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  1. arrowsmith

    [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion Mk. II

    agreed on Talisa = Talisa, there is no Jeyne I'll actually be annoyed if they have the chain at Blackwater since there has been no mention of it by Tyrion, only the wyldfire which is more than enough to defeat Stannis was Tywin really heading to fight Robb? Thought he was supposed to show up at Blackwater, confused...
  2. didn't miss weasel soup one bit, I'd forgotten about it in the books anyway still not concerned about them getting rid of the chain, sure it was used a few real battles mostly across small rivers, this is blockading a whole harbor, it would have to be on the size of the three gorges damn in china, it just seem implausible great to see the dragonglass, and rattle shirt, amazing shots in iceland! Talisa/Jeyne impressed me this week, her acting/writing has been rather thin nice to see her character fleshed out (bad pun) remember her character is just the reason for the Frey's to revolt later, whether she is a spy or not doesn't matter much, when we know whats in store for Robb Shae on the other hand is just such a vacuum when on screen, the show loses so much momentum, just waiting for the crossbow scene… looking fwd to the rest of the season its gone by so fast!
  3. arrowsmith

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Cersei is still kind of holding it together until Joff dies then she goes nuts, like any mother would… she realizes Joff is crazy, Tyrion mentioned the Targaryn line being 50/50 sane/insane since they were a product of brother and sister… Jamie didn't let family get in his way, like Ned did I hope they don't show any more Bran and Rickon until season 3, much better catalyst for Rob to hook up with Talisa/Jeyne and for Catelyn to chop off Jamie's hand. I don't know what redemption many of you are talking about for Jamie, he's totally depressed and can't hold a sword through the next few books, until his dyslexic ambidexterity kicks in and he starts messing stuff up left handed in the Winds of Winter book… I don't mind the changes with Qarth, I thought the HoUD killing all the merchants was pretty wild and gruesome. Besides they were just using Dany to take over the city, Dany is once again a pawn in someone else's game. do the Wildlings force Qhorin and Jon to a duel ? I do wish it was 12 episodes this season The chain could be interesting but I don't get the physics of a giant chain trapping 200 ships in a bay, I can suspend disbelief for dragons and zombies but giants chains border or farce, the Hell Fyre or whatever it's called is much more plausible I am still holding out for Sam finding the dragonglass soon
  4. not to mention Loch's flub was sending a raven to Doron of House Mormet and not Moron of House Dormet or whatever subordinates screw up and CC the whole office and get fired all the time... if only we had poison darts at the job...
  5. I enjoyed the episode winterfell was great moved right along I was a bit annoyed that Rodrick just happened to be waiting stage right with some blood on his head and no other captured troops with him, he took the whole garrison to fight Theon, who was already attacking Winterfell? huh? Did the whole garrison die? but gruesome execution and good acting all around I'm not to worried about the "teleporting" both catelyn and littlefinger arrive in the midlands from storm's end around the same time, I'm guessing this is about two weeks later from the previous episode ... the scenes above the wall look amazing Iceland is breathtaking, and the wildlings dressed like Inuit, very nice touches, for those saying the north cant support 100,000 wildlings, iceland itself have a population of 300,000... the chase scene was kind of silly it reminded me of princess bride, sliding down the hill, as you wish... the riot scene was good except for the arm getting pulled off, this isnt walking dead! rape scene looked scary, hound disembowling folks was well done, btw those claiming this was too gory, clearly you've never been to a meat packing plant or realize just how brutal the middle ages or warfare in general really is, its a messy dirty awful business. Robb's scene was really forced with the Talisa girl and Shae is still thee most boring cast member of the series... I dont mind the nudity, at least HBO aknowledges the human body's existence unlike the rest of the TV world. At least they dont dance around the fact that people actually have sex, the watered down sitcoms on network tv with double entendres and middle school antics is alot more bizarre in my adult opionion. I dont mind the dragons being stolen, it was a nice twist for all of us book readers, it will break up Dany's spoilt whining and let her actually develop her character some more the tower at the end is also in the opening credits in Qarth the black tower on the edge of the city, House of Undying!