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  1. Kvothe the Arcane

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    The major point of happiness I got from this episode was that Theon is looking very likely to be in the next series instead of cutting him out for 2/3 years, there's no way they could not include him and hopefully Ramsay after that exit. I loved Tywin's arrival, really looking forward to him shaking things up and clashing with Joffrey as I loved that element in the books. The ending beyond the Wall was a spectacular cliffhanger also, the books ending was much less grandiose, TV requires a cliffhanger. I'm also pleased the halfhand was killed by Jon, albeit in different circumstances, I hope they emphasise his remaining loyalty to the Watch next series. The Robb/Talisa/Catelyn side of things is a complete disaster. Karstark mentioning the seven was bad but the King of the North? It was just plain shit from the writers. Its honestly hard to recognise Robb as the King in the North in the show. I appreciate the embellishing of Robb's character that needed to happen with him on screen instead of far away but they have completely ruined him to many, he is nothing in comparison to Eddard in terms of likeability through his actions, which is something that really came across in the books. I'm similarly disappointed with Arya leaving Harranhal with clean hands but they can easily rectify that on the road to Riverrun, she will need something to do after all. The House of the Undying scenes were interesting, but ultimately served absolutely no purpose, Dany really needed some prophecy thrown around at her along with links to the past (ie. Rhaegar scenes) to properly link her character to returning to Westeros. My non book reader friends reactions to when she doesn't go to Westeros is going to be hilarious, isn't the point she turns to Slavers Bay because Illyrio sends her the ships back to Westeros? All in all, despite how awesome Blackwater was, this season has failed to live up to the first. Alfie Allen as Theon has been spectacular, Peter Dinklage nailed it again also. I'm hoping next series (or two) are the best the series have, in conjunction with SoS being the best book. Beyond the Wall and King's Landing are in order for this to happen, but the plots in the Riverlands and Winterfell/The Dreadfort seriously need sorting out early on next series to get the show back on track.
  2. Kvothe the Arcane

    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    As perfect an episode that could ever have been done. Special shout out needs to go to Stephen Dillane, he really sold his performance of Stannis to me this episode, truly brilliant. I'm also glad they have not gone for the nose-less Tyrion also, whilst the brutality of the injury worked excellently in the books on TV it would just hinder Peter Dinklage's fine acting with prosthetics on his face all the time. Here's looking forward to next week's finale, they have a lot to fit in!
  3. Kvothe the Arcane

    How would you rate episode 208?

    People need to calm down and judge the show in the long run, yes it is irritating at times when they omit what we see as important character developments, but we do not know for sure yet if they have not just moved them. Remember that Arya murdering a guard could easily happen in season 3 of the show, which quite frankly, they will need to beef out as they cannot do a whole series of her in the wilderness before meeting Beric. They can easily have a scene where Arya kills a Lannister scout or to that effect. I am not a particular fan of Talisa (mostly as the name Tulisa is just polluted in my mind as synonymous with terrible music, other British people will know what I'm saying), but she is still fulfilling the role of Jeyne Westerling from the books, as long as the role is fulfilled in the general character arc, ie. Robb betraying the Freys then I think it is fine, I mean Jeyne or the Westerlings were hardly the most important characters, the importance came from what Robb does and the consequences of his actions. I am disappointed Stannis hasn't been given more screentime this season though, given his importance, he isn't really coming across as much of a threat even now when he's sailing, The Kings Landing scenes were far too calm, I hope they build this siege up a hell of a lot in the next episode before any fighting begins. I would guess that that is their plan as any serious tension this week would be mostly forgotten in the wake of what would therefore be pointless violence. All in all, whilst I agree this season has not been as spectacular as the first, I think its ridiculous to write the whole show off based on character story arc changes that have not been completed yet on screen, judge the arc at its end not the middle!
  4. Kvothe the Arcane

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Exactly, in fact I think its quite a good change as it serves to demonstrate that the wildlings are actually strong beyond the Wall, they are still in the characterisation stage, where all we've seen is Craster and Osha remember, the audience needs to know on their land the Watch isn't going to have an easy ride, especially given next series' plot with Mance's invasion. In the same point the Watch needs to be emphasised as being decadent and outnumbered.
  5. Kvothe the Arcane

    [Book Spoilers] EP 207 Discussion

    Theon was again absolutely superb, Alfie Allen has been one of the best actors this series without a shadow of a doubt. The end scene was perfect. Still hoping Ramsay comes in at the end instead of some sort of Dagmar change, as far as I remember there has been no mention of Ramsay except from Roose or anything to connect Dagmar with Ramsay except it being the most obvious course the writers have taken, what I think may happen now is that Theon will send Dagmar off with the gold and he will return with Ramsay, and then Ramsay will sort things out, so to speak. Great episode, the last two have been amongst my favourites of the show.
  6. Kvothe the Arcane

    How would you rate episode 207?

    I gave it a 9 purely for Maester Luwin's ''NOOOOOO'' at the end.
  7. Kvothe the Arcane

    [Book Spoilers] EP 206 Discussion

    Totally agree about the nurse being Jane Westerling, I would imagine she is concealing her identity as she is from a Lannister bannerman house in the northern army, plus a noblewoman at that, it would enable her to interact amongst the troops a lot more. Also, it creates a sense of intrigue for her character to help the audience connect with her, which is needed given her importance in the storyline.
  8. Kvothe the Arcane

    How would you rate episode 206?

    Great episode, definitely one of the best of this series so far. Loved the Theon, Qhorin and Riot scenes particularly, the Ser Rodrik scene was an excellent change, helped flesh out Theon's situation in Winterfell. However, I am finding the Daenerys storyline just as dull as I did when I first read CoK, the fleshing out of it they are doing is taking away from the much more engaging Westeros based action. Delighted Ramsay Snow/Bolton is making it into this season though, the Reeds will be missed in the course of the season though, if Osha replaces them in Bran's storyline it just will not make sense on screen, with all her characterisation from the first series it would just look insane to take the character along with Bran. All in all though probably my favourite episodes or both series, the geographical and character switches really worked brilliantly in this one.