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    US Politics: Get Tested or Get Bested

    Just as your faith in Christ and its relevance toward society does not necessarily match up with some very vocal Christians, please don't group up all progressive people into a capitalized Leftists as if we all hate the devout. That's just as misleading as vocal anti-Christian rhetoric. I do not believe in a God, but I and millions of others who have progressive ideals do not group the entirety of Christianity with the Evangelicals who you're separating yourself from.
  2. Argonath Diver

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    I think the original, as that little pronunciation shot shows, would be mar-CONE-eh. Most accurately with a clear Italian hand gesture for emphasis. We lovely Americans aren't exactly good at keeping proper non-English words pronounced correctly, so erring to Mar-CON-ee or that weird trailer's Mar-CONE are both within the realm of reason. My Irish last name used to have three distinct syllables, but after generations over here, we all now just swallow the middle one and it's far less graceful. Alas.
  3. I'd consider my entire experience watching Lucifer hate-watching. That show is so stupid, predictable, banal, and damnit I watched the shit out of all these incredibly beautiful people solving idiotic crime mysteries and doing light-hearted bondage soap opera. Can't wait for the eye-rolling finale season that will piss me off constantly as I binge the entire thing in one sitting.
  4. Argonath Diver

    So What Do You All Think of Zack Snyder?

    Wow. I'm not sure if Zach Snyder could write 49 pages about Zach Snyder. Well, as the kids say, you do you, man. I mean, I did write a fucking fantastic 400 level English lit course thesis arguing that The Road Warrior was the singular best piece of fiction of all time. What I'd give to find whatever that computer was and unearth that crown jewel of my college efforts. I remember the wonderful old professor giving me an A and saying, quote, "You *almost* made me want to watch that film." Ah, college.
  5. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    Man, I miss baseball. I miss the anticipation looking up at the stadium I love. I miss seeing every walk of life mingling around. I miss the smell of assorted junk food wafting over it all. I miss that first moment emerging from a tunnel to see the field and just how close (or far for some of us) our seats are to the team. How the sport just sounds different live than on a screen. When my team gives up a big early lead so I feel comfortable walking halfway around the stadium to meet friends in another section, only to see us tie it and scurry back to mine. I really miss that hazy 8th inning when you remember missing last call, and trying to decide whether to slam the last beer while it's kind of cold, or try to keep it awhile because the score is tied and it doesn't look like anyone's scoring for another hour. Okay, that was silly. I spend 99.5% of my baseball time reading or arguing about my team online. I miss saying "Fuck the Cubs!" whether they actually just beat us or were simply still existing.
  6. Argonath Diver

    So What Do You All Think of Zack Snyder?

    I love the English language sometimes. This thread is aa perfect an example of bloviation as I can come up with. Dude, you first said you were doing casual research. I am not sure I believe that was your actual intent. People have given their opinions as you asked, and certainly most of us have a negative perception of Snyder's work. I'm not sure what you expected - sounds a giant group watch party marathon of his films, where we all listened to your commentary and nodded and clapped and patted Snyder's back, but really yours more so. I honestly do think you'd enjoy Terry Goodkind. I don't, almost no one here does, but I think you might. If Snyder read fantasy, he would love Goodkind. And if Goodkind wants an action movie, those films you are such a fan of would be right up his alley. Hey, on a minor note, I kinda like MoS more than most here also, though even as a kid I just never was into Superman stuff.
  7. Argonath Diver

    NBA Season 2020 - RIP Mamba

    I didn't see the evidence, but apparently in his apology video saying he was hacked, he is wearing the same damn hoodie. I couldn't care less about some dudes bedroom habits, but come on now. We all know a pro player can get laid. A video? Really dawg? Why, anyways? It takes like six steps to post an Instagram video, it wasn't no accident. Then to respond shortly afterwards and not even bother to change clothes for the "It wasn't me! Phone hacked!" response is such a facepalm. My NBA forum doesnt have a lot to argue about these days. Alas.
  8. Argonath Diver

    Videogames : Cyberpunk Samurai edition.

    I don't post much in this thread despite being a gamer. Mostly because I play repetitive super grindy APRGs that don't lend themselves to long forum posts (unless other Path of Exile veterans want to talk obnoxiously complicated build theories that would be Greek to anyone not playing). Anyway, my beloved POE has jumped the shark for me in terms of absurdly fast zoom-zoom-zoom-OneShot! gameplay. So I went back to an older ARPG, Grim Dawn, that has far slower gameplay, alas no real online economy, but still loads and loads of fun loot to grind for and loads of complex build potential. It's been a blast to finally get to end-game where the real build-enabling gear starts falling, and your character gets to prove its mettle. Never woulda played this much without unemployment and hermit life. My current character was extraordinarily lucky and I found the best-in-slot axe I never ever expected to get. I'm suddenly halfway to being a beast. I hit max level which i never do in games. Finally, i took on a lucrative but very over-tuned boss and played a super insane couple minute fight with loads of close calls. Roguelike dungeon so one death and if i die to that last boss I gotta craft a new key and fight back down. He died, I whooped, and he dropped one of a two ring set that I had to look up. Some veterans have put hundreds of hours into farming that one boss for those rings. I got one first try! Alas It'll very likely sit shining and proud in my stash with no partner, as I've no mettle to run a 30 minute run for a 1 in 50 or less chance at the other ring. Apologies for the ramble. ARPGs are not most people's jam, but mmmm does it feel great when that super rare drop occurs.
  9. Argonath Diver

    So What Do You All Think of Zack Snyder?

    You arent aware of Goodkind? Man, you're missing out. The hero is like Leonidas and Oxymandias combined if they had super powers, and a kickass magical sword. He can do any damn thing he wants, but he only does the right thing obviously, or else what kind of man is he, and he gets to bang this totally hot chick who is an absolute bad ass, only she kinda needs saving from evil jerks all the time. There should be multiple copies of his whole series at a local used book store. If you're on lockdown, well damnit it's your world, you have to make things happen sometimes for yourself. Bring some lock clippers and open up Wizards First Rule tonight my man. Goodkinds action scenes would fit right in for Snyder.
  10. Argonath Diver

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    Meanwhile on another board somewhere, probably about Watford or something, a guy just posted saying "Damnitall, I hopped on at High Wycombe thoroughly ready to take my pants off on an empty carriage, but some bobby looking bastard was already on it and he'd beat me to it."
  11. Argonath Diver

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    I actually had an appointment scheduled with my dentist to have some non-emergency work done (namely, fixing a really ugly crown that chipped and looks very off after 20 years of being nudged about). Anyway they cancelled it until at least the end of the month. Fair enough, in my opinion. Not like I'll be smiling at anyone in particular while I'm holed up in my apartment.
  12. Argonath Diver

    Joy in the morning

    I re opened an old cardboard box of books I packed up after a move maybe fifteen years. Had a lot of clunkers (oh, so I didn't get rid of my college collection of Shannara and Goodkind after all) but some gems. Specific to this thread, several of the Stainless Steel Rat books, which I recall loving in college for their humor. Hope they hold up.
  13. Argonath Diver

    MCUniverse Thread: Heroes Can't Be Boring (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed Ant Man more than most and i also don't remember shit about the sequel. Oh the mean bad-gal was in pain and like popped or something, and Evangeline Lilly has pretty eyes. It wasn't a 'bad' movie as I recall, just felt like a early summer baseball game even diehard fans didn't bother to turn on.
  14. Argonath Diver

    Love in the Time of Coronavirus (#3)

    I am a pretty hale-and-hearty guy nearing 40, without pre-existing health issues that could compound risk if I contract this. Financially, though, this is really scary for people like me in the food and beverage industry. My hourly paid wage is only about 20% of my actual income. I read that the House is pushing for a bill that would include some sort of emergency payout for unpaid leave at something like 2/3s of your income, up to 4000 for the month. Well, 2/3s of my monthly salaried paycheck is approximately 500 bucks. If the virus spreads as rapidly as I expect it to, and even half my customer base stop going out to eat at their favorite little Italian joint, I'll be very financially stricken regardless of time off. It's not looking good, man. And that's merely my own specific issue. I know and love a whole lot of people with far more significant health risks than I have, rich and poor alike. My father is one strong, stubborn bastard who has battled a whole legion of potentially life-threatening stuff. If he contracts COVID-19, he is right in the middle of the bullseye for risk. He has a terrific health insurance plan, though. One of my absolute favorite souls I have ever met is an undocumented fellow who has been toiling in NYC kitchens for forty years. If he contracts, will a hospital admit an aging illegal immigrant? His work would undoubtedly let him go the moment they found out, so he would have no income and no healthcare access.
  15. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    I am not really a big anime guy, and I expected to only enjoy this for the 3D. I actually really had a great time with it, and have shown it to several guests. The biggest draw is definitely the 3D stuff for me - i have an obnoxiously large pulldown screen and sets of the glasses. Movies made for 3D are such a joy, everyone says it looks way better than in a theater. This is absolutely one of the best movies to showcase it. The action scenes are wild, with people on my couch ducking the flying debris. Cameron is hands down the master of that out-of-favor tech, and I'll be a fanboy of his work forever regardless. Also, that movie is incredibly violent, really, but they get away with it because, hey cyborgs!
  16. Argonath Diver

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    I am a career bartender. It's a really big deal at my work, as with most small places, to even miss one day. For instance, tonight will be very busy. If I call off, there is no one to replace me. We'd have a waiter move from his shift to behind the bar, and since he's far slower than I am, and we'd be a man down on the floor, the whole place would be chaos. So, we suck it up and go to work, sick or not. We wash our hands every couple minutes, try not to cough in front of customers (nearly impossible), and generally stick through it. If someone said "I am sick, I need the weekend off", the owner would be forced to look for inferior replacement, simply to find someone who would never ask off. This new major health scare is especially scary to people like me. I do not have health insurance - even Obamacare demanded far more per month than I can afford, and I have to pay our government several hundred dollars as punishment for that decision. If I lose this job, I can survive about two rent payments and living like an absolute pauper, and hope to find new work, start at the bottom of the totem pole, and continue the cycle of living month-to-month. So, yes, the American systems of health care and paid leave are atrocious and draconian to those of limited financial means. If COVID-19 becomes a true health scare, and one of us comes down with it, causing more of us to avoid working for awhile, our restaurant might have to shut its doors forever. I am a relatively hale and hearty person, and thus the virus scare is far scarier for my career than my own health, though I do fear that many of my truly poor coworkers (the kitchen guys with three kids and a grandma in their house, living off 25 grand a year) would suffer even worse if this becomes a true crisis. So, yeah, I'm pretty upset when my facebook feed has lots of my friends with a corporate job and fancy insurance making jokes about beer and Trump and generally mocking the situation.
  17. Argonath Diver

    Dresden Files (most recent thread is archived) Peace Talks is finished

    I need to re-read a bunch of the later ones, but I'm not entirely sure where I want to start. Don't want to commit to a full do-over. I'll probably read plot summaries on a fansite until I reach a point I decide to dive back fully into it. I'm not sure there's any series I churn through faster, to be honest. They're just so damn entertaining.
  18. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    I guess I'm not a man among men or whatever, but I think it's a whole lot fucking worse to cheat your way to a god damn championship than to keep quiet in a clubhouse full of guys like David fucking Ortiz saying "Don't snitch". Man, I have generally loved everything Big Papi related despite him and his evil ass team beating mine in two recent World Series, but I think it's pretty damn pathetic to call out Fiers and not the entire team of ring-stealing, unrepentant twats. Oh, and also, fuck the Astros. Apologies to my mother for the cursing. It's late and I am very ready for Opening Day.
  19. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Also helps if youve lived in the industry at all. It is easily the closest "this is how it is" of any movie involving the restaurant world I can think of. So it's a top 5 ever for me simply because I love to cook, and I have been one of those tequila shot rounds, no sleep, service before self types my entire life (though as front of house myself). Last time I watched it, I paused about halfway through and and spent a good hour and a half cooking myself one of the best impromptu meals I have ever come up with.
  20. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    I'm impressed at just how pathetic and insulting most of the Astros' apologies have been, foremost the owner. Agreed, I almost expected Correa to say, "you're all just jealous whiners" and pee on the front door of the HOF in Cooperstown.
  21. Argonath Diver

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Hindsight in 2020

    Oh right on, so it was good? I saw it on my recommended list and had been meaning to watch it. Worried it will make me go buy some bottles I absolutely dont need to be spending money on.
  22. Argonath Diver

    First Quarter 2020 Reading

    I also dipped back into some old Poirot novels I found amongst my high school things. I love how many times I stop to carefully read, say, a description of a character's coat, just hoping I've found a clue. I'm never right.
  23. Argonath Diver

    MLB 2020: This One’s For Kobe

    The Reds are trying. NL Central continues to be a baffling division. I have absolutely no idea who's gonna win 92 or 76 games there. Cards seem fully content, and I feel like it could steer them to a 3rd place finish, but that's how I felt basically all last season and they limped their way to the NLCS somehow. Cubs, Brewers, and Reds all seem similarly "WTF, who knows?" and poor Pirates fans are watching their team get dismantled yet again.
  24. Kobe would have been a terrific elder statesman of basketball. One of the biggest tragedies in sports history, to be sure. Still conflicting reports of his daughters or Rick Fox being on board with him. Whoever it was, they were someone's children or parents, so their loss is just as heart-breaking, but I'm not sure if I'll keep it together if it turns out any of his daughters were lost.
  25. Argonath Diver

    NBA Off-Season 2019 - Bridge Over the River Kawhi

    Portland is just so beat up. Nurkic and McCollum aren't world-beaters, but they are certainly better than Swanigan. Whiteside is an imbicile, long arms or no. I only casually watched the game - I love watching Doncic but the defense was so atrocious I turned it off - and a lot of it was Whiteside being completely unable to keep up with more than one quick switch or help rotation. I don't think they would be top 4 in the west even fully healthy, though. Which is too bad. Dame is just thrilling to watch.