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  1. Petyr Targaryen

    So from the promo for the next episode....

    I'm pretty sure that's King's Landing. It's conceivable that after Dany defeated the Lannister army, she sent the Dothraki to meet up with the Unsullied and escort them back toward KL. So at least Dany's going with an army. I also noticed that Dany herself isn't in the preview at all. My theory is that the vision Bran had in Season 4 of a dragon flying over the Red Keep will be next episode when Dany flies into the meeting with Drogon.
  2. Petyr Targaryen

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    Yea, I would agree with this. Jorah received a pardon from one of Varys' little birds because of the information that he supplied allowing Robert and Co. to initiate the assassination plot. Varys absolutely could not have foreseen Jorah turning his cloak at that point. And since Varys was able to get one of his birds all the way over there so quickly, it seems likely that Varys would already know that Viserys was dead; so I don't think it makes sense to say that Varys wanted to kill Daenerys in favor of Viserys. So for now I'll add this in my original post until it's disputed again. I wouldn't call this a plot hole. More like a budget hole. They can only have so many WW on screen at once simply out of budgetary restraints (just an educated guess). I agree with the first two being plot holes. As far as the third one, I feel like when Roose said "Ramsay has his own way of doing things", I think he was really referring to the fact that Robb had offered amnesty to the Ironborn who surrendered but Ramsay didn't honor that and decided to take Winterfell and burn it down. I don't think Roose expected Ramsay to flay and de-member Theon (especially considering that at that time Roose did not consider Ramsay a Bolton and wouldn't have approved of him flaying anyone in representing House Bolton).
  3. Petyr Targaryen

    EPISODE 2 Predictions

    In the official episode description, it says that "Daenerys receives an unexpected visitor." I doubt that this is Jon just yet. According to the preview, it seems that Jon is just finding out about Daenerys at Dragonstone (Bronze Yohn saying a Targaryen can't be trusted). It's possible that Jon receives Sam's letter and decides to travel to Dragonstone to ask Dany for help. But even if Jon asks LF for his jetpack, I don't see him leaving Winterfell and arriving in Dragonstone in the same episode. With all that being said, I believe the unexpected visitor will be Melisandre. 1) She's headed south already. 2) Finding "fire made flesh" (i.e. Dany's dragons) seems like a logical thing for her to do. 3) Dany is at Dragonstone where Stannis used to be. It would also make for an interesting reunion when Jon and Davos show up there (most likely in 703).
  4. Petyr Targaryen

    Definitive List of Plot Holes [SPOILERS]

    So with the airing of episode 701 on Sunday, thoughts of plot holes were reawakened from their yearly slumber. I wanted to create a definitive list of all the plot holes in Game of Thrones (show only). Please post any plot holes you've found and I will add them to this post (and include your name). For this list, I'm not looking for things like how Littlefinger travels from A to B so quickly, how did Arya survive getting stabbed by the Waif, characters knowing about things as if they had been tuning into Westeros Nightly News, etc. I consider this lazy storytelling, not plot holes. I'll include a few plot holes below to get started. Note: differences between the show and books don't count as plot holes. Lord Commander Jeor Mormont sent Alliser Thorne to King Landing to lay the wight hand (that Ghost found in Season 1) at Joffrey's feet, but that never happened. Petyr Targaryen Melisandre removed her necklace to take a bath in Season 4, but did not transform. Petyr Targaryen Where in the world is Gendry? Petyr Targaryen The Northern Lords seem to not care whatsoever that Jon Snow deserted the Night's Watch. Petyr Targaryen Varys sends an assassin to kill Daenerys then later supports her claim. YoungGriff89 Talisa Magyr was a member of a Volantene noble house killed in a Westerosi civil war with no consequences or outrage. YoungGriff89 The Kingsguard that was sent to Dorne with Myrcella was AWOL when we see Myrcella again in Season 5. YoungGriff89 Also, discuss anything you may be unsure is actually a plot hole. For example, I've heard many people say that we never found out who the Son of the Harpy is, but that's because most people assume that the SotH is a singular person. Although that's quite possible in the book, it's more likely that in the show the SotH was just a guerrilla force that was being funded by Volantis, Astapor, and Yunkai. Feel free to correct me on this.