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  1. Draymond Green is a specific kind of athlete, one that we all have seen in our own eyes through whatever sport it may be. He could be one of my all time favorite players for his niche, if he weren't a complete piece of shit. He's that guy.
  2. The East is going to be crazy this year (Although I think I've said that several years in a row now to varying accuracy). Absolutely no optimism here regarding my Bulls. After watching this weird amalgamation of mismatched talent bizarrely win a bunch last year all the way to #1 in the East, their true colors showed once injuries forced a change in their gameplan. ESPN predicted 38 wins - whoof! Surely it'll be in the 40s again, right? But hell, I don't know - those kids in Detroit might indeed sneak up. Cleveland suddenly looks great. Washington might be good-ish, not bottom-tier. The Nets might actually be awesome, or they might be another complete trainwreck. The Celtics might fall apart without Udoku, or their talent alone might give them a top seed. Who the fuck knows! There's no sport I'm less likely to gamble on, ever, than pro basketball. I don't have any refs in my pocket, of course.
  3. I'm glad they showed the entire content of the movie in 2 and three quarter minutes. Works quite well. Not sure if I could watch more than three minutes of it, though, so quite wise of them to stop there.
  4. It's been a singularly emotional season in Redbird Land (at least since the All Star Game). I cried with joy at 700 and definitely again when Wainwright went off the field with Pujols and Molina at his sides. Whoof. What a moment. Ask anyone wearing a Cards cap and they're going to say they'll never forget 2022. That said, boy are we in questionable shape going into the playoffs. The hottest hitter on the team is 42 (well, 44 really). Our pitching captain was so bad in September that they unequivocally need to leave him off the playoff roster, but won't. Now that I've said that, Wainwright will probably outpitch Kershaw in a couple weeks, because who the hell knows with this team. The Dodgers and Braves are looking fearsome and deserve to duke it out in the NLCS (I hope it's us though). I hope Judge hits 45 post season homers and Bader makes six diving outfield catches for the Yankees, because fuck the cheating Astros forever.
  5. I bought an Oculus app called SkyBox that lets me stream my content from my PC to the Oculus, same as I use Plex to stream it over to my Fire Cube / projector setup. The app drops you into a virtual movie theater, you can choose front middle or back rows. If you're "up front", the screen appearing in front of you is so colossal that your head has to move to focus on the left half or right half of it. It's a bit much. The standard seat is fine. You can also swap the setting to you floating in space and can re-pin the image wherever you like - allowing you to lay in bed and look up at it, instead of a fixed vertical virtual screen. The Oculus itself is a bit heavy on my head, and it makes my brow sweat a lot - not the best experience. That said, the actual image absolutely appears to be a ~50 foot screen, and my 1080p content looks absolutely gorgeous on it. I adore my projector and 116" screen, but the Oculus is incredibly immersive once you trick your brain/eyes into the experience. My 3D files look bonkers on it, but a standard film experience is just fine. I watched Dunkirk the other day on it and was absolutely floored. Your mileage may vary - my best friend doesn't like the experience at all, and prefers watching content on a 30" PC monitor. I've tried keeping my readers on, but glasses+VR alas is pretty unsatisfactory. I figured I'd love the neat VR games and hoped to find a way to watch movies on it. Instead, I literally never bother anymore with the games and simply use it for a singularly immersive cinema experience - especially paired with excellent headphones.
  6. I'm probably the biggest fanboy here of 3D technology. I just watched (well, fast forwarded to some action scenes since I've seen it enough) Battle Angel Alita on my Oculus Rift in 3D and it was incredible. Avatar on a huge screen with 3D goggles is an experience worth the ticket, even if the movie is really, really silly. I certainly wouldn't ever watch it again if it was, well, flat. I suppose the graphics will still be sumptuous in a standard screening, but eff that noise. I'm not sure if I have time this week, alas, but I'd really like to go, just because I've watched so much now on my own projection screen and the Oculus, and haven't actually been in a 3D showing in a theater in more than a decade.
  7. The mystery box thing is far and away what's upsetting me most about this show. I just can't stand any of it. If they'd simply introduced Annatar as a good guy through season one, and let it simmer while bookreaders knew who he was, that would have been lovely. then the big turn, ring forging, and the like. Instead, the entire foundation of this silly show are mystery boxes and mystery people. It's suffocating all the joy I'm getting watching the environs and the score and Durin being terrific. I absolutely agree with Werthead's mark-up of a proper television-appropriate timeframe splitting the entire Age into two long sequences with mortals - even if both those spanned 30 years, it would have been a simple, straightforward passage of time. All this stuff crammed together, and with all this rampant Abrams garbage has surely set up an action packed final three episodes, if nothing else. The mythical fans in Middle Earth will soon be soured by flung filth. edit: That is my main concrete evidence to my hunch that Halbrand will be the Witch-King to an unmet Annatar. Leaked spoilers y'all keep talking about without Spoilers be damned.
  8. It's an excellent question. You need a guy who's hitting 40+ a year starting at 21, 22 years old, and continue without major injuries very likely into his 40s. There simply aren't ever going to be guys with that amount of production over a very long career. Obviously I'm biased and hope it never happens again. But I do think it will. I'm not seeing anyone in the league right now that's not a stretch, but any list would have to include Soto despite his slump, and probably Julio Rodriguez (who would need to seriously ramp up his power he showed at the home run derby). Trout has had an incredible career, but he simply doesn't hit enough dingers a season unless he goes well into his 40s. I'm sure I'm missing someone obvious, but I'm a bit distracted tonight.
  9. That was amazing. I mentioned on a Cards forum that there's nowhere other than Busch I'd rather have Pujols get 700 at. Dodgers faithful embraced him and he absolutely loved his time there - enough that Cards fans were much more jealous of those few months than his unfortunate tenure with the Angels. Dodgers stadium went bonkers. I definitely wept with joy. Pretty bummed I won't be able to go see him in the final home series this season, but I'm hoping to snag a ticket to at least one playoff game. It's going to be deafening in there (unless we get blown out like last year, oops)
  10. Crusing through The Murderbot Diaries while I have my 90 day Kindle Unlimited from a PaperWhite I bought on Prime Day. Not my usual cup of tea, but they sure do move right along, and I generally laugh out loud several times per novella. I wish there were twenty of these.
  11. Is a brownie considered cake? Because a warm brownie with a scoop of ice cream on it is delectable.
  12. I value Spotify far above any other service I use. Next up is likely the Athletic. I cancel each year until they send me an email offering 12 bucks a year again, as Rhom has. The beat writer for the Cardinals has been terrific, the Bulls guy is solid, and their national talent is simply the best in online sports media. I never thought I'd subscribe to online text media, but they're worth it. Although I'm pretty damn annoyed that they are blatantly showing online gambling ads on what was formerly an ad-free site, again it's only a buck a month so I'll let it pass. I've been very wrapped up in baseball the past two months, and the tepid vibe around the Bulls off-season hasn't sparked my usual rapt attention of the NBA off-season. As seems to have increasingly been the case more each year, I have no clue what's going to happen in the East. Are the Nets going to actually play together? They'd be awesome. Are the Cavs now a force? They look amazing on paper. Are my Bulls going to miss the playoffs completely? If they play like the last three months of last season, yes. Could be another wild year of off-court drama as well as some great playoff races.
  13. I sincerely hope he's Just Some Kid. Echoes of The Last Jedi - can't he just be an orphan? The eeeevil sword stabbed some dull innkeep, Theo can exist as his own entity and not a dang Abrams Mystery Man. I rewatched HotD through the first four eps last night. Man I wish these shows could merge somehow. The Martin series needs a single relatable character - I simply dislike every character introduced so far and find no joy whatsoever in the show despite noticeably stronger scripts and acting. And ROP is delightful to watch and yet veering more and more often into stupidity. I'm of the opinion that we haven't yet seen Sauron and he'll appear as something closer to what book readers expect. I predict Halbrand as a deposed Southern king who sees a return to power through a powerful new advisor, only to be given the first of nine rings and becoming the Witch King.
  14. I had someone somewhat justify Arondir's perfect fade that lasts through presumed weeks of capture. Elves cells simply don't die nor reproduce the way human's hair grows. Arondir only gets his fresh fade every few years. Hooray! It's logical!
  15. Indeed, Zorral. Not many of the cast are comfortable in their character's skin, yet. And agreed his sitting silent in affirmation of Disi's strength was great. I wish his lines were, well, better written, but he has managed to balance a bit of gravitas with his sense of wonder and empathy.
  16. My last post regarding the 4th episode sounded quite negative. While I suppose I have a lot of issues so far, I should try harder here to focus on what's good. I had fun watching that and the other episodes so far, despite my mini rant. It's just a gorgeous show from top to bottom. The score is top notch, and has overwhelmed what were otherwise really mediocre scenes, making them feel far better conceived. I have a passing understanding of the Silmarillion, but not enough to really recall more than a cursory awareness of where this show's going. I don't believe they've yet shown Sauron, nor have they a need to. The plots all seem to be kick starting into gear now, and I have a hunch we will see Sauron make his appearance, I assume in disguise, in the season finale. Elrond's actor finally warmed on me. I have pretty much fully divested the show's depiction of Galadriel and Elrond from the movies'. So though he looks and acts nothing like Hugo Weaving, the guy's doing a fine enough job, if still as forced by the middling dialogue of the script. He and Durin are already superior to the caricatures that were Gimli and Legolas.
  17. That bizarre job/immigration thing was even more anachronistic as Ranger Elf's flawless fade. Genuine WTF moment there. Very baffling to decry anti-immigration for a minute, framing the Numenorean blue collar folk as in the wrong, only to have them resoundingly go back to hero mode in the last scene. Felt like a Sesame Street Today's Moral kind of moment, right? I'm not in any way knowledgeable on the Silmarillion other than a basic memory of the major plots. I agree with those of you with a firmer understanding in that making Galadriel an angsty, naive teenager is a bizarre choice - especially when no other elves have been depicted as nearly so brash or pugnacious. The actor is nailing it, I just think she's portraying a very wrong version of her character. I agree that most of the plot threads they're developing are veering into stupidity. I'm disappointed, to be sure, but the show is still gorgeous and the score has tricked me into enjoying some otherwise regrettable scenes. They certainly have a lot to go for the remainder of this season. I'm just loving the splendor and landscape, but this certainly doesn't seem like enough to ever want to re-watch it, the way I have such fond memories for the original movie trilogy.
  18. I definitely want to check it out, as both of those fellas are charismatic guys. I got the feeling watching the trailer that their purchase was as much for the documentary itself as anything. Is that the case in the full episodes? Or was the doc a happy circumstance of their business venture?
  19. Absolutely agreed that Tolkien clearly wanted them to be a pair, and there's no evidence yet of that on screen. I only thought having a very powerful two characters in his writings, whom weren't developed whatsoever, would give Amazon suits the Gandalf-sized wizard very casual viewers would identify with. I honestly don't know where they're going with him, it seems no one else does either, and I consider that a success - at least as of yet. If the reveal is as ridiculous as I fear it may be, the build-up thus far would be wasted. I think it's Gandalf for now, though the amnesia absurdity was a mistake - give him a grand entrance, sure. But, ugh, amnesia. Yeesh.
  20. Having Meteor Man turn out to be Alatar is a convenient way for Amazon to have a Gandalf figure and yet be almost wholly a creation of the show. Late life Tolkien mentioned the two Blue Wizards perhaps fighting against Sauron's forces in the East. Seems to me the show could pluck their ears up at this and have MM/Alatar give honorable council to the Good Guys in the Southlands. That said, his pronounced introduction in the first episode makes me think he's going to be a major figure in the plot of the Rings - something Tolkien certainly didn't mention regarding his unexplored Istari.
  21. I re-watched the episode and have mostly unburdened myself of expecting logical, tempered scenes. It's just going to be a really fun show that's gorgeous and also pretty stupid. Not what i expected, but at least it's entertaining. When Galadriel turns the sigil 90 degrees and realizes those are mountains, I consider it the second funniest moment after her looking at the water and coming up with the "swim back" plan. I don't think the showrunners wanted "laughing hysterically" as a reaction to their main character's scenes, but here we are. I'm still enjoying it much more than HotD, which has been utterly joyless for me.
  22. I had a lot of fun watching the first two episodes the way I can watch Avatar every few years because it's so gorgeous on a huge screen. We laughed at the silliest scenes. I figured the major changes and outright fabrications to the Second Age timeline would be annoying but acceptable to appeal to a broad audience. Holy crap did I not have fun that third ep. I still enjoy the harfoots of all things, and Numenor is lovely. As discussed at length here, the Tolkien Estates stubbornness has resulted in a completely nonsensical adaptation. I sure hope Annatar has simply not been introduced, because if Halbrand smirking at the forge there is an attempt at cleverly foretelling he is Sauron, this show has already jumped the shark in stupidity.
  23. I sincerely hope that Bader's foot troubles dissipate and he becomes a fan favorite in the Bronx like he was here. I knew Monty was the kind of pitcher that excels in Busch's humid, weird-winded homer-killing confines, but no one thought he'd be the best trade deadline acquisition. What can I say, it's been a good six weeks. I enjoy when the team I'm rooting for is the one that superior-on-paper teams don't want to face in October.
  24. So I was in the car heading home after the 7th inning of the ongoing Cards/Nats game with the score tied 1-1. I decided to dip into my local to finish it up there instead of moving on home. Well at the stop sign a block away, the Nats hit a 3 run homer. I figure, ok, I'll just go home and finish it watching from my PC. Cracked a beer, and got to see the first 4-run deficit 9th inning comeback in the MLB this year. Pretty damn awesome. I mean, it's the Nationals sure, but the Cards other than Montgomery suddenly being an ace were all playing poopy. What a comeback. This continues to be an absolutely unbelievable August and September. 2 months ago I figured this was just a downer year and we'd just be doing the Pujols/Molina ovations and fight for a weak wild card spot. Baseball is great.
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