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  1. Argonath Diver

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    I need to re-read a bunch of the later ones, but I'm not entirely sure where I want to start. Don't want to commit to a full do-over. I'll probably read plot summaries on a fansite until I reach a point I decide to dive back fully into it. I'm not sure there's any series I churn through faster, to be honest. They're just so damn entertaining.
  2. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    I guess I'm not a man among men or whatever, but I think it's a whole lot fucking worse to cheat your way to a god damn championship than to keep quiet in a clubhouse full of guys like David fucking Ortiz saying "Don't snitch". Man, I have generally loved everything Big Papi related despite him and his evil ass team beating mine in two recent World Series, but I think it's pretty damn pathetic to call out Fiers and not the entire team of ring-stealing, unrepentant twats. Oh, and also, fuck the Astros. Apologies to my mother for the cursing. It's late and I am very ready for Opening Day.
  3. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Also helps if youve lived in the industry at all. It is easily the closest "this is how it is" of any movie involving the restaurant world I can think of. So it's a top 5 ever for me simply because I love to cook, and I have been one of those tequila shot rounds, no sleep, service before self types my entire life (though as front of house myself). Last time I watched it, I paused about halfway through and and spent a good hour and a half cooking myself one of the best impromptu meals I have ever come up with.
  4. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    I'm impressed at just how pathetic and insulting most of the Astros' apologies have been, foremost the owner. Agreed, I almost expected Correa to say, "you're all just jealous whiners" and pee on the front door of the HOF in Cooperstown.
  5. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Oh right on, so it was good? I saw it on my recommended list and had been meaning to watch it. Worried it will make me go buy some bottles I absolutely dont need to be spending money on.
  6. Argonath Diver

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    I also dipped back into some old Poirot novels I found amongst my high school things. I love how many times I stop to carefully read, say, a description of a character's coat, just hoping I've found a clue. I'm never right.
  7. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    The Reds are trying. NL Central continues to be a baffling division. I have absolutely no idea who's gonna win 92 or 76 games there. Cards seem fully content, and I feel like it could steer them to a 3rd place finish, but that's how I felt basically all last season and they limped their way to the NLCS somehow. Cubs, Brewers, and Reds all seem similarly "WTF, who knows?" and poor Pirates fans are watching their team get dismantled yet again.
  8. Kobe would have been a terrific elder statesman of basketball. One of the biggest tragedies in sports history, to be sure. Still conflicting reports of his daughters or Rick Fox being on board with him. Whoever it was, they were someone's children or parents, so their loss is just as heart-breaking, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it together if it turns out any of his daughters were lost.
  9. Argonath Diver

    NBA Off-Season 2019 - Bridge Over the River Kawhi

    Portland is just so beat up. Nurkic and McCollum aren't world-beaters, but they are certainly better than Swanigan. Whiteside is an imbicile, long arms or no. I only casually watched the game - I love watching Doncic but the defense was so atrocious I turned it off - and a lot of it was Whiteside being completely unable to keep up with more than one quick switch or help rotation. I don't think they would be top 4 in the west even fully healthy, though. Which is too bad. Dame is just thrilling to watch.
  10. Argonath Diver

    Has it all gone quiet since the TV show finished?

    I have fewer than 1k posts here despite apparently being in the first 4k. Then again, almost every forum I'm a part of I lurk far more than I post. Though I probably average two typed out, then deleted before posting messages a day between them. I was a huge fan of Valve games when they were talking about this weird content platform thing that they said would eventually be more important than Half-Life or Portal. Yeah, right Valve. I still downloaded it within the first hour or so it was released. So my steamID is 61,000 something. There are like 100 million now. I remember way back even in Counter-Strike 1.6, people seeing my number on the my server of choice's statistics page. Had a number of people offer me money for the account back then. But screw that, I have a bunch of games I still never even beat on my Steam backlog Though I don't post much, there are a ton of people here far smarter than I, and though I don't remember the last time I actually discussed anything related to the books or novels here, I still lurk here as much as anywhere.
  11. Argonath Diver

    Bond 25: No Time To Die

    I'm glad you reminded me of your stance on women! I'd almost forgotten! We already saw a kickass female Bond, Charlize in Atomic Blonde. Agreed we don't need the name Bond to make women bad ass.
  12. Argonath Diver

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    On another baseball forum, someone linked a guy's tweet referring to a random other person's tweet that said Beltran would step down as manager. That original account apparently originally broke Beltrans signing as well, a few days before others. This fourth degree of separation detective work agrees with my eye test - I don't see any way the Mets weather the storm if he says "Ya I was in on it, oops?" Or if he goes hard and denies, denies, denies. He is out, far as I'm guessing.
  13. Argonath Diver

    Bond 25: No Time To Die

    Interesting choice. I'm still surprised she's such a mainstream success. It's pretty weird stuff - honestly really up my alley. Then again, Adele is not my kind of music whatsoever and I was fine with that Skyfall track - I bet Eilish's theme isn't good to me, though I just played most of her album again the other day.
  14. Argonath Diver

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    My money's on Cora getting a lifetime ban for participating in both the Stros drama and the Sox after.
  15. Argonath Diver

    MLB Post/Off-season: Houston, We Have a Problem

    Heck of a punishment. Wow. After feeling the sting of the Cards losing two picks and a wad of cash after that POS Correa' s hacking incident, I feel the pain Stros fans must, and this is much harsher. With Cora apparently being the ringleader there, and his involvement in the Red Sox thing later, I would not be surprised if we never see him in a dugout again. Manfred going hard.