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  1. The Cardinals have been a disaster. Iowa and the Big10 aren't playing. The Blues have looked like shit for two weeks. The Bulls aren't playing. I haven't had a damn lick of positive sports news in months. Just like you, I woke up and did my usual 10 minutes of news scrolling and saw this. What a delight. The past few weeks of rumors that AK's hands were tied by the Reinsdorfs regarding a coaching change had my pessimism running rampant. I'm just so damn happy. My guess, and hope, is Adrian Griffin.
  2. I'm a regular toker, and alas no nothing really helps the tremor. It's a long story with no real answers, but it seems most calm when I'm healthy (as in, not drinking too much as I have most my adult life) and full - I've a high metabolism. For instance, right now I did a ton of work around my apartment today and I'm beat. Even my off hand is a bit shaky now, and my left hand is pretty severe. It sucks, but frankly I've almost never had health insurance for 20 years (fuck Obama care for costing far above my means and penalizing me instead for not buying a 300/month plan, that's another rant) and no doctor has ever been of use. Tonight will be fun, after dinner I'm going to spend the night with beloved music and just scribble. I haven't felt eager to draw in twenty years.
  3. I was raised around art and an avid drawer until college. Fast forward twenty years, I've developed a permanent hand tremor on my drawing (and billiards and darts and chopsticks and every other activity that my former excellent dexterity is now awful) hand. It's a major reason that I'd almost entirely abandoned a former hobby. Well, my buddy teased me about how attached I am to a family of hummingbirds who zoom around my apartment's deck feeder all summer. They've been, without a doubt, one of the most positive things that's happened to me through the shutdown, that's ended my bartending career and slammed my life to a halt. I love the little bastards. Anyway, buddy says "You're an old man sketching birds now." I had a pleasant weed edible in me, felt inspired, and found my old conte crayons - basically chalky pastels. To my surprise and delight, my first two sketches after about fifteen years were both very good. Even Dad the retired Design 101 professor was surprised it was my work. Very difficult to draw when your hand shakes as much as I do, but through a combination of an iron deathgrip, the flexibility of error due to the medium, and even some right-handed shading, they came out very nice. Dad was kind enough to provide me with a treasure trove of terrific quality paper and several excellent sets of pastels, pencils, and charcoal. I temporarily hung the first sketch inside the sliding door - I hope Humphrey and Bruce appreciate their portraits. Tomorrow I'll be doing some simply shading and line exercises to sort of figure out my limitations with the tremor. This last month has been particularly rough on my mental state; perhaps spending time creating some art will help.
  4. I don't think it's possible, no. I don't think it's going to matter, though. The Cardinals haven't played a game in 18 days before this weeken's presumptive White Sox series. Even if we come back and play 9 or 10 games a week, the guys are going to be unprepared, and then rapidly burn themselves out. I would be shocked if the Cardinals manage a .400 record upon returning. I quite literally have never been so sad about the team I root for in my life. At least in the 90s when they were terrible, I could go for 2 dollars on student night and goof off. I don't even check the scoreboard these days, which would have been unthinkable since I was about six years old. I think I made a terrible mistake allowing myself to get emotionally invested in baseball finally coming back to give me some joy during this miserable year. edit: Just saw that Ryan Helsley stated that he received a haircut at a St Louis salon on Thursday. He reported developing symptoms that very day. The fact that this turd is out getting a god damn haircut as his team's season is under threat due to his roommate and other teammates is just absurd. What. The. Fuck. No punishments? Why doesnt my entire god damn team just go to a cough judging party with each other down in Florida?
  5. I love that Pat Bev and Paul George got into a minor Twitter beef with Dame, who dropped 51 and now 61 since. Dude is one of the best "Fuck you, watch this then" players I've ever seen. Made me think of a guy I used to shoot a lot of pool with. He was one of the best shots I've ever been around, and I've spent more time in pool halls than most. If we were gambling against other duos (pretty much the entire pool hall in those days was casual open gambling), I generally had to rile him up to get him to play his best. He was a little shit, and the only way to get him to get over the top on many a night was forcing myself to get into an argument with him, or endanger his fragile ego. But, then I'd see his eyes go into this wild hyper-focus, and he'd run a table out clean, look at me with a triumphant macho chest-puffing pose, and gloat that he had it the whole time. I definitely have performed at my best in several ways when I had a severe chip on my shoulder for whatever reason or another. I don't consider myself an angry person, but sometimes feeling your hackles raised pushes out whatever hormones your mind and body need to. I hope Dame keeps playing like he has to prove something. Portland is not a team anyone in the West wants to play. They're great fun.
  6. Humor is terribly tough to recommend depending on the audience. I adore a lot of foul-mouthed or dark humor. My mom would abhor It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, though I am often brought to tears laughing so hard at it. I also like a lot of stupid stoner comedies - because, well, obvious reasons. But although I can still laugh for 90 minutes straight at Grandma's Boy, I realize it's a pretty terrible movie, and wouldn't recommend it to anyone as something worth watching. In no particular order, movies I think are both absolutely hilarious specifically to my taste, but also as a first-time watch to someone I don't even know: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels What About Bob? Young Frankenstein Airplane! Clue Hot Fuzz! The Hangover Wedding Crashers The Big Lebowski Bridesmaids O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Other Guys Anchorman / Zoolander (I love em both but neither can be watched if you don't think they're hilarious within 90 seconds or so) I tried not to put repeats of the same lead, though you can generally see who I find the funniest. I am an 80s kid, so alas, older films are often brilliant, but i don't laugh at quite as much as films generally my age or younger. Finally, some movies that I consider absolutely hilarious, but for one reason or another - mostly your level of sobriety - many people would disagree with or not identify with the content: Black Dynamite, Army of Darkness, Step Brothers, Stripes, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, [6 other Bill Murray movies], Office Space, Super Troopers, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut,
  7. Other than, say, Star Wars or LOTR fandom stuff, I don't think there's ever been a movie I didn't want to re-watch so soon. Like karaddin preaches, the movie is just so fun the second time, especially seeing his/their girlfriend completely baffled by this lunatic she's dating.
  8. Always a treat, these threads. I hope you continue to have somehow missed all these fantastic movies for us to all revisit with you.
  9. Fantastic, man! Riven I felt like was a masterpiece in its own right. I think I'll have to go experience the two again now that you've got me thinking about them. It's gotta have been a decade. I'll be just fuzzy enough that the hardest puzzles are still completely maddening, but I'll at least know that the much smarter 18 year old Me did actually finish and even master them.
  10. Wow, very cool! Myst was the first game that I ever really dove into (the way so many of us did). Sure I played a ton of Zelda and Madden, but boy oh boy was it a blast to use up a whole half a notebook with my scribbles. I got it on Christmas and hardly left the computer room until school was back in session. Was in college when Riven came out, and my roommate and I played the crap out of that as well - we'd literally compare notes on our theories and puzzle solutions. Heck, I even read a few of those pretty bad books.
  11. I threw my paperback across the dorm room, then an hour later tried very hard to take it out on my wonderful college girlfriend with a series of snide comments and bitter complaints. Once she realized I was acting like a toddler without his pacifier, she mercilessly mocked me for being a rotten shit due to a book chapter. But, but, she didn't understand!
  12. Twitch is fascinating to me. I'm much older than most of the streamers. Five years ago I scoffed at the idea of watching another person play a game I could just play myself. Then I started watching guys playing games I played, only at a much higher level. That helped educate me on some fights, etc, or let me see content I couldn't reach as a casual. Later, I found guys like Dr Disrespect, who played games I don't even own. I have watched a whole heck of a lot of PUBG the last few years, a game I never have even owned. I am so thoroughly bad at FPS games now that it's simply far, far more fun for me to watch a really good player make great plays. I generally equate it to my watching basketball and baseball. I haven't stepped onto a court in a decade, no do I have any interest. But I still argue about and watch basketball all the time. I don't see much difference in watching competitive online gamers make plays that I could never, ever pull off. I also still play a lot of Path of Exile, but I don't have nearly the time to really dedicate to it. More importantly, similar to FPS games, I simply suck at the damn game even with several thousand hours. So there are boss fights I don't even bother to attempt on my crappy characters. I have fun my way, and then watch the big streamers do the neat content. I'm also tuning into the Dr Disrespect channel right now. Currently above its peak yesterday of 335k. I imagine it'll hit 600k in the next hour or so. I think his character and persona are hilarious, and no one else is quite like it. I'm very glad that it sounds like it was a money issue and not off-stream misconduct. And yes, do yourselves a favor and try out Fall Guys if you want to play a game that looks like absolutely nothing you'd ever have an interest in, but find really delightful after all. I certainly know that when I finally win my first game I'm going to go absolutely nuts.
  13. I heard about the unexpected mania involving the game Fall Guys - basically a Battle Royale only with jelly bean characters designed for 7 year olds running through obstacle courses. Their servers were overwhelmed (and still are), so I watched the trailer and thought, "That looks stupid." Watched a bit of the Twitch streamers I generally tune in to all really enjoying it, and thought, "Okay, that looks stupid but I'll try it on Steam and quit after an hour for a refund." Three hours of rotating between screaming at my opponents (or more often my own mistakes) or laughing uncontrollably, I can say that I'm goin on 40 and this silly ass game is 100% delightful. 60 players per match, I still haven't even broken the top 10 yet. It seems incredibly easy, but in practice the weird physics causes a ton of human error.
  14. https://www.stltoday.com/sports/basebaCOCK-ASSsional/cardinal-beat/sources-renewed-concern-grips-cardinals-with-new-positive-test-postponed-game-vs-cubs/article_3186365c-83d2-569d-9636-c75e54a1f738.amp.html?__twitter_impression=true Current feelings on my team robbing my of my single favorite thing to watch in sports, the Cubs Cards rivalry games. My poor elderly parents, whose house I am over at to mow the lawn, had to hear their normally-exceptionally-polite son utter just about that verbatim.
  15. Dude. I have been a Melo-hater since he shoulda joined the Bulls all those years ago. Thought he needed to retire for awhile, he was just atrocious. Knew some people in New York who interacted with him and basically said he's kind of a turd. But Bubble Melo is playing like a perfect version of what his age and skillset have led him to. What a great turnaround. (literally, with one of those sweet 10 footers) I hope he keeps it up, especially if he takes it to the LeBrons. I am really warming to this bubble vibe now. I miss crowds as much as anyone, but some of these early games have been really compelling.
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