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  1. I missed the first few weeks but I recently caught up. How does it compare? Favorably imo. The new judge seemed a little stiff in the first show, but she has improved as the series went on. The hosts are great, I especially like Noel (i think that is his name), he is a little slapstick but not in an annoying way. There is a sweetness to him that is appealing. Sandi to my mind acts as his foil most of the time. They all interact with the contestants really well. Of the new contestants, I like Liam (he lives on the edge), Yan (a little mad scientist) and James (a bit hit or miss). There are a few really good bakers with a memorable snail bake for bread week. I think there are fewer puns this time, or at least so far and honestly, while I enjoyed Mary, Sue, and Mel, I am not missing them. I think the show is just as good as before (if not better a little voice whisper).
  2. Disappointed with this week. I thought another baker would be eliminated but one of my picks is definitely gone. I think this weeks star baker may be the last one standing.
  3. Damn, flour and egg too! What I love about this show is that you see the failures and the successes. I can honestly say I do not recall ever seeing a pie with no crust on the side or a broken gingerbread house when looking at comparable programs from the US. It is the only show of its type that has me thinking, hey, I could probably be a contestant and do well. Regarding this week...
  4. So, I lurked on this thread and decided to give this a try. Once again, thanks to this Board, I am hooked on another show. Thank goodness I just finished Narcos. I first looked at season four, up to the quarterfinals, and I have looked at the first three episodes for this season. Have to say though, I love Val's quirks and I am rooting for her to make close to the end. Much as I enjoy looking at her I really don't think she will win. Selasi is certainly a joy to look at, but hope Candice wins. Thank you for the tip,
  5. Hi everyone, I have been a member here for a couple of years and while have been checking in every now and again I haven't posted for a while. Thought I would re-introduce myself. Book reader and show watcher. Good to be back.
  6. Waited six years for A Dance with Dragons, I read the FVCKING books. Winter has been coming for sixteen years. l Love it.
  7. Epic rap battles: Adam vs Eve I think Eve won this.
  8. Love Mr. Obama but this was funny, especially Mr. Biden's cameo.
  9. For me it was "Nothing gets past you, especially carbohydrates."
  10. I know this is a bit late but here goes. I am Nancy. I am from the island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. We get the HBO series here and I heard about it from my sister who is addicted to it but who haven't read the books. Being a contrary soul I decided to read the books before I looked at the re-runs and I am happy I did (except for the part with Ned). I have lurked around here for a while and finally joined when I realized my favorite character, Littlefinger, wasn't getting as much love as I thought he deserved. I read a lot of everything and this is my second major series in the fantasy genre after Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. Blessings.
  11. Damn you HBO. The guys get a feast of naked women and when us girls finally get a sniff of something you let the damn chick fall on him. Here are my demands, get those edited out scenes of Robb on the net or give me Jaime naked. I dont care if you cut from the battle of Blackwater or the HoU. I want me some man skin.
  12. I wonder if we will see Jaqen change. I loved that scene in the book.
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