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  1. I have no idea what you meant by that. My point remains that Trump has been contemptuous of men like yourself, distinguished veterans, his whole life. He's pulled the rug from under countless people in uniform. As you said yourself, your colleagues are abandoning him. That's because he's a fucking scum bag, man, and you deserve a better golden idol than that sheister. Best of luck in your endeavours.
  2. Trump also has shown nothing but contempt for our Armed Forces his entire life. I'm just baffled when veterans love the guy. One of my most heroic friends, still active duty Air Force currently in Bahrain, has been posting anti-Trump information from a military point of view for years. Her contempt for the guy is palpable, and when her fellow military contacts defend him on her posts, she comes backing receipts.
  3. I was at Busch for the Cards/Yankees finale today. Been to many games in several stadiums, but never in a Suite. Our own buffet and beers and all that. Don't think I've ever been to a game better.... suited than this one. We got there at 12:30 and left at six. It was 96 degrees and "Felt Like" 108 in the first. Two and a half hours later it was still only the fourth. I can't even describe how wild that game was. I was hoarse by the third yelling at the terrible ump - who was even worse for the Yankees enough that your manager got tossed before ours had the chance to! Then after hours of being heavily boo'ed, he gets drilled in the head and literally gets a concussion. 19 LOB. 21 runs. After a 1-0 game Saturday. What in the hell, guys?! I don't think I've ever seen a crazier game live.
  4. I did hear the Dodgers put up a good package. I figured the Cardinals had no chance with the Marlins asking for an overpay, content to keep him. The Yankees/Cardinals trade is confusing, but does make sense if the Yankees indeed expected a big trade at the wire. It just sounds as unlikely as your team or mine getting Lopez - DMC would better know if they feasibly had the prospects to make that trade happen. I have the Cards/Cubs game on now. Stroman was absolute nails for six innings and was pitching flawlessly around the edges. Then suddenly he leaves a bunch of pitches up, and the Cardinals hit 5 straight balls to the warning track or out. Cubs being Cubs.
  5. Certainly a head-scratcher. I see some logic to the rumors that the Yankees had a deal with Miami in place for Pablo Lopez that fell through last minute. He's the guy I wanted the Cardinals to pursue, and it would have been a hell of a deadline for you guys if the Yankees got Montas, Lopez and Benitendi (and Bader of course). Interesting that Montgomery is slated to pitch against the Yankees this weekend. Marmol said "You're here to pitch, now go pitch." With his recent struggles and reputation for wilting under high-pressure games, it might be a tough first game at Busch for him. I am going to the Cards/Yankees game on Sunday. Absolutely stoked. A lawyer buddy of mine has a bunch of us in their Suite, which I've never been in despite many, many visits to stadiums. Since Wainwright pitched yesterday, I expect it'll be his turn again in the rotation - making it oddly four times in a row now I've gone with him as the starter. Although historically I've rooted against the franchise on general principle or due to a player or two whom I disliked, this iteration are just a fun team to watch. Sellout crowds at Busch, it should be a playoff atmosphere. Hell yes.
  6. As with every damn sport, the success of the trade depends so much on injury and recovery. If Bader's heel... heals... he will have significant value anchoring that outfield. He was a huge fan favorite in St Louis - my Facebook feed is littered with casual fans furious to lose the dreamiest and flashiest guy on the squad. It would be amazing to see him get a great sliding catch in the Bronx this October. I'm haunted by plantar fasciitis severely altering Pujols' career and more than a little worried Bader's will permanently limit his acceleration and running speed, leaving him with little MLB ability. It's all up to that foot. Montgomery's arsenal will excel in St Louis where hard hit balls die to Busch's soup-like air and weird air flow. What could be your 5th starter and skipped in the playoffs might be a key cog for the Cardinals - all four of our starters have quite similar xFIP and reliability, and Monty and Quintana are so similar that no one's entirely sure who'll get the mound for Game 3's. (This assumes the Cards actually see a proper playoff series, which is growing in likelihood as the Brewers are completely self destructing this week).
  7. I'm pretty baffled by the Yankees. They must have a lot of faith that Bader's plantar fasciitis will be manageable. He's one of my favorite Cardinals in the past decade with those luscious curls and disarming grin. I mean, his stellar OF range and great clubhouse presence! That said, he literally may never be the same player again, as his entire value derives from his terrific speed and acceleration in the field. Everyone like Monty. Trading for two steady starters is precisely what I hoped the Cardinals will do, and barring injury they should win the Central - especiall since the Brewers inexplicably got worse this year by trading Hader. Bring on cool weather baseball already. August sucks.
  8. Possibly anyway! Apparently the Nationals are on Hosmer's list of 10 no-trade franchises and can refuse the trade. I assume Preller won't screw this up and will pivot somehow. Assuming no more moves, the Cardinals have appeared to pulled their usual and cemented themselves as an 88ish win team that might put up a fight in one or two postseason series.
  9. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/02/entertainment/jake-gyllenhaal-road-house-amazon-prime/index.html Amazon, don't you dare besmirch the name of Road House. Honestly though, it's going to be an impossible task to capture the perfect mix of schlock, 80s sex icons, humor, and Swayze-ness of the original. Even though the real-world bar industry is a far cry from the absurdity of the Double Deuce, I can't imagine Doug Liman getting this right.
  10. One of my redneck buddies just made a joke on Facebook that his fantasy team is saved. Cash rules everything. This predator will continue his actions unabated, everyone will continue to get rich, and more victims will have traumatic interactions with this scumbag. What a farce.
  11. As they've veered farther into cosmic and mystical enemies and heroes, increasingly more Comic Book-ish, as it were, than the first phase or so of 'somewhat' grounded origin stories, it's easier and easier for me to just shrug off any sort of logic. As stated in this thread, there's a colossal humanoid emerging from the ocean, and behind billions of life forms dusting then re-appearing instantaneously 5 years later, it's a distant second to Most Humanity Impacting Revelation Ever. Timelines and logic just are going to matter less and less with every new movie. The Fast and Furious and M:I franchises have abandoned any logic and they are superfluously positioning themselves as reality. Marvel movies just don't have to make sense anymore, to me. They never really did.
  12. From the solid reviews around the net and from people I know - even my parents watched it ! - I really thought I'd enjoy it. I increasingly found myself guffawing and wanting to fast forward through entire confrontations, though. Just a bit too heavy-handed for me, but I'm happy to see Jeff Bridges as magnetic as ever. I've finally begun Only Murders in The Building and it's a ton of fun so far. Alas I've lately been very much missing my time working in New York, and that show's made me a bit lonely for the place, despite it being a changing place these days in the years I've been gone.
  13. Watched Everything, Everywhere All at Once. I'm thoroughly happy I avoided all spoilers and plot summaries. All I knew was Michelle Yeoh was in it and great, and it was some kind of mind-bender sci-fi. I won't even comment on anything more, with the hope that someone else watches it as blind as I was. I had an absolutely terrific time with it. Most fun I've had watching a movie in a long time. Oh, I got most of the way through The Old Man, but I think I'm giving it up. As much as I enjoy Jeff Bridges, I found his character and literally everyone else on screen so thoroughly dislikable that I find I have little interest in seeing how all the over-serious philosophical conversations mixed in with daytime soap opera intrigue wraps up. The musical queues during Shocking Moments were ridiculous to the point that I laughed out loud at a few of them. Over and over, I kept thinking "No one ever fucking talks like this. Ever." I did enjoy his very, very good dogs.
  14. The St Louis area got the most rain within a 12 hour period in recorded history overnight. One town got 12" of rain in an 8 hour period, 9 inches at the airport. Even the big air force base near my town shut down all but essential services, because two of the major entrances were under several feet of water. We needed rain desperately, but the Not Like This meme applies. Flooding and power outages all over.
  15. Well that looks and sounds delightful. I can't have a cat in my apartment building despite offering the landlord a significant overpay on rent, and miss the petulant little bastards; everyone I know has dogs - wonderful, delightful dogs they all are. This should be a delight. Thanks for the rec, Wert. A cursory Google search shows it's gaining lots of word of mouth, but you as always are ahead of the curve.
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