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  1. I moved away two years ago, but I assume this is the most Knicks hype since that insane Boston series in 13? And of course Linsanity before it (holy shit working my first bar gig in New York a block from MSG was some damn trip for that couple weeks). The city deserves some serious Knicks excitement again. I'm a total Thibs fan from the Rose/Deng/Noah days, and man is he a perfect fit to coach for that organization. And fuck the Nets.
  2. I'm a huge Cardinals homer, and I'll honestly a bit more relieved than sad that they didn't sign him. It would have been a stupid baseball move for an awesome team reason. Everyone in this city thinks his leadership would have been worth it despite him probably being 43 and definitely being a terrible baseball player in 2021. I hope he hits a few homers in Doyer Stadium, and most importantly I hope the umpires bring crossword puzzles while the fans give him a 45 minute standing ovation on September 6. Fuck I need to buy some tickets for that series ASAP
  3. Our Valheim private server is still up 3 more months, but alas my brother who set up the group isn't interested at all except an hour or two a week of inefficient hunting, and two other guys gave up. Only one other fellow and I left, and I feel a bit sad that my first real build, a fully terraformed peninsula, hasn't had a single guest. I am curious how new content patches will affect existing worlds. I am eagerly awaiting Hearth and Home, its first major content patch, as I'm certainly more interested in building a giant viking hall more than fighting the silly monster AI. I dont think it'll have a new biome or mats requiring a new seed, but perhaps later expansions will. My old premise of a new char on any server isn't as interesting now that I have many more hours in material collection and building vs character progression. If the server I made New Burtholm dries up, I'll likely spend a day wrecking it and dragging thousands of pounds of ingots and wood over to a single player hoard.
  4. I wrote a paper about it in high school, for a compare a book to film essay. It was hard to work through that book as a high school kid who generally read Raymond Feist and Douglas Adams. But damn was it awesome once I got a feel for Ellroy's prose. I think the film was superior, though. Every actor was impeccable, and the incredible setpieces helped form my imagined concept of LA as a larger than life place. Also one of my top 10, and worth a rewatch every couple years. I had to get parental permission because the teacher knew of the sexuality and violence - but of course I'd already seen it twice in the theaters as a 16 year old. As a matter of fact, it occurs to me that that film was one of my very first dates. I still remember her covering her eyes at any nudity, so I definitely knew I wasn't getting past second base that night. Edit: Yes absolutely agreed that Bosch feels like a spiritual successor to LA Confidential. I can't wait for season 7.
  5. I can only imagine how bonkers the sets are going to be, either practical or digital. My hopes are high.
  6. I somewhat expect him to sign with the White Sox as well. When it wasn't entirely sure whether the league would press forward with a universal DH over the off-season, I mentioned to a friend here the likelihood that the Angels could release Pujols this year, and that everyone wearing a Cardinals cap would be thrilled, even if other PH/DH options were available. Perhaps the Sox don't elect to sign him, and the Cardinals can give him a one day for a couple at bats in Busch. It'd be the most overlong standing ovation since... well, we do that shit all the time.
  7. Well until I figured out I should grow a beard and get a proper haircut in my 30s, I only ever got "Screech", so I'll definitely take "mediocre Ben Barnes or emaciated Eric Bana" as upgrades. I might give the show another try if I brace myself for the YA vibe of all the interactions. I'm not bagging on it at all, and I don't necessarily require some gritty or stuffy show. I had a hard time getting through the second episode due to disinterest and about 1.5 eyerolls per conversation. I absolutely would have quit the Witcher as well simply because it didn't make much sense had I not some familiarity with the games. Heh now I'm talking myself into trying to press on with Shadow and Bone before I start the Nevers.
  8. I tried a couple episodes of Shadow and Bone, but I couldn't get past the YA dialogue. Easy to see its appeal to many fans, though. I don't think I'll keep on with it. Knowing nothing about the source material, it definitely feels disjointed, and hearing they're combining two wholly different series makes sense. Similar to The Witcher, though in that property I at least had a cursory understanding of the main characters. I thought each actor seemed to do fine with the script aimed at teens, and there are really, really good looking people all over. I liked the general visual vibe of the show, especially If I take a second look at the series down the road, I'll probably do some wiki reading even if I notice a spoiler or two. Lots of conversations and scenes in the first two episodes that I'm sure resonated more with readers. I really like Ben Barnes, mostly because we are the same age, and look alike with his scruff, if you up the slider on each characteristic a couple spots of course and recolor the greys. Tonight I'm going to start The Nevers, which I think I'll enjoy more.
  9. That could have been terrifying, holy shit.
  10. Excellent point. Why hasn't time travel been monetized yet? This is America for fucks sake. Within 6 months of Banner and Stark just inventing time travel because it's important, we'd definitely have ripoffs zipping people back, possibly missing appendages or appearing in a quantum flux, for like $10,000 an appointment.
  11. Agreed that societal impacts from the return of a few billion people makes for some interesting dynamics. I think FnWS dug into it with the Flag Smashers and all that, but relatively misfired in its execution. It certainly was a far more interesting take than Far From Home, which shrugged it off with a couple jokes about that one fellow being handsome now. It would be pretty interesting if Marvel allowed someone to film a story dealing with the Blip and return without a super hero ever on the screen (other than on a TV broadcast in the introductory scene or something. If any combination of my immediate family had been blipped, it would have had colossal ramifications; I assume anyone here would see the same with theirs. It would have been the single most important moment of human history, that's certain, and I think all of Phase 4 is going to need to deal with it directly.
  12. Can't think too hard about the Blip mechanics. What about airline passengers? Did they reappear at 30,000 feet, and have an experience roughly similar to the whale in Hitchhiker's Guide? What about a few hundred billion mosquitoes, or some crippling virus from 5 years ago? Was the return at the same date as the snap, or did any migrating animal just re-appear a few hundred or thousand miles from where its body expects it to be? Thankfully, it's a comic book movie, so the obvious and correct answer is "The Infinity Stones worked all that out off-screen, trust us."
  13. Also a big fan of that What If? trailer. Into the SpiderVerse is my favorite comic adaptation. That style of animation is perfectly suited to the colorful MCU. Imagine Ragnarok if they could have gone completely gonzo through animation!
  14. Man, I remember almost having a physical reaction to that damned buzzing; I assume it was intentional. That was an extremely uncomfortable episode for me to watch, and not really in a good way, despite being pretty intense apart from that draconian aural torture.
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