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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I liked it overall. But I am curious what Varys wants with Ros. Also, as far as the wedding, it bothered me that they were married by a septon, but I think that having them say the vows sets up the general guidelines for weddings, and so next season, with the first wedding, Tyrion and Sansa, the viewer will be familiar with the vows and will see the contrast between happy wedding, Robb and Talisa and sad wedding, Tyrion and Sansa. Anyone else see the treatment of Doreah and Shae as a bit of foreshadowing? I think that Shae is going to end up in Cersei's service, maybe she is already. After all, a lot had changed since Tyrion got wounded, as he finds out. Her plea to run to Pentos could be an attempt to also get herself out of spying on him. With Doreah, we see that she was pushed to help Xaro because she thought that Dany was doomed. She is a whore trying to survive, much like Shae. We also saw the consequences of that. Death.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 209 Discussion

    I did not interpret Sansa's comment in the way that it seems that most people here do. If anything, I thought it was plain that her words to him were genuine and that she said the rest about Joff to maintain her usual lies in KL. Joff is right there when she says it, but both she and Tyrion understand through the exchange that she will not pray for the King's safety. I think that their expressions in the scene really say it all. Sansa was being honest when she said she would pray for Tyrion. I think that this shows in interesting shift in their relationship that happens much earlier in book 2. They both know that she is lying and they have a sort of understanding. The part I am thinking of is when he first arrives back at court and promises not to savage her, also when he makes the comment about her being as loyal as a deer surrounded by wolves and she corrects him and says lions. She is aware of his genuine kindness, the main problem that she has with him, which is very noticeable during their marriage is that he is and will always be a Lannister.