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  1. As much as he annoys me, I hope that Marcus Smart comes back. This series could be a shitload of fun.
  2. I am/was probably the biggest 3D fanboy I know. A 3D projector (and accompanying 116" screen) are among my all time favorite purchases. Animated 3D stuff always looks the best - that or underwater documentaries with big colorful fish floating around your living room. I've mostly moved beyond that fascination, as only a handful of movies truly look better in 3D to me (Avatar, Tintin, Battle Angel Alita and Into the Spiderverse). I had a blast 'watching' Avatar on it a couple years ago, only with nice ambient music playing while the movie was muted. I just fast forwarded through anything but the jungle exploring or flying scenes, and it was a heck of a fun time. Just some wonderful 3D lush jungle flora and fauna set to Banco de Gaia. The movie is really corny - and as stated how the hell do you screw up Sigourney Weaver having a role? I felt some of her characters' sarcasm and bitterness was the actor channeling her own frustration with such a silly script. I'll absolutely see this sequel. I watch movies at about a 12 year old's level, though, and I'll be Ooh'ing and Aah'ing at 3D alien dolphins the whole time, regardless of how inane the plot likely will be. Also, it features Oona Chaplin, whom I had a crush on from the show and then met at a dinner party and later sang karaoke with on magical night in New York. She's awesome and I'll bet she'll be confusingly attractive as a blue (or purple maybe?) 10 foot tall alien.
  3. God imagine being in that arena for your first ever playoff game, and it's a game 7. Your team had the best record in the league. And you're nearly down 40 and your Best Backcourt In The League is 0 for 11. Stunning collapse.
  4. The Celtics have been the best team in the East since like January. I think their major stumble at the beginning had myself and half the media bamboozled that they'd come back to earth. Really looking forward to the ECF. And the Suns are folding now shooting 25% so far against the Luka'n'Scrubs! Wild. This season is bananas, b a n a n a s.
  5. No matter how this postseason ends, this has been one wild season. The two preseason Vegas favorites, the Lakers and Nets, both were miserable failures. Major injuries affected more teams than any season I can remember. I had no idea who the true favorites were back in January, and I still don't now. Over and over, my longterm decision to stop gambling is paying off this year more than any. If I had taken every bet I had a feeling on this season, I would be massively, massively down. Agreed with DireWolfSpirit. The Finals victors will be the healthiest team, not necessarily the 'best' one.
  6. Holy shit the refereeing in that 4th was egregiously, obviously pro-Memphis. They might as well have taken a burner phone out while they were officiating to let Vegas know what they were up to. If NBA refs are simply that bad at their jobs that quarters like that just randomly occur, shame on them. I honestly don't think any other sport I follow comes close to the number of times that biased or failed officiating affects the outcome of NBA games. I hate it. I'm not some wild conspiracy theorist, but time and time again shit like this happens - like Chris Paul being literally not being able to win a playoff game Scott Foster is refereeing. Ja's dunk, though. Yeeeeeesh.
  7. I'm near St Louis and just had my first hummingbird approach my feeder I'd recently put out. Having not heard the pleasant buzz of a bird three feet from my head in a few months, I nearly collapsed off of my balcony chair. Hopefully he comes back, I'd like to assure him I'm quite friendly once I don't leap out of my seat at the merest sound of a 3 gram bird.
  8. Yikes, Bulls. Low effort, zero adjustment, bad body language, selfish play, mental errors, you name it. I don't think this season could finish any worse barring another injury. I can't believe how night and day this same roster looked and played three months ago. Arguably even then we ducked a lot of injured superstars that likely would have embarrassed us as Giannis has. And Grayson. Fucking. Allen. God did it have to be him?! Argh.
  9. I was working for the Bulls' nightmare Game 3 showing and didn't even watch a single replay. Now I'm actively trying to avoid yard work at the parents' property, so I am using them for their TV service. I might be back out with work gloves on by the second quarter. My expectations are very low.
  10. I have a huge fond spot for that movie, specifically the Director's Cut DVD. The final battle with Mr. Book definitely has more 90s CGI effects fun than the theatrical cut. Easily one of my top "Oh you havent seen ___ ever? We're watching it now" DVDs back then. Also, it pairs pretty well with The Thirteenth Floor, another Matrix-but-not noir potboiler from the era.
  11. I'm pretty bummed out that I missed the Nets/Celts drama for Easter dinner at the parents, and am now home to watch the Bulls being absolutely, relentlessly outclassed on every matchup against the Bucks. It's bizarre how completely different this roster looked in winter vs spring.
  12. KAT stepping up was a colossally important game for him. After he shit the bed and then got a supportive kiss from his girl, he was just getting shredded all over sports forums. Glad he put up a good game. Ant. What can I say. You rarely see a high ceiling prospect actually hitting that ceiling. He looks fearless.
  13. Yep I finally broke down and bought it. I miss a lot of the amazing stuff PD2 mod did, but the newer graphics are just so nice. And it just feels different to have chars on BNet again vs my amazing horde of single player chars over a couple hundred hours of PD2. 2.4 just dropped yesterday. Haven't had time yet to play it. Multiple new viable skills/builds and in 2 weeksthe ladder finally starts and there's some really juicy new runewords for that. Which sucks as I'm pretty invested in my current burgeoning wealth on what will be the wasteland that is Non Ladder.
  14. I still have my vanilla release collectors edition box as perfectly packed as it could be, along with its mini Diablo in game pet. I had fun for a few hours in the Classic re-release but I agree it's not quite the same when I can't log on for like two five hour sessions a day like I could in 2006. Then again I'm blasting in D2R right now and it's great to be on bnet again so what do I know.
  15. This fourth quarter has been awesome. I hope Edwards becomes a force.
  16. KAT definitely had some dumb fouls there, though, Tywin. I'm rootin for your guys despite Pat Beverly being a terribly irritating person. I have nothing whatsoever against Paul George - I even like his game. For whatever reason I've always rooted against his teams, though. Minnesota losing the game from the foul line, though. Can't be shooting under 65% and expect to get far. Still, hey, they're in it. Love the sound of a postseason (But not playoffs! Coughs) crowd. 2 minutes later edit - Love this comeback after KAT fouled out. The crowd is into it. Edwards is a bulldog and Russell can hit a 3 from anywhere. Awesome
  17. Grandma's Boy is near atop of the pile of 2000s Watch a DVD Stoned With Buddies movies. I can mouth along with most of the damn movie. The XBoxes, Pepsi and Mountain Dews were one of the first times I felt a movie jumped the shark with product placement.
  18. Interesting analogy. I agree with it. If only I'd walked into my dormitory food service with a professional dietician, that person would have been able to selectively prune all the food that'd been prepped. My resulting food tray would be absolutely delicious and healthy. Instead I gained that infamous Freshman Fifteen - approximately the weight of my Oathkeeper hardback, by the way! And yep, @Rhom, my dorm service was the same; we had limits on the hot food line and milk cartons, but I could march my ass up and make a full Belgian waffle decked with toppings alongside every meal I ate - which I generally did 3 times a day.
  19. Really happy the Bulls pulled off a win, though the Raptors were on a B2B and down two starters (we're down one too though so whateva). Very important game for both the standings and to hopefully this this monkey off their shoulder the last month. It's been a rough go. Switched over to the Mavs/Wolves game, I knew it'd be a banger. Lots of great plays. Glad to see both teams going so hard. I am rooting for your Wolves, Tywin. Luka's whined his way out of my good graces and Edwards is just damn fun to watch. Huge KAT dunk brings it back to 2 with a minute left. Go Wolves
  20. I'm not nearly as voracious a reader as most here, but here are two nonfiction books that are very fun for casual reading (I had both in my little man-bathroom reading rack for the longest time). Tasting Whiskey: An Insider's Guide to the Unique Pleasures of the World's Finest Spirit by Lew Bryson. I'm biased as I'm a career bartender who spent years working a well-regarded Scotch whiskey pub. Anyone with an interest in the finest spirit would have a blast reading this, though. Bryson does a great job blending (... snicker) informational sections with great stories and anecdotes, as befits a book about the most story-telling inducing spirit out there. Ancient Mysteries by Peter James. This one's somewhat of a coffee table book rather than a distinct narrative. I love the subject in general, and James does a good job explaining lots and lots of silly conspiracy stuff while leaning heavily on actual archaeology and science to explain why we have so much fun talking about Atlantis and Machu Piccu. I recently popped it open and read about Phoenicians possibly sailing around Africa two millenia before the Age of Explorers in the 1400s. I loved Gaiman's Norse Mythology. I'll have to check out a couple of your recommendations, they sound intriguing.
  21. Trevor Bauer is a terrible person, and I wish him an unhappy life. Cardinals lose Flaherty and Reyes to shoulder injuries. It seems like a century ago that I thought Alex Reyes was a future HOFer as he annihilated MiLB pitching. Poor dude has had a major injury like, every damn year of his short career. Flaherty's shoulder inflammation is probably going to end up worse than they're making it sound now, as per standard Cardinals yearly Pitcher Down For Months saga goes. Good thing we signed three arms who no one has heard of, and not an actual reliable goddamn starting pitcher. Argh.
  22. I'd like to remind the Dodgers FO that winning games by ten or more runs does not count as a second win.
  23. Firmly Suggestive Interview Rooms?
  24. Agreed. It was weird seeing FA destination stuff and seeing his name as a potential signee elsewhere. I mean come on he's gotta stay there. I imagine it felt the same as the silly articles about Yadi signing anywhere else. There aren't many one-team stars left but I respect the hell out of those last few. I hope Kersh wins 20 games and loses the only important ones to the Cards.
  25. Obviously wrong since it can't possibly be cooler than a Q-cumber.
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