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  1. Lord Kyle

    How would you rate episode 303?

    Better than last week's episode! Gave this one a 3, the show is getting better!
  2. Better than last week's episode. Upped my vote to a 2 compared to my 1 for last week's.
  3. I thought the episode was a masterpiece compared to some of the other episodes, but I am too much a purist to say that I loved it. Enjoyed the Siege of Winterfell. Really enjoyed the Riot in King's Landing. Hated the Robb and Talisa scene. Was able to stomach the first scene with Tywin and Arya. HATED the scene with the two of them and Littlefinger. Was amused with Jaqen and Lorch. Indifferent to Jon and Qhorin. Liked John, Qhorin, and Ygritte until John decided to not let her go but not kill her. Qarth S-U-C-K-S. LOVED Roose, Robb and Catlyn simply for confirming Ramsay wasn't cut from the show. Biggest disapointments: -No Ramsay . . . yet. -With Rodrik dead who's arm will Ramsay cut off? -Disapointed with the way Lorch was put down, this guy pulled a crying child out from under her bed and stabbed her to death (along with other atrocities) and instead of being stripped naked and thrown into a pit to be killed by a bear he simply gets a poison dart to the neck. I guess its because its ASoIaF, and extremely long, intricate, complicated and detailed story that I get so upset when changes are made to it in the adaptation. When a 334 page book is made into a 2 1/2 hour long movie with only some noticeable changes its not so bad. Yeah most of the time the book is probably better but you still get a really good movie out of it (Silence of the Lambs, The Road) but Game of Thrones leaves me with the same feeling that Jurassic Park and The Lovely Bones movies did when compared to the phenomal books that they're based on.