors fan over on another basketball forum said he was at the Heat game, and that Lowry had been mercilessly chirping at that ref for several minutes prior. So the only slightly harder than necessary pass looked incredibly minor, but was seen as the final slight against the ref to earn a second technical. Just read that your Wolves have something like a +50 point differential with their current starters of choice (Bev/Ant/KAT/Russel/that other guy) and are 9-2 if those five are the starters. Positivity in the Twin Cities!
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