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    geopolitics, socioeconomics, sustainability...

    Jon Snow's ascent to the crown.
  1. Titus Pullo

    How would you rate episode 410?

    I gave it a solid 8. They went full True Blood silliness with the fireball-throwing pixies/children. That was ... awkward. The father of the Drogon-charred little girl was heartbreaking. I was sad to see Jojen go unnecessarily, but not as sad as Grenn last week, for which I was hugely disappointed. Stannis/Mance/Jon was great. As was the glimpse between Jon and Mel. I'm OK with no LS. Though I do hope she's in for next season.
  2. Titus Pullo

    How would you rate episode 309?

    That for sure, but I gave it a 9. It lost another -0.5 for the "by the way, I saw Jon" scene with Bran. So bad.
  3. energy > economy

  4. Great episode... I'm really sad that Jojen isn't in, and I don't understand the Jojen haters. He was a mystical child with true honor, a product of a Stark-loyal father that Eddard valued greatly. That could have been a super interesting part to cast, especially for Book/Season 3.