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  1. I tested positive after a foolish hookup. In retrospect, I am very lucky she casually mentioned her coworkers' testing positive. I would not have gotten a test, and promptly would have exposed my elderly parents. I have been asymptomatic, although I did lose my sense of smell and taste in an absolutely nightmarish couple hours. The taste almost completely returned, but I still can't smell certain things like soap or fruit. Very odd. I was able to fully isolate throughout, and today I got a phone call from a kind-voiced woman from the county response office, asking of my symptoms and doing some light contact tracing. Her call was 12 days after my positive test, so not exactly prompt, but our county is completely deluged by positive tests right now; positivity ranging from 15% to over 20% the last two weeks. I fear that many of our less-educated or skeptical population have gleefully spread the virus, and continue to ramp up anti-Governor Pritzker rants on the town FB page, and calls nearly two weeks after positive tests don't do much good. In any case, I am going to the store and will be practically skipping up and down the aisles. Especially the beer one. God damn does a cold beer sound fantastic. My folks dropped off groceries outside my door while I was staying away, and I didn't have the heart to ask Mother Dearest for some brews. I can't be that happy for my own freedom, though; one of my friends' husbands had to spend three nights at the hospital while they battled the same outbreak that got me. He's one of those ultra-hiker types, profile picture is him dangling off some absurd cliff. One of the healthiest guys I know. I pray he does not suffer long-term lung issues as so many others have.
  2. I am glad some of you have found some pleasure reading this book. I want to thank you all, also, for confirming my good decision to not even bother finishing Oathbringer, and abandoning this series. One mention of the anacronistic language brought up bad memories. I'm currently reading Tad Williams' Otherland series, which also features dialogue ranging from stilted traditional fantasy dialogue, to modern colloquialisms, to bizarre invented slang languages. I never physically wince the way I did so many times with Sanderson's bizarre choice of modern phrases nestled into his characters' inflections seemingly at random. I can't even imagine reading more about that one kid using her Awesomeness or whatever the hell that atrocious one-off chapter was. I can't recall ever reading a chapter of fiction I found so reprehensibly bad. On a more positive note, I do still find a lot of joy in Sanderson's body of work. Some others' agreements that the Wax and Wayne books are great fun has made me interested in a quick re-read of those. It sounds like Sanderson has a fourth novel scheduled for next year. I realize now that I don't believe I've even gotten to the third. For those who have, do you expect the fourth novel to conclude that series? I think if I started a re-read today, I'd blaze through all three books within a week, and enjoy every minute, so perhaps I'll try to push them off until the next release.
  3. I have quarantined (asymptomatic positive Covid test, I'm ok albeit cooped up) the last two weeks, and found my least anxious nights to be ones where I unplugged the router entirely. So I went to my bookshelf instead of my ebook reader. I haven't caught up with Tad Williams' new series yet - and I think I'll wait for it to conclude, regardless. But his prose and pacing suit me perfectly on nights like these, and so I pulled out my Otherland paperbacks. I enjoyed them, but never had re-read as I have Memory, Sorrow and Thorn several times. I tore through the first book, remembering my favorite bits, and happily finding some portions feeling fresh after years away. Same as my first readthrough years ago, some of the simulation settings completely disinterested me, so I have found myself skimming heavily here and there. Some chapters or sequences are so captivating that I spend long minutes on just a few pages, though. WIlliams is quite good, for my own tastes anyways, in the 'scarier' scenes - some parts being truly unsettling. But like the best parts of MS & T, the moments of whimsy and wonder are what keep me turning pages.
  4. No kidding. That sounds like a terrible way to wake up.
  5. With all the wild confusion and fear over DMCA warnings and streaming, I wonder how Cyberpunk's music could affect the massive amount of streamers likely to dive into it with their communities. With all this word about major artists contributing in possibly an unprecedented way to this single player game, could anyone streaming the game be risking their online body of work? No one has any clear answers right now; half the content creators I watch are living in fear and don't even risk a tiny clip of possibly copywritten music as part of their stream now.
  6. I hate double posting, but this is specific to Edwards and not my usual ramble: Not exactly the best interview for a #1 draft pick
  7. I agree, Tywin. I do hope that all the chit-chat about his work ethic and/or attitude dissolve once he's a pro, but it's still about his only red flag. I think Ball is going to be a disappointment to whoever takes him. I do like Wiseman plenty, though. I think the Warriors get him and either trade him immediately, or showcase him when they can and try to make a big move mid-season. Then I simply hope Charlotte picks Ball. Absolutely, hilariously, zero clue where the Bulls' ship is pointed. The Bulls forum I frequent has linked about two dozen rumors from random tweets all the way up to national guys, all of which are wildly disparate. If Jordan sniffs him out and picks a surprise at #3, and Ball drops (snicker), I won't be happy, but he said today he didn't even work out for the Bulls, so I'd expect a pick swap or they simply pass him by. I have bounced between about ten different kids now I either thought it likely they draft, or I had a hunch they'd be a star. No inkling, or frankly much of an opinion either way. All these trade rumors flying around tonight have been insane! I just hate the piss out of Harden, Durant and Irving all, so I'd delight if they were together, alternately stomping teams by 30 or squabbling and throwing to garbage opponents.
  8. Giannis said he was out if they didn't make moves. They went out and made two moves that tailor very well to his game - guys that can score, especially in the 4th- if teams cheat to double him or pack the paint. Presumably the Bucks will do all they can to retain Lopez, and fill the depleted bench with some ring chasers or journeymen. If they'd not done this, and instead shopped Giannis, they would be punting for years, and everyone on the internet would be shitting on them. Instead, they've made aggressive moves to build a beast of a starting 5. I expect both Lopez and Antetekounmpo to buy into this vision. On paper it looks like a very strong playoff team in the East.
  9. Had my first outside-my-circle houseguest over last weekend. Before some developments but long into the evening, she casually mentioned how four or five coworkers at her restaurant gig got the rona, which is just a big hassle for all their schedules and bla bla. Not a care in the world. I was upset, but didn't boot her into the night. Isolated since, tested 5 days after (Thursday), tests at the facility are regularly 3 day results, so every email buzz today will get a flinch out of me. No symptoms except a sore back I attribute to 2 hard days raking. It had been a long shutdown. "Worth it" ? Well, I know I havent exposed anyone else, but if I get that Negative today - yes, yes it was. Oh yes. If I contracted it and remain asymptomatic, I think turkey day with my parents is off, even if I test negative in the time between, and that will not go over well. The bartender, afaik, never even got a test. This is how little places in my area care. The great risk of hookups through this is that associated parties are inherently less likely to take preventative measures seriously.
  10. Thanks, guys. I had a pretty good idea after all, but some good bits in there that make the Mando stuff vibe a bit more. Skimmed the rest, I still want to have some fun diving into those shows soon!
  11. I've never gotten around to watching the earlier animated shows. Can one of you toss me a quick spoiler'ed paragraph to explain a bit about the previously-existing characters? I have vague concepts of "Some Jedi chick everyone says is just the bestest", that sword is important but maybe not Brandon Sanderson Talking Sword or Rake's Dragnipur important, and that's about it. I do intent to eventually watch those shows, but likely not til after this Mando season.
  12. I can't take him seriously. I heard his name and just start thinking of some incredible but affordable local steakhouse and burger joint.
  13. I was rather excited for Oathbringer, and had preordered the hardback. Now it's the largest fiction book on my shelf, 60% unread. I didn't enjoy any of the early bits, found myself skipping a paragraph or two, then a page, then skimming entire chapters. After awhile, I just put it back on the shelf and it's not moved again. I do think his Wax & Wayne novels are just great; they move along well, the humor works loads better than the repeated failed attempts to make Shallan funny. I'd read a dozen books like that. I know the internet will burst with great reviews for this one - people just love the Stormlight Archives, as far as I can tell. I truly think I'd love the crap out of the series if each book so far released had literally more than half the wordcount chopped. And maybe if he had a female ghostwriter to make Shallan not sound like a very warm-hearted, middle aged Mormon and devoted husband's uncanny concept of an Independent Strong Woman.
  14. Tony La Russa was a very cranky DUI Can the already-ridiculous story of the White Sox FO Jerry Reinsdorf hiring him get any worse? I expect to find out that his charity work with rescue dogs was a huge money laundering scheme all along, or something. Marcus Stroman was quoted today saying he'd never sign with the Sox for any amount of money. Can the White Sox get a do-over and just keep Renteria (and the respect of its roster and the national baseball community) ?
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