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  1. Istari has returned to Westeros

  2. Now I'm confused..... if she is impervious to fire then 'things that have been caught on fire' shouldn't burn her either.... But, on the other hand, if she is is not impervious to fire, then being burned by the whip she was holding would make sense....
  3. That's a good point. IIRC, Cat mentions on several occasions that 'Robb is so much like his father'. In the show, on the other hand, he is nothing like Ned (in my opinion), which is disappointing for the reason you mentioned: his likeness to Ned's character is a theme throughout the first three books
  4. No problem :) I'm pretty sure that within the SSM archives GRRM mentions that the Pyre burning was a one-timer and under special circumstances. But, it is also very possible that Dany may be impervious to 'regular fire', but vulnerable to Dragon's fire.
  5. I'm pretty sure her hands are burned as well: page 929, aDWD (my copy): "Her skin was pink and tender, and a pale milky fluid was leaking from her cracked palms, but her burns were healing"
  6. Dear Walder Frey, I'm going to mess your face up so bad you'll have a chin

  7. Really? I felt the complete opposite. I thought the entire episode rushed
  8. IIRC, in ADWD she is burned by Drogon in the fighting pit.
  9. As a whole, I was really underwhelmed by the episode. As for the individual story arcs, I understand why some changes were made. But it still doesn't mean I like them. To be more specific: 1.The House of the Undying scene was terrible. Obviously, as a book reader, I was disappointed with the lack of visions. But, I understand that the T.V audience wouldn't make sense of it. Still, I thought the scene was weak overall. They could have adapted it better. I thought her scene with Khal Drogo and her son wasn't necessary. The 'Dracarys' moment was weak too 2. Is it just me or was Jon and QH's scene not obvious enough - and by this I mean that their scene played out as if Jon killed QH as an accident in the midst of his rage. I'm just thinking for the non readers it may not be clear. What do you guys think? 3. I thought the Throne room scene was alright. Cersei and Joffery were well done in that scene, same with Sansa, Littlefinger and Margaery. 4. Theon in Winterfell was good. BUT, I really hope that wasn't Ramsay... it just would not make sense...so let's hope there is an explanation for all of that. My guess is that Dagmar (is that his name?) was corresponding with Ramsay and was instructed take over Theon's men and open the gates of Winterfell for the Bastard's arrival 5. Luwin's death scene was truly sad. 6. The attack of the wights/Others was how I imagined it would be (but I imagine that the non readers will say that HBO is copying The Walking Dead or something), but I think they failed to capture appearance, fierceness and overall scariness (for lack of a better word) of the Others. 7. Tyrion and Shae: non readers are going to shit themselves when she betrays him! I can't wait
  10. Desperate times call for desperate measures? Just kidding, your analysis is spot-on
  11. LeBronn Jamie pretty much nailed it Whether or not he offers to take her 'away' or 'to Winterfell', his motives are clear: He cares about Sansa, and wants her to be safe (note: I am using 'care' in the normal way, not the San/San ship way)
  12. I hope he didn't have a change of heart..... the dynamic between the two of them is so interesting and important to Sansa's character development
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