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  1. Nymeria's

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I'm sick of Roz's boobs. Every fricking episode. Whose girlfriend is she? Dan or David's. Finally, an end to Xaro Xhoan Duck Sauce that I liked. Jaquen and the Other's parade made my day. Thank you all for covering my complaints because I can't begin to speak on how much the HotU irked me. I did like the KL throne room scene. Fuckarys!
  2. Nymeria's

    How would you rate episode 207?

    I give it a 6. I didn't like Jaime Lannister killing his cousin like that; that did not sit well with me but it is wartime so i'll get over it. Don't Lannisters usually pay for someone else to do their dirty work? What was the point of having him escape then bringing him back? Is Cat gonna let him escape again????? Ugggh! Sansa and Shae are not working for me--but I can see where that is leading. Sansa has become a beautiful girl though. Theon was a magnificent douchebag. I appreciate his not letting me down there. Loved Tyrion as always. Sick of Jon and Ygritte already; they should have done it in the muck and get it over with.lol Would have like to see Ghost more; Jon would not have never been caught if Ghost was there. Blah-Blah-complain the-series-is-not-true-to-the-book-Blah-Blah. My 2 cents are over.
  3. Nymeria's


    Hello Fellow Westerosi and thank you for letting me part of your world. I love this site but I hate that I only have a limited number of likes. I was turned on to AGOT by a friend and devoured all 5 books in a matter of months. I consider myself a passionate fan but not a knowledgeable one. My name is Ravenna and I live in California. I am studying to be a nurse. My dream is to own a direwolf one day. I mostly come here to read all the theories and remember that I am normal for loving the books the way I do. I am the only person in my circle who is obsessed withe the books and the tv show. My friend who introduced me to the books lives in NYC so it's nice to have a site when I can share my opinions-- however crazy they may be. Mostly, I love being educated by the fanbase. I found out about Dunk and Egg through this site so once again, thank you for having me!
  4. Are they getting rid of the whole Khalasar? It looks like everyone was murdered. I can't wait to see the house of the undying go up in flames. Who steals baby dragons from their Mother? "Do not wake the dragon." Blood and fire will follow. And Dany started to sound like Viserys--almost whiny. I love her! What was the point of Jon chasing Ygritte around? I was was hoping Ghost would appear and tackle her. That would have been fun. At least I was hoping to hear "You know nothing Jon Snow." That would have been the perfect way to end the scene!