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  1. I swear this season has seen me the angriest or most ambivalent I've been for a Cardinals team in a decade. June was goddamn infuriating with 9 wins and major injuries. Stunningly bad late inning losses multiple times, setting team records for incompetence. Well, not a decade - 15 years, when the stacked 2006 team massively underperformed, alienated our fanbase, had three separate 7 game losing streaks, was one game over 500 and promptly fell into a championship. So again yep sorry Mysh, we will survive Mad Max somehow then win on some gritty bullshit in the 8th. You're fucked.
  2. I consider myself a pretty diehard Cardinals fan and I've been absolutely shitting on this team all year. Up and down the roster, almost every player failed to meet their projections or were injured this season. More absolutely devastating blown games than any year since... 2006. It has not been a fun season to watch this team. As of about two weeks ago I routinely turned our one TV at my restaurant's bar over to any other live sport instead of the Cards. Of course the Padres and Reds completely collapse and leave the door open for this infuriating team. The second game against the Mets was a thriller. Mozeliak has steadfastly clung to his continued plan over the last decade has been to maybe, hopefully get 86 wins and sneak into the playoffs, but not go all out for a 100 win team. His high floor, low ceiling approach is incredibly profitable for the DeWitts. Two weeks ago, crabby fans like myself were ranting that this was finally the year that would expose this flawed plan, as the Cards are clearly an order of magnitude weaker than the actual playoff-built teams. Well here we are and our All Stars are acting like All Stars, and Lars Nootbaar stealing home runs in right. This team is fucking weird, man. I'll try not to talk too much shit, then, when we end your 103 win Doyers season in one evening, Matt Adams style. Sorry, dude.
  3. Good luck. I have several thousand hours in POE but am generally done with it, though I love watching it on Twitch. I still play grindy games primarily, and POE is right with D2 as my ATG. There's an astounding amount to learn outside the game. Building a Nec as your first run through is wise - itemization isnt nearly as important. You may begin to hit a wall if your tree and skill gem setup aren't up to snuff, but i hope you're having a blast! It's an incredibly dark plot if you're bothering to dig into that part of the game.
  4. Curses. I buy games so utterly rarely that I didn't even think to shop elsewhere. Alas I out in too many hours and can't refund. All good, I'll get likely a few hundred hours of the game over the years, provided eventually 'endgame' building is as engaging as early wandering.
  5. Yeah, I was really surprised when I logged onto steam and saw that. It's been on such colossal sales in the past. I guess I simply have terrible timing as a bigtime new content update just released and I guess they ratcheted the price back up to what it was 5 years ago to get fools like me. I probably could have waited a few weeks for another sale (or even til Black Friday) but I had the day off and was really, really jonesing to start fresh. I don't mind, as I'll be putting a whole lot of hours into it. Unless Valheim's content patch coming out really soon pulls me back to that. I like the leisurely sandbox pace of both games, but it's a lot more fun to just wander around in NMS, whereas I find Valheim's areas just too repetitive and relatively lifeless. On the other hand, I'm far, far more interested in building a colossal Viking fortress than a sci-fi outpost, so both games will still get plenty of play over the next year or whatever.
  6. Bought No Man's Sky a second time, as I simply don't use my ps4 anymore and wanted it on PC. Still 60 bucks surprisingly but it's such great content that I don't mind. I am damn useless at thumbsticks and this late I always will be, so it's nice to use keyboard and mouse. Alas the menus and movement are clearly ported from a console. Absurdly clunky menu navigation. The game is such a great pace for me (my gamer tag is Slower, suits me here). Haven't even gotten close to any new content and probably won't for ages. Found a Paradise planet my very first system to stroll around and collect language stones for awhile.
  7. Marlins Guy sure is wearing weird jerseys these days, I guess the orange one got too bland?
  8. Man, I was a teen and just discovering the wild world of the late 90s internet when the Matrix marketing campaign rolled out that website, secret codes in the html, cryptic messages in video game and promotional tie-ins, the works. I spent so much damn time trying to be the one to figure out the next secret message. I'd love if this little website teaser is the beginning of another similar marketing campaign, this time with another 20 years advancement in online tech, the emergence of social media, and a huge range of online entertainment sources.
  9. It's also a promotional shot to generate new viewers. If anything, it might have been a bit off-putting for a newcomer if Moiraine were leaning on a flawless, pure white column, that'd almost look like a science fiction shot rather than a "High Epic Fantasy Series". I do expect the Tower to be gorgeous, though, the way the LotR trilogy seemed to really capture the ephemeral beauty of Rivendell. It's too important to the WoT for them to half ass a big fancy castle.
  10. A muddled CGI finale?! Surely they wouldn't dare.
  11. Veltigar, as someone with the same last name as the director (and a brother with the same first name!), I would like you to remember to put that E in there! I absolutely adore my fellow Lowery's adaptation of Pete's Dragon, and I'm really looking forward to seeing The Green Knight this evening. I'm already fairly certain I'll love it simply off the sumptuous visuals and Patel's presence. Even if the movie ends up disappointing, it certainly has one of the best trailers I've ever seen. Though, I think there's a chance it's similar to Where the Wild Things Are, whose trailer I consider one of the greatest of all time, but have tried the film three times and have never enjoyed it.
  12. Trying a reread of Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series, which is, by his own admission, Roman Legoinnaires with Pokémon. Im up to the third of six books. As with his Dresden Files, his writing can be really grating to me. Anachronistic dialogue and page long internal monologs abound. Seems like every third page, Butcher hammers it in to readers exactly how righteous his heroes are, though they are wracked with internal conflicts. It gets tiresome. About 60% of each book seems to be action scenes, which he does have a knack for. Again, though, there are only so many swordfights, fistfights, and aerial battles to describe. As with my first read through years ago, I find myself skimming entire swaths of many chapters. There are some good payoff moments, and rather like Sanderson, Butcher writes fun characters despite iffy presentation. I wanted a paint by numbers epic series written to completion, though, and here it is. Does the job for light summer reading.
  13. I'm actually a hell of a lot of fun. Thanks. But I am a bit tired of superhero films in general, to be sure. Serious ones and send-ups alike. We still had a fun time watching it and laughed throughout. I just don't think it was that memorable, nor worth such a high critics consensus.
  14. The Suicide Squad was somewhat disappointing considering the widespread acclaim. It definitely hit well on lots of good one liners and corny antics, but the plot was eye-rolling at best, and groan worthy in general. I didn't see the first one, but I hardly think that mattered. That said, the actors seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout. Robbie was a treat, to be sure. Somehow made something interesting beyond a horny goth teenage fantasy pastiche. All in all it was worth some laughs, but I hardly think it deserves a 95% + Rotten Tomatoes and all that.
  15. I guess the Suns somewhat had their hands forced. Almost no chance he's putting up 50 million of production in four years, but it'll be worth the gamble if they manage to sneak to the finals again. Perhaps it'll happen. Ball to the Bulls - I absolutely loathed the Ball Brothers and Lavar's gross antics. I've relatively come around on his newfound jump shot, and he does make sense alongside LaVine. Bulls aren't world beaters with this group, but it's a huge improvement from the past couple years' shitpiles. I'm sad to lose Theis, but Caruso's defense is just what we need assuming he'll get lots of time with Coby White.
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