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  1. Argonath Diver

    The Richard Morgan Thread III

    Wert, I poked around a little to no avail. So Thin Air takes place in the Mars that is described in Black Man? Judging by the mirrored covers of this re-release and Amazon's cover of Thin Air, that makes some sense.
  2. Argonath Diver

    NBA playoffs 2018 - Raptors over Cavs in 6

    Picking the Cavs plus 6.5 was the easiest bet I think I've ever made. I wish I'd put down four times as much.
  3. I feel like there's about a 15% chance that this entire account is an offshoot of that Microsoft AI thing I keep seeing advertised.
  4. Argonath Diver

    Avengers: Infinity War - SPOILERS THREAD

    Wow, I'm impressed as hell. I absolutely expected the early deaths (Elba and Hiddleston out), was suitably shocked at Gamora going. Its clear that all the snap-of-a-thumb deaths will be reversed after some time reversal BS, but I certainly didn't expect such a hard-as-hell cliffhanger. My least favorite part of the movie was by far the every-15-minutes good guy choosing a loved one over half the universe thing. I get it, but for fuck' s sake they pulled that what 4 important fights? Fuck outta here. It was tiresome by the second repetition. Minor beef, really. It's a comic book movie and I expect to be bludgeoned with comic book morals. I honestly enjoyed it a whole lot more than I expected to. The pacing was a bit odd, though they mostly pulled it off, going between depressing deaths and light banter every fifteen minutes or so. Will see it again this week and digest more. I certainly liked it truckloads more than Ultron. What a blatant tease until the finale, though. They're going to make 2 billion for a blatant Part 1.
  5. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2018: Sho(hei) Me What You Got

    two games in a row that the Cardinals coulda won in in the bottom of the 9th and blew it in the 10th to the Mets. Damn. I'm gonna hear about this from my mets pals for weeks unless we pull a miracle.
  6. Argonath Diver

    Is David Eddings any good?

    Hey, I still drink Budweiser, if it's what is available! That's a pretty excellent comparison, to be honest. Eddings may not compare to modern stuff, but he can still get the job done for a simple Sunday afternoon quaff.
  7. Argonath Diver

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Oh, my man. You and me both. Although I bartend in New York City, I am from Illinois and have been a Bulls fan since Jordan's first ring. Carmelo Anthony may be my least favorite player of all time. Thank god a ton of New Yorkers hate him also, as a lot of them are bizarrely obsessed with the guy. He is the epitome of a losing player. (now watch him hit some huge shots tonight!). I'm mostly enjoying this first round before the inevitable Warriors steamroll begins in earnest.
  8. Argonath Diver

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    Weird final sequence for LeBron, eh? He gets a turnover because he correctly saw the ball hit the baseline, but they call it on him. Then he goaltends and isn't called for it. Then he nails a mean, mean game winner. Bummer, I sure was rooting for Indiana to steal it. Now I hope this Utah/OKC game is a battle as well.
  9. I did. I just love his style in this series. Some parts were really a joy to read. It moves along at a snails pace, though, and I did find myself skimming for pages at a time. I think I will enjoy it once things get going in the next novel. (Things will get going again, right? Haha)
  10. Who cast that high level Summon Author? Well done. Joe you continue to be my most recommended author to my pub customers and friends who want to read some thoroughly entertaining new fiction. Always a pleasure when I get positive feedback, so allow me to pass it on. A few weeks ago a regular told me he started Best Served Cold on a Sunday afternoon and took off Monday to finish it. My highest praise. Come to this Yank' s English pub in Manhattan someday and pints are on me.
  11. Argonath Diver

    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Discussion No H8 M8 Just Gr8

    Yeah, every Marvel movie in "3D" has been much more of a distraction than a boon. Especially in a theater with those crappy glasses. The Dr Strange mindbender scene was pretty great in 3D, all the action scenes are just an eyesore. I doubt I'll ever elect to go to a 3D show in a theater again. Anything that's truly cool in 3D will look better at home, anyway. My local theater only seemed to have Black Panther in 3D on the big screens and 2d on the tiny ones. Sucks.
  12. Argonath Diver

    Marvel Cinematic Universe General Discussion No H8 M8 Just Gr8

    I absolutely love my home projector's 3D mode - it looks amazing on a very large screen in a normal living room. That only applies to animated stuff, or things shot using proper 3D cameras - IMAX nature documentaries, every Pixar movie, etc. The post converted stuff looks shoddy in comparison. I won't even bother with them, and I'm a pretty big 3D proponent. I have Movie Pass, so it's a small screen sometime after the first sellouts settle down.
  13. Argonath Diver

    Is David Eddings any good?

    I just love hearing ongoing chatter about Eddings being such a shameless hack. I definitely thought that series was really, really cool, back when I also liked Feist and Star Wars pulp.
  14. Argonath Diver

    NBA 2018 - Soup's on!

    What a joke. You could see people just shrugging and leaving instead of cheering. People wwre leaving when it was like an 8 point game! Man, Miami sucks for sports.
  15. Argonath Diver

    Am I Ready, Player One?

    That's one thing that the tone of the movie didn't relate. The book made it clearer that 80s culture underwent a dramatic return directly due to people suddenly analyzing everything 80s, knowing the keys would be related to that decade. So in real-world 2045, 80s music, dress and culture were hip again. The movie just kind of blurs everything into Nerd Culture is cool again.