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  1. smithy

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    YES! , it looked like she had broken a bone and it was trying to poke through her skin ahah
  2. smithy

    How would you rate episode 410?

    1)The Hound called Arya his travelling companion , he never referred to her as his prisoner . 4) They are on the road to the eyrie not travelling cross country , also why would anybody in the Vale be interested in helping the Lannisters hunt down the Hound? 5)In the same episode just before they get to the bloody gate Arya points out that the wound on his neck has him walking a lot slower than usual. Although I did find it odd that they didn't look for the Hound after the fight when Arya went missing.
  3. smithy

    How would you rate episode 410?

    What has a brothel scene from season 3 got to do with the exclusion of a character in the season 4 finale that had zero build up , so you seriously expected LSH to randomly pop up with no build up and no explanation ? I seriously do not get how many people on this site think , D&D have to create a story that makes sense to the huge majority of people who have not read the books but watch the show ,if you guys still don't get that by the end of 40 episodes then obviously you never will , sheesh .
  4. smithy

    [Book Spoilers] EP404 Discussion

    He kind of did , here's the main bit of dialogue Theon - Jon Snow's at castle black Locke - Who the fucks Jon Snow? Roose - Their bastard brother , he could be sheltering them , he could know where they are. Ramsay - Even if he doesn't know he's half Stark himself , could be a threat So it wouldn't make much sense for Locke to go charging past CB into the North without checking at CB first?
  5. There is the Dragon birds eye view of KL during Brandons vision and then a birds eye view of KL in the current timeframe with the wedding decorations , maybe if we compare the two we could be able to tell if it is from the past of present time , I'm guessing the city layout would be different if the Dragon shot was from the past.
  6. I liked the episode ,usually when a episode is hyped like this was ( among fans at least ) i'm left slightly underwhelmed but I really enjoyed this episode , I liked the Ramsay hunt , I loved Bran's visions and the wedding wasn't a let down for me at least , I really liked the Oberyn / Tywin , Cersei scene with the veiled threat to Myrcella and they nailed Joff's death ,his face made it look horrific and super painful , the only bits I didn't like were the visit to Dragonstone and what the heck happened to little cute Tommen , where did that little tubby Joffrey lookalikey come from :<
  7. smithy

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Thought it was a decent enough episode , only parts that I didn't like were 1) Asha and her speech , like 50 men could really take the Dreadfort and the Dany ending was wrong , it would have worked better if she was on a horse , not crowd surfing.
  8. Gave a 6 , Tired of Theon torture now , this weeks is the first episode that I haven't immediately rewatched upon the end credits this season , very disappointing since this is one of the episodes I was most looking forwards to.
  9. I gave a 9 , best episode this season easily , I know its a good TV show when a hour passes seemingly in the blink of an eye , that ending too . Only bit I didn't like was Pod , even though it was quite amusing , also the second Ros's face appeared on screen I actually said out loud 'UGH' . Edit ~ That music? wtf was that? took one of the most intense moments in the story then cut to that musical abortion O_o
  10. smithy

    How would you rate episode 210?

    You know , expecting a TV series that is limited to 10 episodes per season that run on average for less than 60 minutes per episode to be completely faithful to the books is a little unrealistic , truth be told the only way they would even come close to keeping the story completely faithful to the books is by making each episode a 2 to 3 hour long feature film with a budget to match , pretty unrealistic if you ask me. If you are finding the whole viewing experience so bad why even bother to put yourself through it every week? why not just re-read the books and stop with the constant unreasonable expectations? X_X