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  1. Despite that GRRM has it written that "Brienne sucked the air in desperately, even as the rope was strangling her." Not that she tried to suck the air in but couldn't but that she actually did it. So either you are wrong in your knowledge of hanging or GRRM got it wrong when he wrote it. Assuming she died of course. There are other possibilities (like she was cut down before death and it was all a rouse) so you can't talk in certainties. Another undead character is tedious and pointless. You may have noticed that nobody has taken to this theory of yours, fans would not like it. Many fans think it's bad enough that Cat was revived, that it was cheap. How do you think they would react if Brienne was killed and revived for the purpose of what? Killing Jaime like she would be forced to do while alive anyway? There is no need for her to be undead. A conflict of interest is much better than a mindless quest for vengeance. Jaime and Brienne's characters have been developed the way they have for a reason. They detested each other then grew to respect one another and perhaps more. If it ended with an Un-Brienne fighting Jaime it would ruin everything GRRM has built up with these two. Including of course Jaime's dream where everyone else leaves him but Brienne. That would be null and void if she just plain goes out to kill him. So yeah, I think you need to look past your medical knowledge on hanging and ask what purpose this would serve for the story and character development. You have one tangible piece of evidence to back it up but you're speaking in absolutes. Brienne's ultimate quest here is not revenge on Stannis, it's to find Sansa. I believe Brienne might turn on Un-Cat or refuse her at the last minute in order to fulfill this quest, because she can't complete it if she kills Jaime as he is the one giving her the go ahead to do it. I think Sansa overrides Stannis because the latter is too far north where a million other things are going on and I don't recall Brienne thinking much about her revenge on Stannis for a long long time. She is completely fuelled by finding Sansa and Arya now and finding one of the two is a much more realistic and achievable quest.
  2. What's the alternative? She got cut down because she agreed to kill Jaime. Pod was the one that was hanging, as far as I remember Brienne wasn't. I certainly don't remember the chapter describing Brienne gasping for breath. Beric did revive Cat whilst he was undead himself, I'll give you that. But Beric had some sense of duty to Ned Stark so reviving his wife who has just died at the hands of his enemy (Freys are in league with Lannisters) is not as bizarre as Cat reviving the woman she just ordered to be executed because of what? Some divine intervention? Stoneheart is on a quest for vengeance, I doubt she would act on a whim. If she was capable of that I'm sure she could have seen reason with Brienne in the first place.
  3. So Lady Stoneheart kills Brienne only to revive her? Makes sense. Stoneheart being undead herself will have no life force to sacrifice to revive Brienne. And she has no reason to revive her anyway. Why would Rh'llor have anything to do with Stoneheart or Brienne. And why would a worshipper of the Seven, currently in a blood frenzy quest for revenge, bother reviving a woman she just executed just because Rh'llor asked her to? She could have Jaime killed herself. The whole point of Brienne doing it is to test her loyalty. Brienne further being forced into a conflict of loyalty is a much better story than that crackpot theory you cooked up! No offence.
  4. I think that's just because they will keep him in it for Briennes storyline. He may well have a part to play later on but if you all think he's going to cut down the whole Brotherhood you need to think again. He is not a great warrior! That's not to say he's not capable of great deeds, he's already had one afterall.
  5. I like Pod as much as the next guy but he is not a tank. He killed a Kingsguard but it wasn't down to prowess in combat. If Pod jumped into a fight against the Brotherhood he would be cut down in seconds! He's not even armed at this point!
  6. Why does everyone think Pod is going to kick ass so much? He is not a brilliant fighter and the BwB are extremely good and have bigger numbers.
  7. Unless some new information comes to light Un-Cat will not send Jaime off on another quest to kill Cersei, get Sansa back or anything like that. She doesn't listen to reason anymore, as illustrated by her refusal to believe Brienne and threatening to hang her. I thought it was pretty obvious that Brienne had agreed to lead Jaime into a trap, given that she wasn't hung and is giving Jaime false information about Sansa. I had just thought that the word was "STOP!", really didn't think that it would have been either sword or noose. The only new information to take out of this is that Podrick lives. Which is great. I don't think Jaime will die here. Nor Brienne. There's the matter of that prophetic dream he had about being in the lions pit at Castelry Rock. Now the location could be of no consequence but in the dream Cersei and everyone else leaves him and Brienne is the only one there for him. This could have partly already happened as Tywin as good as disowned him and Cersei mocks him for being a cripple. But if Brienne leads him into a trap then she's also deserting him. If this is to be the resolution of that dream then the only outcome possible is that Brienne sacrifices herself for Jaime. So, Brienne dies or they both survive.