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  1. Very neat looking, definitely. Same aesthetic that made Into the Spider-Verse such a delight. I don't think I'd ever get tired of comic book / anime movies with this mix of hand-drawn looking movement in modern CG environments. Frankly the entire MCU could look like this and they could be out-of-this-world cool. Feed me, Leroy.
  2. I'm just being a cranky prick about the whole shebang. Sorry to distract from the plot intrigue that is in high gear after that episode. So who is going to be Jimmy's Westview secret? Will that be connected to Agatha living there (assuming her witch lair is a permanent location there)? Next week's episode will have a whole heck of a lot going on, seems like. Where the fuck is Dottie anyway - or are she and fake Peitro total red herrings a la Clue?
  3. Indeed. Something as sprawling as the MCU is going to have moments that throw fans for various reasons. We can't all agree on subjective views on silly comic book movies. It'd be like arguing which Fast And Furious action scene was the least logical. For whatever reason, my line was deciding to throw in immortal witches who haven't shown up since the 1600s until our hero/antihero pulled up to her little Jersey town. Just goes back to the common "well were the fuck were they when..." logic that ruins comics for any of us thinking too hard. Perhaps more scandalous of an opinion: Hahn was great as a side-glancing conspirator with a secret, but abysmal as an outright antagonist.
  4. Yep I put Iron Man 3 down at the bottom as well but the circle of spooky witches with blue chest magic dueling angry purple magic was absolutely atrocious, especially with Hahn and her mom's faces that looked like they were having a bad shit contest. I never, ever agree with HoI but damn that scene was aggressively dumb. I don't really care about comic book logic, and once the MCU threw in lightning eyed space gods any sensical explanations of super powers are unnecessary. But cmon. Harry Potter kids movies did the magic beam tug of war schlock ages ago. I'll die on this hill that said scene was the nadir. No accounting for taste. As stated, some later bits were excellent, though, and I sure hope the finale is a banger.
  5. @Frey family reunion I like the cut of your jib. I rewatched the episode again, since I was so irritated by the intro the first time that I didn't give the rest of the episode much thought. After fast forwarding through that low-tier 90s syndicated garbage scene, the rest of the episode was pretty darn good. I again thought Vision whispering "What is grief, if not love persisting?" was a highlight of the series so far. I think it's the basic heroic theme of the show - assuming Wanda works through this terrible grief, saves the day from Misguided Govt Guy #491, and issues a super-serious thank you to all the residents she tortured for a couple weeks. If she indeed took this entire town captive for long, it really was an awful thing to do, and I can only imagine they'll try to quickly shoo it under the rug so she can find out there's a Major New Player to worry about in Phase 4. Maybe she'll give them all nice yards and fashion makeovers! Poof! Sorry bout that, fam!
  6. You guys seeing any of this hype on Outriders , Square-Enix looter 3rd person cover shooter? Bunch of the streamers I browse have it on today and it definitely looks like it could be my kind of jam. Dpends on how much the loot and character builds vary and whether it has the grindy replayable endgame I love my ARPGs for. There's a demo out for free that looks like it gets a few hours of play, so I think I'm going to download it this weekend. I miss a proper demo, anyways - seems like a lost piece of PC gaming. Remember old PC Gamer demo disks? I got so many hours of fun for the price of one magazine; plus, the gamer magazines back then were freakin' awesome anyway.
  7. I thought the Agatha origin scene may have been the absolute stupidest thing I've ever watched from the MCU. Had a hard time re-focusing after it, it was so jarring. I, for a fleeting moment, agree with HoI. I thought Hahn was by far the worst thing about the ep. Is she supposed to be frightening? Funny? Conflicted? Eeevil? It was a failure in every regard. I was really digging her in the sitcom eps and hoping for a less completely disappointing Real Agatha. Vision's line about grief as the persistence of love was terrific, and well delivered. Olsen and Bethany are at their best in those tender moments. I hope the next ep is a suitably epic finale, because this one was a total stinker for me. I don't think I'm suited for this specific show, alas. Bring on Loki in June.
  8. Argh, The Fall. Damn that show. So I am a dead ringer (puns!) for Paul Spector. Note, not buff, tan Christian Grey from the 50 Shades tripe. The gaunt, cropped-bearded, dead-eyes psycho from the show. So for years working Irish pubs, every couple months, an Irish tourist would inform me that I quite remind them of Paul Spector. Not "You look like that movie star Jamie Dornan", but "You look like that awful murderer in a TV show". I managed the first season, and it was well-done, but I can't be bothered to watch a character that looks strikingly like me do terrible things. I'm pretty far into Bosch and still enjoying it, though I frankly think it has suffered some issues the last season or so. Some actors are as strong as ever, but other scenes are so corny that it borders on parody. I found myself laughing out loud last night at a particular scene with atrocious dialogue. One newer addition to the cast I find nearly unwatchable, either due to poor dialogue or the actor's own poor performance. That said, it still has some great moments and an engaging plot. I appreciate that I haven't figured things out halfway through seasons, as they also mostly avoid asinine or unnecessary plot twists for the sake of twists. And though that one person is terrible, the show consistently features side characters who are very well done in their limited appearances.
  9. Valheim looks fun as hell. Alas it looks like the fun really opens up with a couple more people, and I don't have any gamer friends really. At least, not a hypothetical group of 5 or so that makes Valheim really shine. As with almost all games except the two or three I sink all my hours in, I think I'll get my kicks out of this one watching Twitch guys I follow.
  10. I loved "Housing" in Morrowind more than I did many games actual intended player housing systems. I wiped out some homeowner whose home had a superior layout. I painstakingly mounted my hoarded sets of armor on shelves, dozens of trinkets in barrels, books and scrolls in a tremendous pile, all that jazz. I don't remember much of that wonderful game, and might just GoG it due to this conversation. Oblivion was great, but it didn't have my visual dragon's horde of loot arrayed carefully by the pixel. I also couldn't leap into the air and fly over the entire continent. Okay, yep, Morrowind is getting a playthrough this year.
  11. Small music venue, just behind a table partition near the back, while a college-town popular rock band played. The crowd of 100 or so in front of us could only see us, um, head-banging. People all around. She later insisted the guitar player made eye contact and knew. Think that she meant that as a confirmation of how hot it was, but of course my response was jealousy and worry she wished it were him, and it lead to shitty fight #73 of hundreds. Nearly died once getting head on a cross-state drive. Passing a semi who surely couldn't see, but I guess he had an angle down from his mirror as we approached. He sounded his terrifying truck horn likely to get a laugh, i swerved badly and almost revved the car into the median. She hit her head on the wheel. Fun was over. Oh, a second on "graveyard" - with some other drunk college kids giving us space several rows away. It was somewhat of a college town rite of passage more than an exhibitionist girlfriend before I knew what that term was. We agreed it was "ok" because we didn't touch any gravestones and weren't above an actual plot. 19yo logic.
  12. I have absolutely now knowledge of the comics, so everything I know about Agatha Harkness has come from this thread and one or two others like it in other corners of my net backyard. Sounds like she's never been straight Bad. Seems pretty clear that her fun intro jingle was the same as Wanda's so far, as a fictionalized character reminiscent of the actual woman. So once we meet the 'real' Agatha - I assume next week - I think she'll be neither the Big Bad nor a chaotic-evil character going forward in the MCU. She'll probably be the Big Bad's henchwoman, probably for misguided reasons so she can turn face, save Wanda, and become Witch Pals. Basically, I don't think she killed the dog, same as Wanda isn't a housewife. I just don't want any canine deaths on her hands, if she's going to be a recurring character other than a straight Bad Guy Girl. I don't think being a recurring Marvel character as Wanda's mentor/friend will work if she literally killed a dog maliciously. Plenty of thinkpieces over the years on why we react so strongly to dog murderers. We'll see once we get Mephisto next week, which again knowing nothing more than you comic veterans' guesses sounds like where this is heading.
  13. Bulls come back from 25 behind the Pistons - the largest comeback in the NBA this season so far. Our young three prospects Donovan has been starting all season (despite our vets being *clearly* stronger players) have all been struggling at times. White has been, frankly, atrocious so far through 28 games trying to learn the point, Williams is gonna be really good but is still 19 and growing into his body, and Carter Jr seems to have regressed since his rookie year. So when all three were playing like shit, Donovan finally benched them to start the 3rd. Our vets foisted a great comeback. Then the young bucks came back and each made a great impact here or there. Frankly I'd rather they keep fighting hard but just miss the playoffs for that sweet, sweet lottery ball gamble. But I don't think they'd back down while getting their asses kicked if they slipped into the playoffs somehow.
  14. Rest in Hell, Rush, you son of a bitch.
  15. Apparently the population of pileated woodpeckers has been on the rise the last few decades. Very cool. A friend of mom's told her a couple summers ago that invasive honeysuckle bushes drive out woodpeckers and other foraging birds, as that filthy, vile evil fucking plant covers so much of the woods' floor. One of the biggest projects I've worked on the last two years has been to eliminate hundreds of honeysuckle bushes that weren't so prevalent thirty years ago, and by now have completely monopolized a lot of our woods. We certainly don't see nearly as varied species of birds as were around a few decades ago. Just one more reason for me to get out and murder more of those bedamned bushes. The woods looks so much healthier without it. Alas, underneath that is the even more insidious Eounymus (winter creeper) that has spread throughout our property and the neighbors. My condolensces to the loss of your ash trees. We have lost more than half of our old growth oaks due to oak blight. The tree I mentioned housed our old great horned owl was one stately colossus, and it's now an unsightly, dying 80 foot Y-shape that's likely to collapse any season. Birds also likely don't like the intrusion of all the subdivisions that have surrounded our little ~15 acre valley that used to be ringed by cornfields, not ugly little plots with sod yards and ugly cookie-cutter homes. Piss off, progress!
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